Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Season 1 Episode 18

Sweet Charity

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 07, 1997 on ABC



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    • Jenny: Libby treated me like a human!
      Harvey: It's a good thing we got a picture, otherwise Sabrina would think we'd pulled a Yeltsin!

    • Jenny: Libby would never show her face here.
      Harvey: We could fake it. My dad says Russia's on their third Boris Yeltsin.
      Jenny: You can't fake a person.
      Sabrina: That's right, you can't! Gotta go.

    • Jenny: Howard, are you here to adopt a grandparent?
      Howard: No, I'm doing an article for the school paper about community service. It's called "Westbridge Cares." Although apparently not that much.

    • Harvey: Libby, you did a good thing. Deal with it!
      Libby: I've been framed!

    • Libby: What's going on?
      Jill: Some foreign exchange students are sitting in our table.
      Libby: Deport them...

    • Sabrina: Well I've been here two hours and Mrs. Hartle woke up just long enough to tell me why foreigners are ruining this country and then she went back to sleep.

    • Hilda: I'll take that as a compliment. So how was your date with Rick?
      Zelda: Oh, not so good. I'm starting to feel really weird about the age difference. I mean normally I don't care about these things but Rick keeps bringing up stuff that makes me feel old.
      Hilda: Like what?
      Zelda: Oh he keeps talking about how he can't wait for the turn of the century. Big deal, I've done that five times.

    • Sabrina: Wow! Awesome photo of Elijah Wood.
      Nana Oh he's my little honey.
      Sabrina: You know him?
      Nana: Noah Wyle introduced us.
      Sabrina: You know Noah Wyle!
      Nana: Only through Christian Slater.
      Sabrina: I love Christian Slater. How do you know these people?
      Nana: Well when you get to be my age you know just about everybody.

    • Sabrina: Hi.
      Nana: Hi.
      Sabrina: This is kind of awkward but would you like to be my Grandmother?

    • Harvey: This is already better than visiting my real Grandparents, I don't have to take my ear rings out.

    • Sabrina: Hey Harvey, over here. We need you to sign up.
      Harvey: I did, on my way in.
      Sabrina: Yes but nobody else has, so could you do it again and do it loudly?
      Harvey: All right.
      Harvey: (Loudly) Sure, I'd love to adopt a Grandparent. Old people are so much fun, they know tons of stuff and sometimes they give you money.

    • Sabrina: Salem, what happened to you?
      Salem: Too much soup. Groom me. Please groom me.

    • Mr. Pool: Libby's going to meet Ethan Hawke? How do you know him?
      Libby: He's a friend of a friend.

    • Salem (Singing) Those fingers in my hair, that sly, come-hither stare that strips my conscience bare, it's witchcraft...

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