Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Season 1 Episode 23

The Crucible

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 09, 1997 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Harvey is asking Sabrina if she will sit with him on the bus ride to Salem, Harvey knocks into a girls' book bag and it goes flying off her shoulder, but she keeps walking like nothing happened.

    • Ironically, the episode about the city of Salem features only one line for the character of Salem.

    • In this episode find out that Sabrina lives at 133 Collins Rd.

  • Quotes

    • Jenny (while in court): I can't say. I've been sworn to secrecy.
      Mr. Pool: There are no secrets from the court.
      Sabrina: Then ask Jill if that's her real nose!

    • Sabrina: They think you're a witch.
      Jenny: Really? Cool.

    • Libby: She did this to me! Jenny's specter flew in through the window and braided my hair.
      Sabrina: Why?
      Libby: To make me look dorky!

    • Mrs. Hecht:Nuh uh uh! Unless ye be married there will be no holding of hands.
      Sabrina: Jeez, ye be really into this.

    • Mr. Pool: So does everyone have a buddy?
      Libby: Not me.
      Mr. Pool: We can take care of that, I'll be your buddy Goody Chessler.
      Libby: I feel like I'm falling down a well.

    • Libby: Listen Adam, I know you're shy so I'll make it easy for you. Will you be my buddy?
      Adam: Thanks Libby but I already asked Jenny.
      Libby: What, like as a joke?
      Adam: No.

    • Cee Cee: Have you ever dated a baseball player before?
      Libby: Oh let's see; football, hockey, soccer, lacrosse,!

    • Harvey: Don't you want to see where the witches lived?
      Sabrina: Big deal!

    • Sabrina: No, forget about the game. What if I were a real witch?
      Harvey: Would you have supernatural powers?
      Sabrina: Yep.
      Harvey: How could I not like that? So, what kinda things would you do?
      Sabrina: Hmm! I might turn Libby into a goat, or change my clothes a lot, or make a giant flan.

    • Mrs. Hecht: Jenny, art thou chewing gum?
      Jenny: I, art.

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