Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Season 1 Episode 3

The True Adventures of Rudy Kazootie

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 18, 1996 on ABC

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  • Grown up baby!

    When Sabrina is disappointed with a pair of rollerblades she made by magic, she is pursuaded to look for a job. She soon finds one babysitting job and even turns it to her advantage when she agrees to meet up with Harvey for a study date. Unfortunately this apparently agreeable situation doesn't last for long when she accidentally turns the little baby into an adult with a spell she doesn't even realise she casted. She then has to seek help without anyone else realising the baby problem. Meanwhile, her aunts are attending parents' day at Sabrina's school and eyeing Mr. Pool. Sabrina gets introduced to another advantage of witchcraft when her aunts summon up Randy Travis to help them finish a jigsaw puzzle, so she conjures up TV hunk Eddie Cibrian.
  • sabrina baby sits

    this was a ok episode, not much happened, well zelda has a crush on mr pool which is so cute! and funny! the repeating things three times and they happen is a little stupid, but it does make things more interesting, like when they made that one singer show up. sabrina changing the game was so funny! it made me laugh, expecally harveys reaction! the baby part was stupid and boring but every thing else made up for that, so it was a ok episode.
  • Sabrina casts a spell gone awry on the young boy she\'d been babysitting causing the boy to become an adult.

    Granted, the show was just taking off, but this episode is truly cringe-worthy. The episode in question does serve it\'s purpose though, by providing the rule that witches cannot conjure up brand names, examples a & b: Sabrina conjures up a Butter Thumb and Pipsi instead of Butter Finger and Pepsi. It\'s not Sabrina, nor is it any of the central characters that flaw this episode, it\'s the way Rudy is portrayed. I realize the character is still a baby, making him a curious adult, but the actions of the adult Rudy are so akward and unfunny. I love the show, but I can\'t stand this episode. I alone found this episode unfunny, so I\'m speaking soley for myself, but I wouldn\'t give this episode a second look. Care to agree?
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