Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Season 1 Episode 7

Third Aunt From the Sun

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 08, 1996 on ABC

Episode Recap

As the episode begins, Mr. Poole starts teaching but suddenly gets an itch so horrible he has to leave the class. The students are about to skip when a substitute comes in. As everyone is leaving she asks Sabrina to stay after class. She reveals herself to be Sabrina's Aunt Vesta, Hilda and Zelda's sister. She wisks Sabrina away and takes her around the world, skipping the rest of the school day. Meanwhille Hilda and Zelda are worried about Sabrina missing her classes as they have received a phone call from Sabrina's school. Vesta comes home with Sabrina where they face her angry aunts.
The aunts become more upset when they realize that both of them have to go away for the weekend, because they don't want to leave Sabrina alone. Coincedentally, Vesta is free and offers Sabrina to come to her home, the "Pleasure Dome".
They reluctantly agree.
The Pleasure Dome is filled with doors each one leading to something fun, such as rocks concerts and attractive men. But there is one unfortunate rule: no mortals.

Meanwhille Hilda and Zelda realize they were tricked by Vesta when their weekend plans weren't what they expected. They go to the Pleasure Dome to bring Sabrina back but when Vesta tells Sabrina that she has a choice whether she wants to stay in the Other Realm or the Mortal realm. Sabrina readily decides to stay at the Pleasure Dome and Hilda and Zelda return to the Mortal Realm grudgingly. At the Pleasure Dome Sabrina gets a call from Jenny who she was supposed to go to the movies with. Sabrina feels a bit bad about blowing Jenny off but forgets about it when Vesta says she can star in her own music video. Sabrina starts having doubts again about leaving her friends and family. To comfort her, Vesta tells her she can view them on the T.V. They see Zelda and Hilda doing a puzzle, Salem in Sabrina's room singing, Harvey also singing, and Jenny stuck home reading a book. Sabrina and Vesta starts doing the music video but Sabrina stops it in the middle. She tells Vesta that she is going home to her friends. Hilda and Zelda are overjoyed and Sabrina goes out to the movies with Jenny.
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