Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Season 1 Episode 24

Troll Bride

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 16, 1997 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In several episodes of the first season, Harvey never figured out what mitosis was. In this episode, he finally learns what the definition is when Sabrina tells him before they take their test.

  • Quotes

    • Sabrina: Harvey, climb up my hair!
      Harvey: You're okay with that?
      Sabrina: Yeah, just don't split any ends.

    • Zelda: I couldn't help but notice your jacket. Who is the Termite King?
      Harvey: My Dad. That's his company.
      Zelda: Which would make you the Termite Prince.
      Harvey: And that's why I'm leaving the area when I go to college.

    • Harvey: Who was that guy who tried to beat me up at school today?
      Sabrina: Roland? Oh that's a funny story, I'll tell you later.
      Harvey: It is later.
      Sabrina: Well, he's a friend of my aunts.
      Harvey: That's the funny story?
      Sabrina: I didn't tell it very well.

    • Stuart: You're asking me to break a legitimate contract.
      Zelda: Isn't that what lawyers do?

    • Stuart: Stuart Clarkson here. You have a legal emergency?
      Sabrina: A troll has asked for my hand in marriage.
      Stuart: Did you sign a contract?
      Sabrina: Yes.
      Stuart: Did you read the contract?
      Sabrina: No.
      Stuart: Have a nice wedding.

    • Sabrina: Harvey, this is Roland.
      Harvey: Nice to meet you.
      Roland: Get lost, Farm Boy.
      Harvey: Farm Boy? I've never been on a farm in my life.
      Roland: Well I find that hard to believe, Farm Boy.
      Harvey: My name is Harvey.
      Roland: Harvey, the Farm Boy.

    • Hilda: Zelda, will you do me a favour and choke on this bread?
      Zelda: What?
      Hilda: I can't think of any other way to see my fireman again. You choke, he Hiemlichs, we go dancing.
      Zelda: Hilda, it's wrong to distract a fireman from his public duty.
      Hilda: Hey, I pay taxes.

    • Libby: Well, if it isn't the cutest couple in the sophomore class.
      Sabrina: Jeez Libby, you're really running out of insults.

    • Harvey: It's not fair. We only get three days to learn a whole semester's worth of biology.
      Sabrina: I guess we were supposed to be learning it all along.

    • Sabrina:But I like it like this. We have no secrets from each other.
      Hilda: Then for the next 5 seconds you have a perfect relationship.

    • Zelda: What we have to tell you is strange, so I hope you can accept it.
      Harvey: I'm drinking from a chalice in front of a guy with no pants. I'm trying.

    • Roland: Okay, I know what I want. You.
      Sabrina: Me!
      Roland: I want your hand in marriage.
      Sabrina: I'm only sixteen.
      Roland: I know you're kinda old but... that's okay.

    • Sabrina: Salem, have you seen my biology notes?
      Salem: No, the sports section is lying in my box this week.

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