Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Season 6 Episode 3

What's News

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 19, 2001 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Sabrina casts the "I got you" spell, she is wearing the same outfit she did in "The Band Episode" from season 2.

    • Mike Shelby (George Wendt) mentions being stuck in Kuwait with celebs like Jenny McCarthy. Jenny McCarthy and George Wendt later starred together in the 2006 ABC Family original movie Santa Baby.

    • Harvey tells Sabrina that he didn't know she lived with Morgan. However, he has phoned Sabrina at this house before. Did he not notice that Morgan and Sabrina have the same phone number?

    • In this episode Sabrina says that Josh is a Pisces, but in the episode "Love in Bloom" Josh tells Hilda that he is a Capricorn.

    • Sabrina uses a spell that causes everyone to be fascinated with salt. This spell affects Harvey, yet spells are no longer supposed to affect him.
      Edit: Spells still affect Harvey; after the spell wears off he knows that he has been under a spell, which was not the case before the season four finale.

  • Quotes

    • Josh: Sabrina, that picnic was so worth waiting for. I'd rather lie on a blanket with you any day than watch Mike pick black beans out of his teeth.
      Sabrina: Ah that's the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me.

    • Hilda: If I could fix relationships with a spell, I'd still be with Alexander the Great. He really was great.

    • Zelda: Miles, women like a man who is strong, confident and self assured. You've got to walk into a room, take charge and knock them out with your masculine charisma.
      Miles: I'm all over it, chicky baby.
      Zelda: Good luck. And Miles, work on the tush.

    • Zelda: What attracts me to a man? Well first and foremost, his intellect, and barring that, buns of steel.

    • Sabrina: Oh I am so sorry. I was just having a news room fantasy.
      Mike: I used to have them all the time. Except in mine I make a lot more money and I look like Robert Redford.

    • Sabrina: I've scoured the listings for every photography related job in a twenty mile radius, re-did Josh's resume and, as a fall back, got him an interview with the Sears family photo department.
      Roxie: Start sewing name tags in his underwear and you're officially his mother.

    • Miles: I'm making a documentary to learn about what women find attractive in a man.
      Sabrina: Miles, you don't have to do that, you know how to handle yourself around a woman.
      Miles: When I tried to introduce myself my palms were so sweaty I inadvertently poured Fresca down her sports bra.
      Sabrina: Roll camera.

    • Miles: She's in my film class and I love her and she might love me if I ever actually spoke to her.

    • Sabrina: Miles, what are you doing?
      Miles: Pursuing the woman of my dreams.
      Sabrina: Pursuing...stalking, it's a fine line.

    • Sabrina: Done cleansing mind and spirit, but the body could use a little detailing.

    • Sabrina: (in the picture Josh is holding) Whoohoo! (Whispers) I mean, "Whoohoo!"

    • Harvey: I broke up with Sabrina when I found out she and I were going to different colleges.
      Morgan: Oh, whew! I'd hate to think I picked up something out of the 'Spellman Reject Pile.'

    • Josh: Harvey?
      Sabrina: Yeah, Morgan's new boyfriend. (Sees Josh's boss approaching.) Mike?
      Morgan: Josh's new boyfriend.

  • Notes

    • After being gone since the 4th season finale, Nate Richert (Harvey Kinkle) returns to the show as a regular cast member.

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