Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Season 5 Episode 18

Witchright Hall

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 06, 2001 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Sabrina's heck-raising cousin Amanda is sent to live in the Mortal Realm for a year. Rather than have her stay at the Spellmans', though, Hilda and Zelda arrange for Sabrina to help get Amanda into a special school called Witchright Hall for maladjusted young witches.

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  • Not the best Sabrina episode.

    I am a Sabrina fan but this was not a very good episode.

    Sabrina was hardly in it. The main focus was Sabrina's cousin Amanda, who is a witch delinquent.

    Sabrina is trying to get her admitted to Witching Hall a place for young witches like Amanda.

    After pulling many stunts Amanda still doesn't get in and begins to get upset. The people at the school are so moves by her emotion that they decide to let her in to the school.

Caroline Rhea

Caroline Rhea

Hilda Antoinette Spellman

Beth Broderick

Beth Broderick

Zelda Spellman

Nick Bakay

Nick Bakay

Salem Saberhagen, the Cat (voice)

Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa Joan Hart

Sabrina J. Spellman

Charles Shaughnessy

Charles Shaughnessy

James Hexton

Guest Star

Jane Sibbett

Jane Sibbett

Robin Davis

Guest Star

Blake Clark

Blake Clark


Guest Star

Emily Hart

Emily Hart


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (8)

    • (James Hexton has decided to accept Amanda after all)
      James: (to Sabrina about Amanda) How soon can you have her here?
      Sabrina: Sooner than you think.
      (with a zap of her magic, Sabrina replaces herself with Amanda)
      Amanda: Just so you know, I'm not sharing a room with anybody.

    • James: It was the Summer of Sixty-Nine. Fourteen sixty-nine and Botticelli was having one of his backyard barbeques. Suddenly I looked up and saw a vision due west of the suckling pig. She was beautiful, she was brilliant and for a brief moment in time, she was mine.
      Amanda: What happened?
      James: Ah she left me for that stud-muffin Gutenberg. Ah big deal, so the guy printed the Bible, it's not like he wrote the blasted thing. (looking up to heaven) Sorry.

    • James: Well, Miss Wiccan, you certainly are quite bold for a guest.
      Amanda: I'm just getting warmed up.
      James: Listen to me, dearie, I've been a witch since the Spanish Inquisition and if Torquemada didn't scare me, you certainly don't.

    • James: (to Amanda) Let's see, you've been expelled from twelve different schools. You've forced fourteen teachers into early retirement. One into a straitjacket.

    • Amanda: Yeah, I wonder what kind of slobbering animal teaches history?
      James: That would be me. James Hexton, headmaster. In a few weeks I should have the slobbering under control.

    • Zelda: Oh my God! That's James Hexton!
      Hilda: The James Hexton?! Who's James Hexton?

    • Zelda: Wait Sabrina! (reading) Oh poor Amanda's worse than ever.
      Salem: Can a person be worse than pure evil?

    • Sabrina: [to Zelda] Great! I'm on the virge of getting a 9-11 Turbo, and you play the apocalypse card.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Jane Sibbett (Robin Davis) starred on Charles Shaughnessy's (James Hexton) hit sitcom The Nanny in episode 4.21 "The Passed-Over Story."

    • Charles Shaughnessy also appeared as Alec in Season 5's "You Can't Twin."

    • In a second attempt at a spin off, The producers made this episode as the pilot series for "Witchright Hall" for the WB stated for Fall 2001, which all the guest stars would most likely been regulars; Reportedly, they gave their time slot to freshman series "Maybe It's Me" and now is attempting to make another spin off reportedly with a talking dog, which also appears in this episode.

    • David Lascher (Josh), Trevor Lissauer (Miles), and Elisa Donovan (Morgan) do not appear in this episode. Nor are they credited. Despite being credited, Soleil Moon Frye (Roxie) does not appear in this episode.

    • This is a pilot for the series "Witchright Hall" starring Emily Hart, Melissa's sister. Most of the guest stars are going to be regulars which explains why almost everyone is credited as also starring.