Sabrina's Secret Life

(ended 2004)


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Sabrina's Secret Life

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This show is the spin-off to Sabrina, the Animated Series. It takes place one year after that show ended. Sabrina Spellman is 14 years old now and in Greendale Highschool. Chloe has moved away and Gem Stone attends a private school far away from Greendale. Sabrina's new best friend is named Maritza. She still holds a crush on her friend Harvey Kinkle. Now that she is 14 Sabrina's powers have grown stronger. Salem, Hilda, and Zelda still work hard to train Sabrina so she can learn how to use her magic well. They also still help her get out of tough scrapes because her spells often fail. Although she is half-mortal she is not the only one now at her school who is a witch. Her new nemesis Cassandra also attends Sabrina's Highschool and is a full witch. Both Sabrina and Cassandra not only attend Grenndale Highschool but a special Witch Academy School at night to practice their magic. Sabrina's Secret Life was made by DIC Entertainment. Characters Sabrina Spellman: Sabrina is an average 14 year old teenager. With a big secret she is a witch! She is half witch/mortal. Her powers have great increased since Sabrina, the Animated Series. And attends Greendale Highschool. And a secret witch acadmey at night. Salem: Sabrina, Hilda and Zelda's cat that lives with them. He used to be a powerful warlock before being turned into a cat. For trying to take over the Other Realm. And was punished by being tuned into a cat. And forced to live with the Spellman's. Cassandra: Cassandra is a witch who lives in the mortal realm. She also attends Greendale Highschool. She is spoiled, evil, manipulative and popular. She tries her best to make Sabrina miserable. Harvey Kinkle: Harvey is one of Sabrina's bestfriend he attends the same school. As Sabrina and has been her friend. For many years but something Harvey does not know. Is that Sabrina has a big crush on him for a long time. He often finds himself in the middle of Sabrina and Cassandra's fights. Maritza: Martiza is Sabrina's new bestfriend. Since Chloe moved away. She always helps Sabrina when she can. And like Harvey she oftn finds herself, in the middle of Sabrina and Cassandra's fights. Hilda Spellman: Hilda is one of Sabrina's Aunt's she lives with Sabrina. And her sister Zelda she trys to help Sabrina when she can. Zelda Spellman: Zelda is Sabrina's other Aunt and Hilda's sister. Zelda is the more strict Aunt while Hilda. Is more of the party Aunt.moreless
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  • Lacks the magic the other Sabrina shows had

    I never really did see Sabrina, but the few episodes I did see from the live action or cartoon were actually entertaining. If you haven't seen the sitcom or cartoon here is the story of Sabrina. Sabrina is a teenage girl who secretly is a witch who attends a regular high school by day, but goes to a witch academy by night. She lives with her family who are also two witches named Hilda and Zelda, and has a sarcastic cat named Salem who used to be a warlock before being turned into a cat. Sabrina must try to balance her life and try to win the love of her life, Harvey. The show actually takes place one year after the events of Sabrina the original animated series. Sabrina is now a full fledged witch and has great powers. The first big disappointment fans of the original show will see is that the characters are no longer who they once were. Salem is not sarcastic or funny at all. Harvey is now an idiot. The new friend who replaced Chloe since she "moved away" looks just like her except her skin is a lighter color. The aunts are also not that funny as well and don't do as many gags or antics. Sabrina was the only one who seemed to stay the same. The plots in this show are just bland and have no creative effort whatsoever. They are just rehashed stories and the morals they have are just boring and lifeless. Nothing is new or creative that catches your eye. I also found it strange that Sabrina now needs a wand to cast spells. Last time I checked she just chanted words there was no wand. Is this Sabrina or did I enter the poor man's Harry Potter? I half expect to see Voldemort pop up out of the blue. The artwork and animation seem to remain true to the original cartoon as well and still holds the charm for it. As for humor, there were some funny moments but they were pretty rare to find in this show, and with Salem and the aunts not being funny like in the original shows, the humor seriously lacks. I was glad that this show was canceled in 3 months, it was an unnecessary spin off. I never did hear of another Sabrina show, but I am willing to bet that this show put the final nail in the franchise and killed it off. if you are a really big fan of Sabrina, just go see Sabrina the Teenage Witch or Sabrina The Animated Series and stay away from this mess, it's not worth it at all.moreless
  • The original animated series was better.

    I wish they didn't make so many changes from the 1999 cartoon to this. Sabrina's powers are weaker, and she has to use a wand now to cast spells (what is this? Harry Potter? Fairly Oddparents?), Chloe "moved" and got replaced with Maritza, who looks exactly like her but with lighter skin (lazy artists), Gem got replaced with Cassandra, a background character from the original cartoon, Salem's not as sarcastic, and Harvey isn't as cute anymore!

    The plots were extremely cliche` and the morals were too annoying. While the morals were slightly annoying in the original cartoon, they became worse. No wonder why this show only lasted 20 something episodes!moreless
  • Sabrina's animated series was better, this seems like a ripoff of Harry Potter mixed with the FOP.

    I loved the animated series, but this...this tramples on the series, and the morals were cranked waaaaaaaaaay up. Salem isn't as sarcastic as before, and Harvey isn't as snuggably adorable as he was in the 1999 series. Worse, Gem was a formidable villain, but now they brother chucked her out of the series, and replaced her with Cassandra. Plus, Chloe 'moved' away... many issues, and so little time to actually fix those issues. Two-Tone said exactly what I wanted to say already about this crappy spin-off, just air the original series and be done with it...don't murder us with a stale misguided imitation with preschool morals.moreless
  • Read my review before anyone disagree's thankyou.

    Ok Sabrna's Secret Life is a spin off series to Sabrina the Animated Series and It's a good show I never even heard of the show intill last year and I really like it for some reason the Sabrina cartoons don't last very long but it should have lasted longer I used to watch every morning Mon-Wen a 7:00am but it was taken off for the Strawberry short cake show and the littles of course I have not seen it on since but I hope I will see it again soon I rate Sabrina's Secret Life a 10! Now you can disagree if you want lol!moreless
  • I like but i like Sabrina the Animated Series better

    It is very good though i like sabrina the animated series better it is very good though when sabrina is older and stronger in magic though tere is something i do not really get in sabrina's secret life she uses a purple wand but in sabrina the animated series she does not use a wand at all and the magic that comes out of her finger is a differnt color oh well i dont know i still like it a lot go sabrina ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !moreless