Sabrina's Secret Life

(ended 2004)


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  • Lacks the magic the other Sabrina shows had

    I never really did see Sabrina, but the few episodes I did see from the live action or cartoon were actually entertaining. If you haven't seen the sitcom or cartoon here is the story of Sabrina. Sabrina is a teenage girl who secretly is a witch who attends a regular high school by day, but goes to a witch academy by night. She lives with her family who are also two witches named Hilda and Zelda, and has a sarcastic cat named Salem who used to be a warlock before being turned into a cat. Sabrina must try to balance her life and try to win the love of her life, Harvey. The show actually takes place one year after the events of Sabrina the original animated series. Sabrina is now a full fledged witch and has great powers. The first big disappointment fans of the original show will see is that the characters are no longer who they once were. Salem is not sarcastic or funny at all. Harvey is now an idiot. The new friend who replaced Chloe since she "moved away" looks just like her except her skin is a lighter color. The aunts are also not that funny as well and don't do as many gags or antics. Sabrina was the only one who seemed to stay the same. The plots in this show are just bland and have no creative effort whatsoever. They are just rehashed stories and the morals they have are just boring and lifeless. Nothing is new or creative that catches your eye. I also found it strange that Sabrina now needs a wand to cast spells. Last time I checked she just chanted words there was no wand. Is this Sabrina or did I enter the poor man's Harry Potter? I half expect to see Voldemort pop up out of the blue. The artwork and animation seem to remain true to the original cartoon as well and still holds the charm for it. As for humor, there were some funny moments but they were pretty rare to find in this show, and with Salem and the aunts not being funny like in the original shows, the humor seriously lacks. I was glad that this show was canceled in 3 months, it was an unnecessary spin off. I never did hear of another Sabrina show, but I am willing to bet that this show put the final nail in the franchise and killed it off. if you are a really big fan of Sabrina, just go see Sabrina the Teenage Witch or Sabrina The Animated Series and stay away from this mess, it's not worth it at all.