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  • Season 1
    • Sacred Seven
      Sacred Seven
      Episode 12
      Kenmi's laughter echoes through the forest. Hes absorbed Number 0s energy and plans to consume Alma, who holds a purer power of the Sacred Seven. To stop Kenmi's ambition, Naito attacks. Their last battle surrounding the Sacred Seven has begun.
    • Kenmi's Sharpened Blade
      Ruri, the current CEO of Aiba Foundation, has been arrested. Alma meets up with Kagami and they are attacked by Kenmis soldiers. Meanwhile, Kenmi is about to extract the core of Sacred Seven that sleeps in Ruris body.
    • Memory of Aoi
      Memory of Aoi
      Episode 10
      Theres been a change to Ruris sister, Aoi. Five years ago, as Ruris family, their butler Kagami and his son spend a fun-filled Christmas week together, Ruri and Aoi have a fight. While small in scale, it changes the destiny of the two girls.
    • The Soul of a Rolling Stone
      Almas relationship with Ruri causes him to be teased by his classmates, a sign that they have started to warm up to him. Gradually, Alma is finding his place at the academy. Almas still hesitant but Wakana is elated that people see him for who he is.
    • With All My Heart
      Ruri is unable to trust Kenmi due to Naitos words. She asks Kagami to investigate Kenmi Laboratory. Meanwhile, Oni-gawara is still split in two and to be fixed, needs a stone from Kamakura that has the manifestation of the true heart of a boy and girl.
    • A Dark Side of the Truth
      Naito has escaped with Ruri, but the transmitter Kenmi placed reveals the possible location of Naitos hideout. Alma catches up to Kagami, who asks him to investigate the site. Alma searches for Ruri and runs into Naito, whos been waiting for him!
    • One More Night, One More Naito
      Using Feis blood, Naito has created a serum to stop the Dark Stone progression within his body. But Fei collapses from the process. They need a new source for the serum and plan to abduct Ruri, who holds the power of the Sacred.
    • The Mirror in Kagami's Heart
      The Rock Club is headed to the beach! Theres a legend that the local pyramid is dedicated to the rock gods, much to Wakanas delight. But Alma senses a Dark Stone inside. While Kagami is investigating, a huge earthquake hits, swallowing Alma and Ruri.
    • Oni at the School Festival
      Tomorrow is the school festival and the students are hard at work. As the rock clubs newest member, Alma is preparing for the events when a Dark Stone slides onto campus. Kagami realizes, we cant let Miss Ruri find out or she'll cancel the festival.
    • Crazy Night
      Crazy Night
      Episode 3
      Two vehicles scream down the highway. One carries chief researcher, Yuji Kenmi, who ensures that the power of the Sacred Seven is not used for evil. Suddenly, a mystery man is standing in the middle of road. Sensing danger, Alma heads toward the group.
    • Ruri's Sky-Blue Bond
      Ruri is the new Chairperson of Almas academy, and calls him to her office to ask him again to join the battle against the Dark Stone. Meanwhile, a plane departs from a US military base, secretly carrying an extremely explosive material.
    • Awakening Of The Stone
      Alma Tandoji, seventeen, keeps others at a distance due to a past incident. One night, Ruri Aiba appears at his door. She pleads with Alma to battle against the Dark Stone, creatures that can only be defeated by the power of the Sacred Seven within Alma.