Sadamitsu the Destroyer

(ended 2001)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Man's Constellation that Sparkles in the Sky
      Coming soon...
    • Man's Love is a Love for a Struggle to the Death
      Coming soon...
    • Man, Sharing an Umbrella of Tears
      Coming soon...
    • Man, Eat the Fist of Life!
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    • A Cherry Blossom is a Flower of Man's Confusion
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    • Women are Men's Death Scythe
      Sadamitsu discovers the Vulture is actually Kamishiro, and confronts her by asking her why she continues to destroy the alien convicts. Kamishiro escapes, and continues to think about what Sadamitsu said. She wants to stop, and helps an alien, by hiding him from the Police and bringing him food. But when the Police discovers them, she decides it's time to destroy everybody. Sadamitsu arrives too late and finds both the alien and the policemen killed.moreless
    • A Blazing Man's Spirit
      Coming soon...
    • A New Member - Culon Runs Wild
      A new student arrives at sadamitsu's school, a girl named Kamishiro. Meanwhile, Sadamitsu searches for an alien motorcycle known as the Clone. When he finally finds him, he also encounters another fighter called the Vulture, who wants to destroy the Clone. Sadamitsu battles the Vulture, but looses. The Clone decides to help Sadamitsu to thank him for saving him.moreless
    • Blazing Battle! Retrieval Complete!
      Sadamitsu continues his fight with the alien, and apparently defeats him. Later, when the alien comes back to life, Sadamitsu is forced to fight him again and, using his Active Device sword, transforms the alien into a star on the night sky.
    • Wanna Fight? Bring It on! Enter Sadamitsu
      After fighting a rival biker gang, Sadamitsu and his gang meet a robot guardian who is fighting an alien. The alien destroys the robot, leaving only his helmet intact. To protect his friends, Sadamitsu puts the helmet on and becomes a semi-robotic fighter, known as Sadamitsu the Destroyer.