Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat

Season 1 Episode 39

Catsitter / On the Run

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Oct 05, 2002 on PBS
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Catsitter / On the Run

#13901 Catsitter The show opens with a pretty plump cat at the front of the palace. We cut to the inside. Sagwa was trying to draw the cat house, but was doing a rather lousy job at it (Sheegwa thinks one of the drawing looks like a mushroom). They were interrupted by Baba Miao, who announced that he, Mama Miao, Yeh-Yeh and Nai-Nai are going to see Uncle Miao. So, they're going to have a catsitter. Later, in the courtyard, he introduces her to the kittens. Her name is Auntie Wen, and she's so old she had babysitted Baba Miao before. Baba Miao also mentioned that Auntie Wen has a magic pendant. And so, the adult cats leave her with the kittens and startss on their journey. So, thinking that the babysitter is old, they think they're int he advantage of being fast. Nuh uh! The Auntie Wen is always one step ahead of them. In the meantime, the Magistrate has brought in a bicycle from England for his three daughters. Problem is, none of them know how to use it - not even the magistrate. Later in the night, Dongwa, Sagwa and Sheegwa were out with the alleycats. They're having a race, and Dongwa lost. Auntie Wen catches up with them, and gets them to go home. The next day, She wakes them up early to go see the sun rise. So, how are the daughters doing with the bike? Not too well. Tai-Tai's coaching them, but they're not improving. As for the kittens, the are finally bonding with Auntie Wen. But Sagwa is still having problems drawing the cat house. Auntie Wen lent Sagwa her magic pendant, and Sagwa does a masterpiece! Next, she lends it to Sheegwa, who earlier admitted that she's hydrophobic because she can't swim. Sheegwa immediately learns to like the water. And later, Dongwa swipes it from Sheegwa, and later that night, does better in the race. The next day, we see the Cook trying on the bike. He's okay at it, but falls off when he tries to turn. But he gives Ba-Do a important piece of advice - never give up, and if people is laughing at you, don't feel disharted. Later, The adult cats return from their trip. And Auntie Wen finally reveals the secret of the pendant. As for the daughters, they're getting good at the bike. Only one question remains - how do you stop a moving bike!?! #13902 On the Run Sagwa's in the village. She's sent out because Mama Miao is busy with Sheegwa, and Baba Miao is busy with Dongwa. Fu-fu comes by and asks Sagwa what's up. Nothing much, when they spotted a puppet show caravan. So, Sagwa sneaks in... Unknowingly, the puppet master packs up and leaves for the next town, unaware that there are hitchhikers onboard! Sagwa and Fu-fu falls asleep... Only to awake in in a different town. The listen in as the reader of the town announces the rules. Aye caramba! No fun, and no cats! The puppet master notices them, and takes them into an inn and warns them on the dangers in the town. He introduces them to his dog, Fang. Sagwa and Fu-fu makes a break for it, but Fang catches up. Turns out that Fang is pretty nice with cats. He warns them about the cat-catcher - an evil man who'se so hideous I'll personally vote for him in the "World's ugliest man" poll, and catches cats on behalf of the magistrate. In coincidence, the cat-catcher has noticed them, and is out to nab them. Sagwa runs into the palace gardens, and notices the other cats of the town who were captured. They try to free the cats, but fails, as the cat-catcher is hot on their trail. They run straight into the puppet theater. Almost got away with it, but the cat-catcher managed to get them. Is it the end of Sagwa and Fu-fu? Will Sagwa not get to see her family ever again? Good thing Fang and the village dogs comes to their rescue. They free the captured cats, and escape into the puppet master's caravan. Sweet freedom! suddenly, the screen turns wavy, and we see Sagwa and Fu-fu sleeping. The puppet master wakes them up. He has noticed them while travlling and was kind enough to turn around and bring them back to the village. Sagwa realizes the whole anti-cat thing was a dream, to which Fu-fu comments that he only dreamt about cleaning the cave he and the bat colony live in. The story comes to a close as Sagwa announces that she loves her town. The end.


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