Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat

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  • Season 1
    • Cha-Siu Bow Wow / Mutt That Would Be King
      #14001 Cha-Siu Bow Wow. The episode opens with Sagwa, Sheegwa and Dongwa playing. Baba Miao and Mama Miao shows up and tells them that Uncle Miao's family has adopted a son, Cha-Siu. They're all excited. Especially Dongwa, being the only male offspring in the family. Sheegwa asks about Cha-Siu's family, and Baba Miao tells her about it in a kinda, but not straightforward manner. The kits run off. Baba Miao was about to tell them something else. But Mama Miao stops him and decides that it's best the children learns that on their own. The next day, Uncle Miao and his family arrives. What a surprise indeed - Cha-Siu's a puppy! (I've seen these happen in the tabloids and on TV, but I didn't think the writers at Sesame Workshop would take them seriously - ed). Sagwa and Sheegwa takes lightheartedely. But not Dongwa. He tries to avoid playing with Cha-Siu just because Cha-Siu's a dog. Later, them useless Sleeve Dogs comes around and gives Cha-Siu an identity crisis. Dongwa sees what's going on, and have a talk with Cha-Siu. Sagwa, Sheegwa and Dingwa then teach Cha-Siu how to climb a tree, and Dongwa finally acceps Cha-Siu as a relative. The end. #14002 Mutt That Would Be King Scene opens with a shopkeeper chasing a mutt from his store. The alleycats then sees the mutt and starts chasing it. They dare Sagwa into bullying the mutt, and Sagwa does. They bully the mutt the whole day. The next day, however, Sheegwa and Fu-Fu brings asks Sagwa for help and asks her to follow them. Turns out that they want here to help find that mutt's home! The mutt, on seeing Sagwa, makes a break for it. Sagwa admits her wrongdoing, and they go find the mutt. The find it just in time - the alleycats were picking on it again. Sagwa stands in and protects it. The alleycats heads off, and they go help the mutt get home. Turns out that the mutt is a royal pet of the magistrate of the nearby village! So, the mutt is safely back home, and Sagwa has made a new friend. Meanwhile, a master tailor is in town, and the Foolish Magistrate summons him to make a new robe. But he was shocked to see the tailor in commoner's clothes. He then has a chat with the tailor and learns of the classic proverb "Clothes don't make the man". The End.moreless
    • Catsitter / On the Run

      #13901 Catsitter The show opens with a pretty plump cat at the front of the palace. We cut to the inside. Sagwa was trying to draw the cat house, but was doing a rather lousy job at it (Sheegwa thinks one of the drawing looks like a mushroom). They were interrupted by Baba Miao, who announced that he, Mama Miao, Yeh-Yeh and Nai-Nai are going to see Uncle Miao. So, they're going to have a catsitter. Later, in the courtyard, he introduces her to the kittens. Her name is Auntie Wen, and she's so old she had babysitted Baba Miao before. Baba Miao also mentioned that Auntie Wen has a magic pendant. And so, the adult cats leave her with the kittens and startss on their journey. So, thinking that the babysitter is old, they think they're int he advantage of being fast. Nuh uh! The Auntie Wen is always one step ahead of them. In the meantime, the Magistrate has brought in a bicycle from England for his three daughters. Problem is, none of them know how to use it - not even the magistrate. Later in the night, Dongwa, Sagwa and Sheegwa were out with the alleycats. They're having a race, and Dongwa lost. Auntie Wen catches up with them, and gets them to go home. The next day, She wakes them up early to go see the sun rise. So, how are the daughters doing with the bike? Not too well. Tai-Tai's coaching them, but they're not improving. As for the kittens, the are finally bonding with Auntie Wen. But Sagwa is still having problems drawing the cat house. Auntie Wen lent Sagwa her magic pendant, and Sagwa does a masterpiece! Next, she lends it to Sheegwa, who earlier admitted that she's hydrophobic because she can't swim. Sheegwa immediately learns to like the water. And later, Dongwa swipes it from Sheegwa, and later that night, does better in the race. The next day, we see the Cook trying on the bike. He's okay at it, but falls off when he tries to turn. But he gives Ba-Do a important piece of advice - never give up, and if people is laughing at you, don't feel disharted. Later, The adult cats return from their trip. And Auntie Wen finally reveals the secret of the pendant. As for the daughters, they're getting good at the bike. Only one question remains - how do you stop a moving bike!?! #13902 On the Run Sagwa's in the village. She's sent out because Mama Miao is busy with Sheegwa, and Baba Miao is busy with Dongwa. Fu-fu comes by and asks Sagwa what's up. Nothing much, when they spotted a puppet show caravan. So, Sagwa sneaks in... Unknowingly, the puppet master packs up and leaves for the next town, unaware that there are hitchhikers onboard! Sagwa and Fu-fu falls asleep... Only to awake in in a different town. The listen in as the reader of the town announces the rules. Aye caramba! No fun, and no cats! The puppet master notices them, and takes them into an inn and warns them on the dangers in the town. He introduces them to his dog, Fang. Sagwa and Fu-fu makes a break for it, but Fang catches up. Turns out that Fang is pretty nice with cats. He warns them about the cat-catcher - an evil man who'se so hideous I'll personally vote for him in the "World's ugliest man" poll, and catches cats on behalf of the magistrate. In coincidence, the cat-catcher has noticed them, and is out to nab them. Sagwa runs into the palace gardens, and notices the other cats of the town who were captured. They try to free the cats, but fails, as the cat-catcher is hot on their trail. They run straight into the puppet theater. Almost got away with it, but the cat-catcher managed to get them. Is it the end of Sagwa and Fu-fu? Will Sagwa not get to see her family ever again? Good thing Fang and the village dogs comes to their rescue. They free the captured cats, and escape into the puppet master's caravan. Sweet freedom! suddenly, the screen turns wavy, and we see Sagwa and Fu-fu sleeping. The puppet master wakes them up. He has noticed them while travlling and was kind enough to turn around and bring them back to the village. Sagwa realizes the whole anti-cat thing was a dream, to which Fu-fu comments that he only dreamt about cleaning the cave he and the bat colony live in. The story comes to a close as Sagwa announces that she loves her town. The end.

    • The Return of the Rat / Great Balls of Fire
      #13801 The Return of the Rat The scene opens with Ba-Do working on a clay spinner. She seemed to be making something flat. She then takes the thing off the machine and puts it out to dry. Meanwhile, we switch scene to the alley-cats. They're teasing the rat from "New Year's Clean-Up". The rat then made his way back to palace, and sees Ba-Do taking the clay thingy inside, playfully saying it's a cookie. Naturally, Rat wants a bite out of the cookie. Meanwhile, Nai-Nai's organizing some fun for the kits - a treasure hunt! She has hidden animal sculptures of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. They go hunt for it, with Sagwa and Fu-fu in one team, and Dongwa and Sheegwa in another. Meanwhile, Rat's now in the Magistrate's office, which is where the "cookie" is also at. However, he fails to steal it, and so he leaves for the courtyard. Meanwhile, Dongwa has forgotten that Sheegwa is in his team, and is now playing for himself. Rat notices this, and use this situation to an advantage. He tricks Sheegwa into stealing the "cookie" for him. And so, she does. And she tries to warn him that it's clay. He takes a bite, and gets a toothache. Meanwhile, Sagwa notices Rat, and come over to join the arguement. She makes Rat put the cookie back. Just then, the judge comes into the room with both the Magistrate and Ba-Do. the judge praises Ba-Do for making such a magnificent sculpture, and the bitemarks are fascianting. The story comes to a close wirh Sagwa and Sheegwa chasing Rat. #13802 Great balls of fire. Scene opens with the kittens having lunch. Uncle Miao is dropping by to take them on an expedition - to dig for a piece of meteorite. Sheegwa wants to come, too. But she's too little. So, she can't. Soon, they set off. While on their journey, Sagwa daydreams finding the meteor. And Dongwa daydreams predicting the meteor shower. Meanwhile, back at the palace, Sheegwa's pretty much down in the dumps. Scene changes back to Sagwa and Dongwa. Sagwa is given the duty of running messages between the workers, and Dongwa is made to translate the scrolls from Traditional to Simplified Chinese. Scene changes back to Sheegwa. She's still down. so, we go back to Sagwa and Dongwa. It's nighttime. And they're bored. So, they have another outlandish fantasy. Next, day, back at the site, the people had finally found the meteorite. And back at the palace, Sheegwa's finlly starting to like being alone. And at the digging site, Dongwa and Sagwa's job are finally done. That night, Sheegwa is allowed to stay up late to watch the meteor shower. We cut to the digging site where Dongwa and Sagwa are enjoying the shower, and then back to the pagoda in the palace grounds, where Sheegwa and the rest are also enjoying the shower.moreless
    • Shei-Hu's Secret / Homesick Jun
      #13701 "Shei-Hu's Secret" The story starts one night, at the palace. Sagwa couldn't sleep, so she went downstairs, and sees Shei-Hu leaving the palace. The next day, The Magistrate has declared that there will be no more clutters, and so the palace undergoes a clean up as it's residents starts throwing out their old belongings. Meanwhile, Sagwa interrogates Shei-Hu. Shei-Hu was reluctant to tell at first, but eventually gives in. Meanwhile, Dongwa finds an old bag in the boxes of junk. Sheegwa wants to try it on, but Dongwa refuses to let her have a go. We cut to Sagwa and Shei-Hu. Shei-Hu shows Sagwa where he was heading for every night: A little mouse village in an old abandoned house. Sagwa peeks at the village through a hole in the wall, but her weight causes the old wall to collapse, and Sagwa falls into the village. Panic breaks out among the mice, but they eventually calm down when they learn that Sagwa is a friend of Shei-Hu. Shei-Hu then made Sagwa promise that she will keep silent about the village. Later, back at the palace, Sagwa was playing with Sheegwa when she accidentally almost blurts out the secret. She tries to hide it, but guilt and excitement eventually got the better of her and she blurts it out to Sheegwa, and makes her promise to keep it secret. Dongwa then enters the scene, and asks what's going on. Sheegwa doesn't want to tell, but Dongwa makes her an offer she can't refuse - She could have his new bag for a week in exchange for the information. Sheegwa lets Dongwa in on the secret. Dongwa then promises to keep it silent. Later, while playing with the Alley-cats, Dongwa nealy let the secret loose again, but was quick to stop it from coming out. The alley-cats try to press him for more information, but Dongwa is good at keeping secrets. So, they decide to secretly follow him. That night, Shei-Hu and Sagwa goes to the village again, but unbeknownst to them, Dongwa and Sheegwa are trailing them. And trailing Dongwa are the alleycats. Shei-Hu notices Dongwa and Sheegwa, and gets mad at Sagwa for telling them. Sagwa, Sheegwa and Dongwa heads home. Unfortunately, the alleycats has followed them into the secret village, and they fight to get a peek at it. Unfortunately for them, they leaned against the wall, and that causes it to collapse. The trouble didn't stop there. Trying to be friendly, they accidentally destroy the village by not watching where they're going. The next morning, Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa drops by the now-ruined secret village. They're terribly sorry for what they did, and allows the mice to live in the attic of the palace until the village can be rebuilt, and they volunteer to pitch in and help with the rebuilding. A few days later, the village is almost good as new. However, the next day, the Cook is going to clear out the attic! And so, Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa forms a covert operation to secretly get the mice out of there. Things didn't go too well, however, and they eventually hit a dead end. Luckily, the alleycats noticed that and came to their rescue. The mice are then led back to their rebuilt village. This time, Sagwa puts up a sign that says "No cats allowed" in Chinese. And the story comes to an end with Shei-Hu waving to them at the entry to the village. #13702 "Homesick Jun" The story starts with Jun in the village market, remarking how she likes living with the foolish Magistrate and the other palace residents,because they're really nice to her. Suddenly, a fortune teller lady calls on her. Jun was then told that she would get homesick in the near future. Meanwhile, the Magistrate's daughters are planning a party for Jun, on the occasion that it's her first month with them. The daughters brings the idea to the Magistrate, and he likes it. So, They set about getting ready for the anniversary. However, they've decided to make it a surprise, so they start avoiding her like she's a plague. Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa were given the task of writing a congratulatory note for her. Unfortunately, Sheegwa was messing things up. Things weren't going too smoothly with the Magistrates and the other palace residents, either. The cook wants to prepare Jun her favourite meal. Problem is, none of them know what it is. Also, The musicians came too early. So, like all the other stuff for the festival, they were stuffed into Reader's quarters. And the Magistrate's daughers tried to trick Jun into revealing her favourite food, but the plan backfired and it made Jun feel more left out than before. And things weren't going too well for the cats, either. The paper they're going to write the note on has blown into a tree thanks to Sheegwa. Sheegwa tries to get it down, only to have the paper land in the palace pond, ruined. We cut to Jun. She decides to go out to see the fortune teller for more information. Meanwhile, the Reader and the Cook was walking home with more supplies for the party. However, on encountering Jun, they make a break for it... right into the fortune teller's hut! Fortunately (or rather, unfortunately), the fortune teller lady wasn't in. So, The cook hides under the table, and the Reader grabs the fortune teller lady's cloak and puts it on! Jun enters. The Reader was then given no choice but to play along. He manages to extract Jun's favourite food, but in the process was giving her the more of the wrong impression. She heads back to the palace, unaware of the things going on, and that the Reader was disguising himself as the fortune teller lady. Over the days, they continue avoiding her, making her feel more left out and reinforcing the wrong impression. The Magistrate and the residents of the palace go as far as hiding in the barn to plan the party. Meanwhile, Sheegwa is still making a mess of things. This time, she accidentally spills a jar of glue on her fur! As for Jun, she decides to leave for her hometown. She packs. Sheegwa then sneaks into her bag. Meanwhile, the party is ready, and the Reader is sent to bring Jun out. However, he doesn't find her, but instead a note saying that she's heading back to her hometown. He heads back out to the courtyard, only to get a loud surprise. He quickly explains to the crowd what has happened, and hey quickly head for the dock. Meanwhile, Jun has already boarded the junk (a kind of boat, not a pile of rubbish - RAMChYLD). Sheegwa realizes what's going on and decides to try to get the attention of Jun, in hopes of changing Jun's mind. She does. And at the sight of Sheegwa, Jun changes her mind and decides to stay after all. They disembark the junk. Meanwhile, everyone have arrived at the dock, and was horrified to find that the junk has departed. However, much to their relief, Jun wasn't on the boat, and the party proceeds on. The story closes with a beautiful shot of Jun with the Magistrate and his family, as well as the cats.moreless
    • Sick Day / The Name Game
      #13601 "Sick Day" Scene opens with the magistrate expecting guests - His 20 cousins. And he's worried. The scene changes to the pond in the palace grounds. Sagwa and Fu-fu were playing in the water when Baba comes. He calls them back. Turns out that Sheegwa has a cold, and he wants Dongwa and Sagwa to look after her. Hoo boy. Day ruined. Or is it? Sagwa comes out with this idea of taking turns looking after Sheegwa, and runs off to finish what he was doing. We see her digging in the sand to build a sandcastle with Fu-fu. But in her haste, she knocks over Fu-fu's sandcastle and gets covered by sand. She's rushing because she has to go back and take care of Sheegwa when it's Dongwa's turn. Scene changes back to the palace. Sheegwa's begging Dongwa for a story. He spins a story about Sheegwa having superpowers and living in a pagoda on top of a mountain. He was about to make it a happy story a beautiful day, but Sheegwa wants it to be a dark and stormy night. And Sagwa's gonna be the victim of the baddie. A giant raven appear in a puff of smoke amongst the rain and lightning, swoops down and grabs Sagwa with it's claws, taking her and dropping her on a remote desert island in the middle of the sea where a one-eyed giant pirate turtle lived. Meanwhile, the scene changes to the Magistrate, who'se still worrying about the problem, when he sniffed some fragrant fume coming out of the kitchen. However, like the old proverb says, one man's meat is another man's poison. And what smells delicious to the Magistrate turns out to be the cook's overcooked meal. On seeing the magistrate arriving, he quickly covers the wok up. Scene cuts back to Dongwa and Sheegwa. Dongwa is now doing cheesy imitations of Sagwa. It was then Sagwa returns. So being off duty, Dongwa runs off, and Sheegwa explains to Sagwa what was going on. So, Sagwa continues on the story. The one-eyed giant pirate turtle now has Sagwa cornered. Sagwa, realizing what Dongwa was doing, pulls Dongwa into the story as well. Both of them are captured and wrapped in silk by the one-eyed giant pirate turtle's henchmen - a spider! Meanwhile, we cut to the cook again, and he's losing control of his cooking! luckily, the Magistrate and the rest of his family, as well as the Reader, pitches in. The scene then switches to Dongwa. He pitches the role-playing story idea to the alleycats, but they don't get it. So, he heads back. Fu-fu, meanwhile, sees Dongwa heading back to the palace, and decides to follow. They then join in on Sheegwa's story. The one-eyed giant pirate turtle and his henchmen was about to feed Dongwa and Sheegwa to a giant octopus! Meanwhile, Sheegwa has grown wings and is flying to rescue them, only to be eaten by a whale. Luckily, the whale didn't like the taste of cat fur, and spits her out through it's nostril. Sheegwa is then joined by an armada of bats! They attack the octopus, the one-eyed giant pirate turtle and his henchmen, and save Sagwa and Dongwa. We cut out of Sheegwa's imagination at this point. The story then comes to a close as Sheegwa announces that this is her "best sick day ever". #13602 "The Name Game" Scene opens with Dongwa and Lick-Lick having a Kung-fu match-up. Sheegwa and Sagwa are there, rooting for Dongwa. The alley cats are rooting for Lick-Lick. The match ends. Sagwa and the alleycats argues over who's better. Turns out that Lick-Lick was only a nickname, and his real name is Chan Li, which means "Family Strength". Sheegwa brings out the topic that their names have hidden meaning. And so, the alley cats brought up the meaning of Dongwa's name: "Winter Melon" . And they tease Sheegwa that her name means "Watermelon". But Sheegwa stands tall. However, the main blow was directed to Sagwa, whose name means "Silly Melon Head". Being rediculed, the trio heads back to the palace, turned off by the incident and vowing never to go back to the alley. Back at the palace, Fu-fu joins in the conversation. They say that he's lucky to have a great name. But he runs into a corner, and thinks that it means "clumsy bat" instead. Sagwa says that Mom gives her a strange look when she asked her why she had such a name. So, they decide to ask Nai-nai, who tells them why. When their father was young, he was always playing with Chet-Chet and Lick-Lick's father. But he was born in the palace, and sees the palace as his playground. One day, he meets Mama Miao while playing in the magistrate's winter melon patch. She turns out to be the new gardener's kitten. He then accidentally breaks a melon. She then heads off. He couldn't find her. So, he calls out "Melon Cat", in hopes of her responding. Soon, he finds her. And they soon becomes inseparable (okay, we all know where the story's going - ed). He was so love-sick that one day, he painted a picture of her on a one of the watermelons in a melon pile. Chet-Chet and Lick-Lick's father dropped by, and sees the painting. They then tease him. Mama Miao challenges the alley-cats, and they started climbing up the melon-pile. Naturally, the pile collapses, and watermelons started rolling down the street, two with a pair of cats on each. They race their watermelons, and won when the alleycats' melon ran into a pole. But their victory was short-lived, 'cause theirs soon ran into a wall (Ouch! - ed). And so, Dongwa was named because Baba Miao first met Mama Miao in the Magistrate's winter melon patch, Sheegwa was named because they had so much fun on the pile of watermelons, and Sagwa was named because they wanted to remember that they loved each other. And so, Sagwa, Sheegwa and Dongwa heads out to face the Alley cats, and soon learns that if they don't care about the teasing, the teasing will stop. The story comes to a close as Sagwa, Sheegwa and Dongwa heads back to the palace.moreless
    • Too Close for Comfort / Sister Act
      Too Close for Comfort.

      One of the Foolish Magistrate's cousins' palace's roof fell off, and they're going to stay with the Foolish Magistrate for until their palace roof is fixed. Along the way, their children gives the Magistrate's daughters a hard time, and their cat, thanks to Dongwa, gives Sagwa a hard time. The next day, sagwa takes her waterboarding. Trouble ensues, and Sagwa go rescues her. Meanwhile, the daughters and the Foolish Magistrate's cousin's sons engage the girls in a mudfight.

      Sister Act

      Sagwa's too bossy. Meanwhile, Mama Miao's Sister, a catrobat, is over visiting. Turns out that Mama Miao was a catrobat, too. Sagwa and Sheegwa are both interested. So, Mama Miao and her sister both coaches Sagwa and Sheegwa. It was difficult, and Sheegwa's more interested in playing. Mama Miao advises Sheegwa a bit, and soon both kittens are good catrobats.moreless
    • All Grown Up / The Cat and the Wind
      #13401 All Grown Up Sheegwa tries acting like an adult, while Baba Miao tries acting like a kid. Sheegwa gets into trouble, Baba miao gets tired, and in the end, everyone decides that they're best behaving like themselves. #13402 The Cat and the Wind Mama Miao relates a story about Sagwa's ancestor: a magical cat that can make whatever paintings he draw comes to life, then shows them that they still have the ability.moreless
    • Lost and Found / Three Graces
      #13301 Lost and Found The emperor's birthday's coming up. And to commemorate it, The Foolish Magistrate and Tai-Tai had a gold medal made as a gift for the emperor. But Sagwa and Fu-Fu stumbles upon it, and takes it out and play. Fu-Fu decides to wear it and go flying. The medal ends up with the alley cats when Fu-Fu hits a tree and loses the medal. Sagwa tries to get it back, but in the process a crow snatches it. Fu-Fu then tries to get it back, and the crow drops the medal... right into a cap of one of the villagers. The villager then trades it for a whole basket of cabbage. They follow the medal around some more, until it reaches the hands of a kid. Uh oh! the kid's getting into a boat. So, they have the tortoise take them out out to sea and follow it. The girl was waving the medal in the water. the next thing we know, it's swallowed by a fish. Bummer!. So they go home empty handed. Meanwhile, Foolish Mgistrate is stalling the emperor's gift collector men so that he can have more time searching for it. They then find the medal in a fish inside the kitchen - turns out that by some coincidence the fish was caught and sold to cook - and all is well (well, perhaps except for the medal smelling like it came from a rubbish dump - ed) #13302 Three Graces Jun, a new resident of the palace, is now the girl's tutor. And the girls' starting to think that Reader's teaching is so boring. And Reader's getting rather bored because of huge delays for the emperor's reports that is stalling the Magistrate's work. So, he sets off write poems. Meanwhile, the kittens are all struggling to get Jun's attention, but it seems that the only kitten Jun's paying attention to is Sheegwa. So, they all did pictures for Jun and it turns out that she did notice all of them and not only Sheegwa. She then finds one of Reader's poems, and made the daughters recite it. They all wonder who wrote it. By coicidence, Reader came around and admitted that it was his poem. So, the Magistrate made him the official poem writer of the palace.moreless
    • The Zodiac Zoo / The Four Dragons
      #13201 The Zodiac Zoo The three kittens are boasting about who will make the best lion, so Nai-Nai interrupts them to tell them their correct zodiac. Dongwa's born on the year of the monkey, Sagwa's born on the year of the dog (Heh, same zodiac as me. Interesting - ed), and Sheegwa's born on the year of the Rat. Nai-Nai then relates to them the legend of how things came to be. It all started a long time ago, when the jade emperor wanted to see who'se the fastest animal in the kingdom. This causes everyone in the kingdom to start bickering among themselves. So, the emperor declares a race. The sequence of the racers who finish will be the sequence of the zodiac. The other animals all put on a 'What? Me worry?' attitude, except for the rat. Using his cunningness and dilligence, he finishes first in the race. The ox comes in second, and the tiger, third. These was followed by the rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. The kittens are now interested, so she shows them a scroll with a picture of all 12 animals of the zodiac in order. #13202 The four Dragons The story starts out with Nai-Nai finishing a story of the four dragons. The kittens are enthusiastic about the story now, until the alleycats come along. So, they decide to put on a play based on the story. Sheegwa's the Pearl Dragon (Okay, I'm starting to hate Final Fantasy VI - ed), Dongwa's the Long dragon, Sagwa's the Gold dragon and Fu-Fu's the mysterious black dragon. Shei-Hu's the Jade Emperor, and his cousins are the peasants. The story starts off with the dragons playing in the sea one day, when they hear the peasants cry - there has not been any rain for weeks, and their crops are dying. So, they go see the Jade Emperor, a selfish meanie. He makes an empty promise, so the dragons take things to their own hands and makes it rain. This angers the jade emperor, and he imprisons them inside four mountains ('Tis beginning to sound like something that came out of the classic epic "Journey to thw West" - ed). But the dragons refused to sit still and watch others suffer, and tranforms themselves into the four great rivers of China. Finally, the alleycats are interested, but one dragon story a day is enough.moreless
    • The Jade Rabbit / Dongwa's Best Friend
      #13101 The Jade Rabbit Fu-Fu and Sagwa sit out an evening rain shower in the shelter of the pagoda. A friendly rabbit shows up and dodges the rain with them. As Sagwa and Fu-Fu are about to enjoy the last mooncake of the season, the rabbit tells his take on the origin of mooncakes. Weaving a story about an evil ruler of the moon who refuses to send his mooncakes to earth to save humankind, the rabbit shows how a crafty plan and hope can defeat evil for the sake of all. #13102 Dongwa's Best Friend There's a new cat in town, Won-Tom and he's impressed everybody with his cool what-me-worry attitude. Dongwa signs on as his new pal and lion dancing partner. After Won Tom takes all the credit for the successful lion dance, Dongwa realizes that he was too impressed with a shallow cool cat and finds that he was identifying himself too much through his new friend. After snubbing Sagwa and Fu-Fu for Won Tom, Dongwa has to learn to just be himself.moreless
    • Up, Up and Away / Spreading Rumors
      #13001 Up, Up and Away The explorer Sir Richard (Which we first met in #11101 - Treasure Hunters) has been digging in the nearby mountains and has found a fossil. He plans to get it back with the help of a hot-air balloon. Unfortunately, he doesn't quite know how to operate it, and they puncture it and they end up stuck on a tree. Meanwhile, Dongwa and Fu-Fu gets lost while trying to trail the balloon. Sagwa fixes the balloon and they're on the way. #13002 Spreading Rumors Cook's been singing at night, and Tai-Tai thinks that he's in love. So, the Magistrate and Reader spies on him. Meanwhile, Dongwa keeps breaking the promises he made with Sagwa to spend more time with Han-Han, peompting Sagwa to start a nasty romor about Han-Han, and it runs wild. But things finally pulls together in the end, as Sagwa sets to make things right again.moreless
    • Wedding Day Mess / A Catfish Tale
      #12901 Wedding Day Mess A wedding for Tai-Tai's niece goes awry when the sleeve dogs once again srcew things up by biting the Foolish Magistrate's leg when he was helping the groom disembark the boat he came from, making both the Magistrate and the groom fall into the water, then by ruining the banquet by causing total chaos. But the event left a happy memory in the bride and groom's mind. Meanwhile, The kittens make a present for the bride on behalf of Baba Miao, seeing that Baba Miao was the bride's favorite. But the Sleeve Dogs messes it up. So, Baba Miao makes one by himself and gives it to the bride. #12902 A Catfish Tale Yeh Yeh is having a talk with his nieces - Catfishes! Sagwa does not believe that her cousins are fishes at first, but then her uncle, a catfish, tells her the legend of how the catfish came to be, she finally understands. And she learns to respect the elders along the way.moreless
    • Ba-Do and the Lantern Festival / Fu-Fu's Full Moon Flight
      #12801 Ba-Do and the Lantern Festival Ba-Do gets lost, and gets mistaken for a commoner. After being picked on, she learns to be humble. She then meets an old lady. They have a chat. Seeing that the old lady is poor, she gives the lady her money and coat. They then watch some fireworks. #12802 Fu-Fu's Full Moon Flight Fu-Fu's chosen to lead this month's Full-Moon Flight. The resident bullies teases Fu-Fu and tells him that he has lost his "Centrifeugal Bat-Locator" (Huh? - ed). Fu-Fu goes all over the place looking for it, and meets an old wise bat. He takes Fu-Fu in and trains him. Soon, he's ready for the flight. Meanwhile, Sagwa keeps losing in "Hide and Seek". So, she sets out to look for a better place to hide, makes a wrong move, and ends up on a branch. Fu-Fu's getting ready to lead the flight, but on hearing Sagwa's call for help, tells them to go off without him and hurries to rescue her. He catches up with the flock, then learns that all he has lost was his confidence and that the old wise bat was once a victim of that very same joke. In the end, Fu-Fu takes the lead, and the two bullies gets what's coming to them.moreless
    • Sagwa the Stray / ...And Action
      #12701 Sagwa the stray. When Dongwa is put in charge, he gets bossy, causing Sagwa to run off on her own. While she's own her own, she meets a stray cat named Chung-Nee and slips out of her special collar that indicates that she's a royal cat. A girl (who seems kind of like Elmyra Duff from Tiny Toon Adventures) finds Sagwa and, thinking that she's a stray, decides to take her home. Meanwhile, Chung-Nee meets up with Dongwa, who has begun a frantic search for Sagwa. She tries to tell him that she saw Sagwa, but his bossiness gets the better of him and he ignores her, since the cat she saw was not wearing a collar. This continues until finally Sagwa's collar is found. Fu-fu is sent with Sagwa's collar to rescue her and Chung-Nee goes home with the girl after Dongwa realizes the value of her help and does a nice thing for her by writing in Chinese characters that her name is Chung-Nee and she's a cat in need of a good home. #12702 ...And Action. Two French-men come to the village on behalf of the Emperor, showing off their latest invention: moving pictures. They want to film life in the village and the Magistrate loves the idea of being filmed, but the film-makers seem more interested in the cats and their amazing writing-abilities. Dongwa senses a chance to be a star, but ends up only providing amusement when he acts silly instead of doing any actual writing. Meanwhile, Cook is camera-shy and turns down several requests to be in the film, saying that he is a very private man.moreless
    • Luck Be a Bat / Tea For Two
      #12601 Luck Be a Bat Fu-Fu is captured by Tai-Tai. And she's not planning to let him go, since Bats are supposed to be lucky. Sagwa helps him escape. Of course, this means he should never show himself in the palace again. But he shows up anyway, thinly disguised as a bird. In the meantime, Tai-Tai is now actively hunting Fu-Fu down - for a week straight. Fu-Fu has a close encounter with Tai-Tai again. But Tai-Tai proves once again that her name fits her - she fails to recognize Fu-Fu!. At the end, Tai-Tai thinks things over, and decides in the end that bats are supposed to live free. She finally finds Fu-Fu, and forgets her words, but her daughters reminds her, and she lets Fu-Fu go, and declares that bats are welcome at the palace. The end. #10602 Tea For Two The magistrate is on the lookout for new variants of tea leaves. Cook tells him about this one variant that only grows on the cliffs. So he calls in a master tea-picker. Turns out that he uses trained monkeys to get the leaves for him. The monkeys start getting all the attention, and Dongwa and the sleeve dogs are getting ticked off by that. So they sabotage the monkey's bag. Meanwhile, Sheegwa's interested in the monkeys. She spots a hole in the bags, and sends the monkeys back. She then climbs up to get the leaves herself. In the meantime, The rest of the gang's looking for Sheegwa. They eventually find her at the trees, in danger. So, they set out to find the monkeys. Dongwa admits that he's the one who sabotaged the bags, and the monkeys save Sheegwa. But they still have to leave, though. No problem - by this time next year the Foolish Magistrate would want his tea fix again.moreless
    • My Fair Kitty / The Favorite
      "My Fair Kitty"

      Dongwa's friend, Mung, has a cousin is visiting him for the day for the very first time. And she has the idea that Mung's a palace cat. And coincidently, Mung looks almost exactly like Dongwa. So, while Dongwa gets to enjoy Mung's life, Mung gets tangled up in palace works. After messing up, he runs off. Meanwhile, Tai-Tai's aunt is visiting, and Tai-Tai works extra hard to make the visit memorable. In the end, they each decide that their lives are great just the way it is.

      "The Favourite"

      Dongwa gets to go fishing with Baba Miao, while Sagwa is made to stay back to finish some scrolls that she was supposed to finish the night before. After being hurt by one of Dongwa's comments, she couldn't concentrate on her work. She runs off, and sees Baba Miao playing with Dongwa. Upset, she boards a boat and goes out to sea with some storks. In the meantime, the Foolish Magistrate is supposed to flag off a race, but because the scroll Sagwa was working on is not finished, the race can't start. Meanwhile, Sagwa's stranded on the boat, because she didn't know that they'll be out the whole day. So, they send for the tortoise to pick her up. And he's pretty grumpy (probably because they interrupted his beauty sleep and made him swim out to sea to pick up Sagwa). Sagwa gets back, and Baba Miao gives her an earfull. Because of her, the race's been postphoned and he's stuck writing her scrolls. She then tells Baba Miao how she feels after hearing Dongwa's comment. Baba Miao clears things up, and they finish the scroll together.moreless

    • Precious Gift / Lord of the Fleas
      "Precious Gift"

      Sheegwa finds a necklace the ground. And thanks to the Alley cats, she's talked into thinking that because she found the necklace, it's hers. Later, they trick her into giving the necklace to them. Meanwhile, The whole palace is loooking for a necklace. Sagwa finds out, but it's too late - she finds Sheegwa crying. Sagwa and Sheegwa comes up with a plan to get it back. And it works, to a certain extent. The necklace broke when the alleycats dropped it. But broken or not, she has to return it to Tai-Tai. But Tai-Tai wasn't angry, though. She was jus glad to get the necklace back, broken or not.

      "Lord of the Fleas"

      Tai-Tai, The Foolish Magistrate, Reader, the cats and the dogs are having a day off on an island off the coast of the village. However, soon they get separated from each other, and Tai-Tai falls into mud, the Magistrate screams like a baby and runs almost as fast as an F-1 car at the sight of a dung beetle, Reader does the same at the sight of Tai-Tai in the mud, and Sagwa, Sheegwa and the Seeve Dogs runs just as fast to escape a charging wild boar. But in the end, everyone sits down to enjoy the sunset - a perfect ending to a not-so-perfect day.moreless

    • Tough Guy Dongwa / The Competition

      "Tough Guy Dongwa"

      Dongwa is caught playing "tea party" with Ba-Do and is made fun of by the alleycats. Later, he rescues a Haiyo, an injured bird. But the alleycats thinks that anyone who befriends mice and birds are wimps (much to Han-Han's detestments), and he knows that he'll be rediculed if he's caught. Fearing being called a wimp, he tries to hide his friendship, only to hurt the feelings of the Haiyo, who runs away. Dongwa chases after him and apologizes. And when finally caught by the alleycats, he stands up for himself. Han-Han finds that Dongwa's a real Tough Guy. Just then, Ba-Do finds them and dresses them all up (heh, too bad animal rights groups doesn't exist 200 years ago ;) ). Meanwhile, Sagwa catches the hiccups, and nothing seems to work in making it go away, until she sees Dongwa, Haiyo and the alleycats in dresses.

      "The Competition"

      The Magistrate is attending a calligraphy competition and has enrolled Sagwa to compete in it. However, his rival, Magistrate Wong, is also attending the competition and has enrolled his daughter. Naturally, being rivals who pull pranks on each other since childhood, they both sabotage each other's competitors and in the end, both Sagwa and Wong's daughter are disqualified. Magistrate Wong and the Foolish Magistrate both make up in the end, and Sagwa and Wong's daughter are allowed into the contest once again. Unfortunately, they still lost - to a guy who has won 63 times straight (geez, this guy must be really chummy to the judges or something - ed). But since he's retiring, the next year would be easier. The show ends with both Magistrate Wong and the Foolish Magistrate pledging to not pull off foolish pranks and sabotage each other's works ever again.

    • Cool Fu-Fu / A New Cook in the Kitchen
      "Cool Fu-Fu"

      The "Rebel Wings", a group of gangster bats, is recruiting new members. And Fu-Fu's going to try to see if he can join them. Fu-fu makes it in. So, he has to change to a rowdy atitude and starts doing bad things, and not mix around with Sagwa anymore. But he soon realizes that being with his friends is better than being a gangster, so he quits. In the meantime, Cook and Reader both fight because they both want to look after a plum tree that was given to the Foolish Magistrate by the Emperor, but soon realize that they do a better job working together.

      "A New Cook in the Kitchen"

      The cook's little brother,'Little Cook' is coming. But just before he gets there, cook injures his arm. So little cook takes over his cooking. And everyone seemed to LOVE little cook's dishes and seem to not care about cook anymore. Cook starts feeling left out. In the meantime, Little Cook has the inferiority complex and feels that his cooking wouldn't be as good as Cook's. Reader notices this, and tells Tai-Tai. Later, Tai-Tai requests for a dish that she knows Little Cook can't possibly make. So, Cook and Little Cook teams up and the dish was spactacular! In the meantime, Both Sagwa and Dongwa fights see who's better at gathering water chestnuts. Sheegwa shows them that when their ideas, when used individually, is good, but when put together, is even better.moreless

    • Dongwa the Sailor / Invention By Mistake
      "Dongwa the Sailor"

      The Foolish Magistrate's uncle has given him a boat, and he plans to sail down to Kowloon (Hong Kong) to get some pineapple cakes. He takes Dongwa with him. Dongwa then befriends a seawise mice that's on the ship. They set sail, and make it to Kowloon. But on returning home, a storm hits. The sail snaps, and they're all in a panic. But thanks to a new friend, Dongwa manages to get the sail fixed, and they make it home. In the meantime, the Alley Cats all think that Dongwa is a scaredy cat because he refuses to jump on the roofs. But after returning from the trip, they awe at him with new respect when they hear that he bravely fixed the sail during the storm.

      "Invention By Mistake"

      It's hot. Too hot. So hot that the Foolish Magistrate starts hallucinating about going to a land where everything is made of noodles while having lunch. When Tai-Tai snaps him out of the hallucination, he is suddenly inspired to make a robe out of noodles. Tai-Tai then tells him that the idea is silly. But he's still pumped up by the hallucination. So, he wants to invent something. He remembers an inventor uncle of his, and digs out some old blueprints that the uncle of his left him. In the meantime, cook comes up with an idea to invent a noodle maker machine, but it fails. Ba-Do then comes in and tells him that the heat is killing the plants in the palace. He then remembers that his uncle had once drafted out the bluepriunt for a sprinkler system, and by coincidence, the blueprint is with him. He sets about to build it. When it's done, it's missing something. But with Cook, Sagwa and Fu-Fu's help, the sprinkler system is finally completely finished, thanks to Cook's failed noodle maker. Only problem: it's more of a shower system than a sprinkler system.moreless

    • Collar of Time / The Birds, the Bees and the Silkworms

      Collar of Time

      When Sagwa receives a collar that's an ancient family heirloom, she's disgusted with it. Her mother rattles on about how important it is and how she got it from her mother when she was young, etc., but this doesn't really impress Sagwa. The collar is stinky and she gets the idea that she has to wear it all the time. She goes out with it on and gets made fun of. So she buries the collar, but after another talk with her Mom, realizes how important and special it is. She goes back to retrieve it, but it's gone! Turns out that the sleeve dogs have taken it. Sagwa then chases after them, and thanks to Fu-Fu, gets the collar back. She then apologizes to her mom, who then tells her that she needn't wear it all the time.

      The Birds, The Bees, and The Silkworms

      After having her concentration while putting on her make-up shattered by the noise of swiftlets, a run in with silkworms on her favourite mulberry bush, and after Ba-Do getting stung by a bee, Tai-Tai orders the Foolish Magistrate to ban Silkworms, Swiftlets and bees from the province. This starts having adverse effects on their lives as the village faces a silk, birds nests and honey shortage. Tai-Tai's new robes can't be completed because of lack of silk, and dessert during dinner was horrible without honey and birds nest. So, Tai-Tai thinks it over, and orders the Foolish Magistrate to take back the rules. In the meantime, Dongwa makes a new friend, but starts avoiding him when he finds out that his new friend will be moving away soon. But soon, he learns that they should still be friends, regardless of moving or not.

    • Snagged by a Thread / Master of Mistakes
      Master of Mistakes:
      Ba Do,Lup Do and Kwan Do have decided to learn new skills.Only they stink.So they give up and run crying out of the room. Then,this Master of Mistakes' comes and teaches them by doing everything WRONG himself! (does that make sense? it will) Meanwhile, Sheegwa has given up on caligraphy,saying she will never be as good as Sagwa.But after wacthing what happens to the daughters,she changes her mind.

      Snagged by a Thread

      Sagwa, Mama Miao, Baba Miao, The Foolish Magistrate and Tai-Tai are going to visit Tai-Tai's snobbish aunt. While thare, Tai-Tai's aunt's cat shows no manners and refuses to befriend Sagwa - Until she accidentally rips a rooster pillow that that she was given. Sagwa steps in to take the blame, and she apologizes for being snobbish, and they're friends at last. However, Sagwa's punishment was that she'll not be given dinner. But Mama Miao knows better, and sneaks her some food in the end.

      Master of Mistakes

      Sheegwa wants to give up on calligraphy after failing to write properly. Meanwhile, the Foolish Magistrate's daughters are wanting to learn new skills, but keeps making mistakes. They give up. Cook suggests calling in a certain tutor, and he does everything wrong himself! The daughters pick up the abilities, and in the end, master the things they're learning. Later, it is revealed that the master made the mistakes on purpose in order to provoke the daughters and make them focus on the tasks so that they learn. This prompts Sheegwa to start taking calligraphy again. Fin.moreless

    • Panda-monium / Festival of Lanterns

      We open to a fierce storm. The next day, news have it that a brave man has saved two people from drowning the night before, and will be given an award by the Foolish Magistrate for his brave deed. For that, the kittens cannot be in the palace. So, they go exploring - until they reached a bush. They hear a loud roar. Fearing a mountain lion, they retreat to the club house. There they meet Fu-Fu, who goes check things out and discovers a bear. They let the hero idea get to their head and wants to capture the panda. So, they they try to catch it, but it escapes. They then chase it. When they finally have it cornered, it turns out that the panda is just a baby named Ling-Ling, and is lost. So, they work to get the panda reunited with it's mother. But they've accidentally chased it into the palace! So, they sneak the panda out, and then takes it back to the hills, while subliminally slipping facts on pandas to the viewers. Suddenly, a wild rabid dog appears, and they make a break for it - to the nearest tree. Luckily, the panda's mother shows up and chases the dog away. So, the grateful mother is reunited with it's baby, and the kittens and Fu-Fu are heroes. The end.

      Festival of Lanterns

      It's the lantern festival, and everybody's making a lantern for a contest that will be held that night. The Foolish Magistrate overhears that, and wishes to take part in the contest, too. So, he sets off to build a tiger lantern, seeing that it's the year of the tiger. He also gets Baba Miao to write a scroll with the poem he has wrote for Tai-Tai, and attaches it to the lantern. However, when they left, them useless sleeve dogs comes around and messes up the lantern. So, Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa tries to repair the lantern, and, umm, it doesn't look quite right when finished. But they have no time to do a better job of it, as the Foolish Magistrate is coming. The Foolish Magistrate wants to show Reader the lantern, only to find that his lantern now resembles what looks like a tiger that came from Picasso's canvas. But they have no time to make another one, and takes it to the festival anyway. At the festival, the judges kinda like the lantern because it's a fresh change from all the traditional tiger lanterns, and he wins second price. Later at night, Dongwa tries to tell Mama Miao what happened, but fell asleep. The show comes to a close with the Foolish Magistrate blowing out the lantern. The end.moreless

    • Comic Opera / Not-So-Purrfect Patient
      Comic Opera

      Baba and his buddies are performing an opera on the occasion of Mama Miao's birthday and entrust Sagwa to deliver the libretto to Sing Bad, who will perform it the next day. The route to Sing Bad's is confusing and filled with wierd obstacles (mainly because Fu-Fu gave the directions wrong while in haste). And Fu-Fu couldn't help much because the bats are moving to a cave with a better feng-shui. On the way, Sagwa accidentally wet the scroll, which causes the libretto to become illegible. Luckily, Fu-Fu overheard the libretto and manage to finish the move in time. Together they piece it back together so Sing Bad can sing the score.

      Not-So-Purrfect Patient

      Dongwa is enjoying Sagwa's attention and help after he accidentally sprained his foot. Once he realizes that he feels better, he finds it hard to tell everyone he's better because he is enjoying all the favors... being waited on... and no chores! He tricks Sagwa into doing his chores for him. Fu-Fu then drops in and tells Sagwa that a beautiful dragon boat is in town. Sagwa decides to go tell Dongwa about it, and finds out that Dongwa has been tricking her. She then comes up with a plan to get even with Dongwa. In the end, Dongwa realizes it isn't right to take advantage of people for personal gain. He is also grounded until he finish his chores. So, Fu-Fu and Sagwa helps him out with his chores and they get to see the boat in the end.moreless

    • Explorer's Club / Time For Everything
      "Explorer's Club"

      Sagwa wants to join a club that Dongwa's in, but "club rules" say that they can't take any new members. Sagwa complains and so they make her take a test to get into the club. Even after she takes the test though, they still won't let her in, claiming that she's too young. So she starts a club of her own- the Explorer's Club and suddenly it's Dongwa and friends finding themselves on the losing end of the "no new members" rule. But when things turn bad after the two rival clubs dare each other as to who can make it to the top of a mountain, they find that things turn out better when everybody works together.

      "Time For Everything"

      Dongwa's father is upset with Dongwa after he misses an important event regarding scribe-writing. His father doesn't know it, but Dongwa was out practicing Gung-Fu. As punishment, he makes Dongwa write five scribes, to Dongwa's great discontent. He doesn't want to be a scriberiter when he grows up, he wants to be a gung-fu master. Can he communicate to his Dad what's really important to him?moreless

    • Sagwa Rules / Ciao, Meow!
      Sagwa Rules

      Mama Miao's having a bad hair day and is scolding Sagwa and Sheegwa. Sagwa laments about how rules just bog people down. And when Dongwa walks in with mud on his feet, she gives him an earfull, too. Sheegwa comes up with a rather rediculous idea, and Mama Miao makes them go out to play. They were having fun, until Sheegwa breaks a rule and falls into the river. The rest all follow while trying to save Sheegwa. Later, the kittens think things over and decides that rules are probably made for a reason.

      Ciao, Meow!

      One of Marco Polo's descendants is visiting the village. And the Foolish Magistrate thinks that it's a great idea to offer one of the kittens to the visitor, but later regrets it. Tai-Tai, for some reason, decides that the kittens are important to have around and tries to come up with something that would allow them to keep the kittens. Meanwhile, the kittens comes up with a plan of their own. The next day, the visitor is to choose a kitten. So, they put the plan into action, and fails. Tai-Tai then puts her plan into action, and it works. The visitor leaves with the painting Tai-Tai made, and none of the kittens were taken.moreless

    • Sagwa, Fu-Fu and the Whistling Pigeon / Princess Sheegwa
      Sagwa, Fu-Fu and the Whistling Pigeon

      A new resident has moved in to the palace: the Foolish Magistrate's latest pet - a whistling pigeon named Ping Wing (Ping Wen). Both Fu-Fu and Sagwa wants to befriend the pigeon, but they bicker over who gets to play with her first. Meanwhile, Cook and Reader are about to start their nightly game of pai-cho (which kinda resembles dominoes). Except that Cook is too tired to play - he has started taking up Tai-Chi, and as a result, is getting up earlier in the morning and is tired out earlier. This causes Reader to bicker a bit with Cook and leaves. The next day, Sagwa, wants to play with the whistling pigeon again, when Fu-Fu drops by. The magistrate decides to let the pigeon free for a while fly. Fu-Fu teases Sagwa, and leaves with the pigeon, leaving Sagwa alone. In the meantime, Reader is giving Cook the silent treatment. Later, Fu-Fu returns, and bickers with Sagwa. The pigeon gets irritated at the bickering and gets angry at them. Sagwa and Fu-Fu leave. Dongwa then comes in and tells them what they've been doing wrong. Meanwhile, Cook think things over, and decides to go talk to Reader. They bump into each other in the corridor. Turns out that Reader has been thinking things over, too. He has decided to take up Tai-Chi as well. So, they make up and re-plans their schedule. Reader plans to wake up earlier so that he too can attend to Tai-Chi, and have their game earlier in the day. The next day, Cook and Reader are doing tai-chi. Meanwhile, Sagwa and Fu-Fu apologizes to the pigeon. But Sagwa can't fly, and Fu-Fu can't paint. They see Dongwa doing tai-chi, and gets an idea. They'll all do tai-chi! The end.

      Princess Sheegwa

      Scene opens with Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa having a race. Sagwa wins. Dongwa is jealous, but Sheegwa cheers for Sagwa. She then sees a butterfly, and heads off to the pagoda with it while Dongwa and Sagwa wasn't looking. Meanwhile, at the pagoda, The magistrate is entertaining some very important guests. Sheegwa comes into th scene and jumps onto one of the guest's hat. The foolish Magistrate takes Sheegwa off the hat of the guest when the guest pointed out at a star birthmark that none has ever noticed before. According to local legend, any female born with a birthmark in the shape of a star is princess - regardless of species. Sagwa and Dongwa catches up, only to see them bowing to Sheegwa and calling her 'princess'. They hurry back and tell Mama Miao and Baba Miao. Since then, everyone's been ignoring Sagwa. At the same time, Sagwa's getting jealous of Sheegwa, and Sheegwa's being bored to death. The next day, the magistrate decides to hold a presentation ceremony. Fu-Fu tells Sagwa that she may never see Sheegwa again, and Sagwa hurries to spend time with Sheegwa while she still can. Sagwa arrives just in time to see the Foolish Magistrate give Sheegwa a bath - and the patch drips off. Turns out that it's just dirt, coincidently in the shape of a star. The Foolish Magistrate and Tai-Tai's upset by this, but Sheegwa and Sagwa was glad. The end.moreless

    • Alley Night Opera / Cats of a Different Class
      "Alley Night Opera"

      Sagwa, Sheegwa and Dongwa are excited, as they've just heard a performer's coming to town, who does an amazing portrayal of the famous "monkey king." They rush to tell Mama and Baba Miao, but they've already heard and are having a heated argument about Baba Miao's opera singing ability. They stop, but continue the argument later that night and Sagwa, Sheegwa and Dongwa overhear. Mama Miao doesn't like Baba singing with the alley cats and Baba Miao wishes that Mama wouldn't spend so much time playing 5 Dots. Baba Miao practices his singing anyway and it wakes up everyone in the palace. Eventually, Baba and Mama go for a walk. Mama's reluctant at first, but eventually Mama agrees that she doesn't really mind Baba practicing his singing (he has a strong voice) and Baba says that he doesn't mind Mama playing 5 Dots (she plays very skillfully.) Meanwhile, the performer doesn't wish to perform the Monkey King because he doesn't have his normal helpers to perform with him. Tai-Tai suggests her worthless sleeve-dogs, but they only make a mess of things. Then Sagwa, Sheegwa and Dongwa appear and the performer knows that he's found his stars.

      "Cats of a Different Class"

      Some cats from Beijing have come to the palace. Sagwa's amazed at their beautiful pillows, nice looking slippers and silver food dishes and wants to try to meet them. Sheegwa, however, seems wholely unimpressed by the whole thing. Sagwa gets up the courage to try to talk with the cats, but they try to send her away, saying that they're in a bad mood. When she persists, they quietly admit the real reason they don't want to talk to her- they don't want their master to catch them. Turns out their life isn't so luxurious after all. The pillows aren't at all comfortable and those silver dishes are filled with rice. (If they ate shrimp, it would stink up their breath.) Sagwa cuts a deal with them-- she'll get them shrimp from the kitchen if one of them will let her wear their beautiful slippers. She brings them the shrimp and they hold up their end of the bargain. But wait! The slippers feel awful! They're much too tight and not at all comfortable. The one cat is happy to be free of the awful slippers and pretty soon the others are kicking them off too. Then they all go for a romp in the palace lake, but the Beijing cats get their paws dirty. Their master wouldn't be at all happy about that. Sagwa takes them to her parents for them to get cleaned up. Mama Miao admonishes Sagwa at first for getting them dirty, but they stop her, saying that Sagwa let them be real cats for the first time.moreless

    • Fraidy Cats / The Tortoise and the Cat
      "Fraidy Cats"

      Sagwa, Sheegwa and Dongwa are having an overnight sleepover in their clubhouse. It's stormy out though and Sheegwa gets scared of all of the noises. Meanwhile, Fu-Fu is desperately trying to get in, but he keeps getting repelled by the wind, as well as scaring Sheegwa in the process, who thinks that he's some sort of monster. Sheegwa leaves and returns to the palace to try to find Baba Miao and Mama Miao. Dongwa calls her a scaredy-cat. They're not sleeping and she finds them in the kitchen, where Yeh-Yeh is telling them a tale about a cat called the "Gui Miao" or ghost cat. The three signs of the ghost cat are that it gets windy, the shutters start to rattle and then the lantern goes out. Sheegwa finally reveals herself, but realizes that she still wants to try to do the sleepover. Yeh-Yeh leads her back to the clubhouse, along the way trying to comfort Sheegwa that there's nothing to fear. Back at the clubhouse, Fu-Fu to try to get in, scaring Sheegwa, who thinks that it's the signs of the Gui-Miao. Then, Fu-Fu knocks over the lantern on Dongwa, sending him into a tremendous panic. So it seems Dongwa's the scaredy-cat now. Fu-Fu tries to leave again, but it's too windy, so he decides to give the "sleeping at night" thing a try.

      "The Tortoise and the Cat"

      Sagwa likes to move fast and pretend to be animals that she's not, whereas the tortoise likes to sit back, move slowly and appreciate the beauty of the Palace garden. In this episode, the tortoise shows Sagwa what she's missing out on: the sweet smell of a rose bush, the amazing strength of the garden ants, the joy of throwing rocks into the pond and so much more. Sagwa then plays follow-the-leader with Shei-Hu and a couple of mousey extra friends of his, showing them the beauty of the garden as well.moreless

    • Treasure Hunters / By the Light of the Moon
      "Treasure Hunters"

      The Magistrate hires a renowned explorer, Sir Richard, to find the scrolls of an ancient poet. Most of his scrolls burned down in a fire, but it's believe that the poet had a secret hiding spot where kept the remaining scrolls. The explorer says that he expects that he can find the scrolls within several years, unless he gets lucky. Sagwa bumps into him and he invites Sagwa to come along to look for them. Sagwa, in turn, invites Shei-Hu (a mouse friend of hers) and Fu-Fu to come with her. The go with the explorer to a cave, but a cave in leaves Sagwa, Shei-Hu and Fu-Fu trapped. Sagwa wants to lead the way out, but the others want to know why she gets to be the boss. They all take turns being the leader and eventually end up falling into a hole, where they find the poetry scrolls. The thing is, now they're trapped down there. After squabbling a bit longer, they all work together, escape from the cave, and guide the explorer (along with the Magistrate, Tai-Tai and Sagwa's parents) to the location of the poetry scrolls.

      "By the Light of the Moon"

      In this episode, it seems all the parents are upset with their kids that they never seem to spend time together as a family anymore. (Although Tai-Tai seems more concerned about those useless, yippy sleeve-dogs of hers than her kids- snick snick snick.)

      It's the yearly Moon Festival, and Mama Miao relates to Sagwa, Sheegwa and Dongwa the ancient tale of how messages came to be left in moon-cakes. When Mama comments that they're not spending enough time together, Sagwa has an idea- she, Dongwa and Sheegwa will send Mama a message in a moon cake. Meanwhile, the three palace daughters are finally rounded up for their family portrait. One tries to draw a mustache on the picture of the Magistrate, but is stopped by another. Later, one of them brings up the idea of a mustache to the Magistrate and Tai-Tai says that she thinks that could be quite distinguished. At the very end, a mustache is being drawn on the picture, but the camera reveals that it's not one of the daughters doing it, but rather the Magistrate himself. He seems pleased with the idea.moreless

    • The Foolish Magistrate's Aching Tooth / Sheegwa and the Blizzard
      "The Foolish Magistrate's Aching Tooth"

      When the Foolish Magistrate gets an aching tooth, he won't let anybody get near it and the village doctor is out of town for several days. The cook says that he can prepare the Magistrate a special healing soup, but he needs a quill from a Crested Porcupine to do it. The Reader is sent for this task, but he's inept as usual and calls on Sagwa and Dongwa to help him. Dongwa, however, has told Sagwa that the Crested Porcupine is a giant monster with huge teeth. Sagwa believes this tale and runs scared when she first encounters the porcupine, but then sizes up the situation and realizes that the porcupine isn't so scary after all. She talks nicely with the porcupine, who gladly gives Sagwa one of his quills. Meanwhile, Dongwa finds two talking nicely, but he himself is still mortally afraid of the porcupine. The porcupine rares his quills and Dongwa runs away, as the porcupine has a good laugh. Back at the village, the Magistrate is tricked into drinking the special soup and is surprised to find his toothache gone. In his excitement, however, he stubs his little toe. Ugh. No beauty rest for Tai-Tai.

      "Sheegwa and the Blizzard"

      It's raining at the palace and the Magistrate orders it to stop. Nobody takes this seriously. Everybody's bored and the cats want some toys to play with. A traveling peddler appears at the palace. Tai-Tai tries to send him away, but her three girls all want toys. Tai-Tai lets them each get a toy and then pays the peddler very cheaply for them and sends him away, but not before the peddler predicts that it will snow. The cats: Sagwa, Sheegwa and Dongwa all approach the peddler and he gives them each a toy that he feels suits them. He discerns that Sagwa is curious and gives her toy bird. Dongwa, who the peddler calls fierce, is given an equally fierce dragon kite and Sheegwa, who the peddler says likes to spin around is given a spinning top. All three enjoy their toys, but Sagwa says that Sheegwa isn't spinning her top correctly. She tries to show Sheegwa the proper way, but ends up being bossy and trying to take over. Sheegwa gets upset and says that she'll run away. Sagwa and Dongwa aren't impressed, since they know all of her hiding places. Sheegwa counters this, saying that she'll go outside. The blizzard comes and Sagwa and Dongwa watch out the palace window, impressed, since this is the first time they've ever seen snow. Their parents appear, wanting to know where Sheegwa is. At first, they don't know, then Sheegwa's threat echoes in Sagwa's mind. She falls out the palace window and goes hunting for her. Meanwhile, back in the palace, Dongwa and parents are now searching for both Sagwa and Sheegwa. They find Sheegwa, who it turns out simply went to take a nap in her sleeping cubby and had no idea anybody was looking for her. Sagwa's still out looking for Sheegwa. She finds what she thinks are Sheegwa's footprints, but it turns out that they're just her own. She's been going in circles. Then, she hears everybody calling Sheegwa, or at least, that's what she thinks at first. Turns out that they're calling her and she heads back into the palace. It's a happy ending as everyone as reunited and Sheegwa experiences snow for the first time.moreless

    • Cat and Mouse / Stinky Tofu
      "Cat and Mouse"

      When Sagwa, Sheegwa and Dongwa are caught playing with their mice friends in the palace where they're not supposed to be, they make a break for it. Sagwa and Sheegwa end up in the alley, where the alley cats want to know what Sagwa's doing there. Sheegwa blabs about playing with the mice and the alley cats make fun of her, saying that cats are better than mice and telling her about how cats eat mice. Sheegwa refuses to accept it and vows to remain friends with the mice, but Sagwa lets it get to her and when the mice want to play Tag later, she refuses. She later has a talk with Fu-Fu. She tells him about what the alley cats said and Fu-Fu says that they're ignorant. Just because Sagwa and the mice are different doesn't mean they can't be friends, after all, the same is true with Fu-Fu and her. Sagwa apologizes to the mice, saying that she's sorry she wouldn't play with them earlier. She was being ignorant.

      "Stinky Tofu"

      Sagwa loves listening to Yeh-Yeh's stories. In fact, she's listening to one right now, but then the cook calls them. He wants them to try some One-Hundred Year Old tofu. Yeh-Yeh gobbles it right up, but Sagwa can't even stand the smell of it. Yeh-Yeh finishes the tofu and he wants to finish telling Sagwa his story. Sagwa runs off. Yeh-Yeh's breath stinks from the tofu, but she doesn't want to tell him and hurt his feelings. Then the magistrate orders the cook to find some more of the tofu, but it seems like an impossible task. It took him forever to find what he did find. Yeh-Yeh enlists Sagwa's help. Sagwa uses her nose to find the tofu and eventually admits to Yeh-Yeh that the reason she ran off wasn't because she doesn't like his stories, but because his breath stunk. Yeh-Yeh thanks her for telling the truth. He didn't know. Being rather old, his sense of smell isn't very strong.moreless

    • Tribal Cats / Sagwa's Swan Song
      Tribal Cats

      A travelling show from a distant land is putting on a show the village, and the daughters of the Foolish Magistrate wants to go. Unfortunately, Tai-Tai doesn't allow them to. So, they turn to their father - the Foolish Magistrate. He tricks Tai-Tai into going out for a walk, then drops by the performance site to watch the rehearsal. He than tells Tai-Tai that these performers performed for the emperor before. This changes Tai-Tai's mind completely, and they ended up going to the performance anyway. Meanwhile, Sagwa was told by Lik Lik about the performers' cats - about how they look wierd, and eat locusts. So, they go check things out. Sagwa got caught, and after a small quarrel, challenges Be Hu, one of the cats. They have a few contests, and after a comedy of errors, ended up on a log in a stream. Uh oh! Waterfall approaching! So, they manage to get off the log. But now they're lost. So, Sagwa and Be Hu work together to get back to the village - and just in time, too. Mama Miao and the rest of her family were looking for her. Be Hu, clearifies some of the stuff Lik Lik has told them. In the end, Lik Lik wants to try eating a locust. The end.

      Sagwa's Swan Song

      It's the Magistrate's and Tai-Tai's wedding anniversary. And all the other Magistrates give them... Gold fishes. The emperor gave them something different, though - a back scratcher. The Foolish Magistrate loves it. Tai-Tai doesn't seem to be thrilled with the idea of scratching her back, though. But the best present of all was from the villagers - a swan carrying a Lei of lotus and chrysentinum flower petals. Tai-Tai likes it. But the Foolish Magistrate sacres it away. Tai -Tai got distraught and doesn't want to eat because she really likes the swan. So, the Cook gives the food to Sagwa, Sheegwa and Dongwa that night, and tells then that it's their grandparent's anniversary too. Sagwa gets this grand idea about carrying out a ceremony similiar to that of the Magistrate and Tai-Tai's. Just then, Fu-Fu drops in. Sagwa makes Fu-Fu the Lei-carrying swan and makes him carry a bucket. They then proceed to set things up. Things are almost ready, when Fu-Fu loses his balance due to the weight of the bucket and falls into the pond, scaring the swan away again. The ceremony starts, but went haywire when Fu-Fu fails to turn up. Fu-Fu finally does, but with only 3 petals. Sagwa, Sheegwa and Dongwa leaves. But then Sheegwa overhears their grandparents talking. She calls Sagwa and Dongwa back. Turns out that their grandparents are talking about how those petals resemble them. Sagwa heads outside. Tai-Tai's still a little upset about losing the swan. Sagwa finds a swan feather floating in the pond and picks it up. She wants to give it to Tai-Tai. Fu-Fu thinks that it's a bad idea, as Tai-Tai might think that Sagwa has ate the swan. Actually, Tai-Tai's reconsidering her actions, and jokes on the swan might eat Sagwa first. They finally finds the swan on the roof of the corridor, and it takes flight. She finally think things over and decides that it's best to let the swan be free - after all, it might return to the palace someday. Just then, the Foolish Magistrate enters the scene with the back scratcher. He drops it, and some slapstick comedy occours. Tai-Tai picks it up, touches it a bit, tries it, and decides that she likes it after all! She then heads back into the dining hall, hoping that her food's still there because she's hungry. But the cook has already gave it to Sagwa, Sheegwa and Dongwa, who gave it to their grandparents. Uh oh, Trouble! Scene fades off as Fu-Fu decides to make a break for it first. The end.moreless

    • Fur Cut / Magistrate Loses His Post
      Fur Cut

      It's almost summer. Mama Miao is grooming Sheegwa. A minute later, she's done with Sheegwa, and Sagwa's next. But Baba Miao has sent Sagwa out to town to deliver a scroll to Reader. So, Mama Miao wants him to take Sagwa's place. Baba Miao backs off, using the excuse that he can groom himself. Meanwhile, Sagwa delivers the scroll to Reader. She heads back home, but not before stopping to watch a potter spin clay. Sagwa feels itchy, and scratches herself. Cat hair flutters up to the potter, causing him to sneeze and knock on the still soft clay, splashing some onto Sagwa. Sagwa continues home. In the palace, the cook sees Sagwa in a mess and removes the clay - by cutting off the affected fur (just like you would when bubble gum gets into your hair). Sagwa goes out, and Dongwa and Sheegwa asks Sagwa why she looked like that. Feeling ashamed, Sagwa spins a story about being kidnapped by bats and meeting a (Chinese) dragon. Just then, Fu-Fu drops by. When Dongwa tells Fu-Fu that Sagwa was kidnapped by bats, and that those bats rediculed Fu-Fu, Fu-Fu gets mad and calls on his clique, swearing to bring those kidnappers to justice. Sagwa decides that this has gone on long enough, and admits that none of these ever happened. Just then, Mama Miao and Baba Miao walks in and says that they've overheard the cook telling Tai-Tai that he las to cut off some of Sagwa's fur because it was messy. She then asks Sagwa what happened. Sagwa then tells them the truth - in an exciting manner. The end.

      Magistrate Loses His Post

      The magistrate was sitting at his desk when Reader rushes in. He tells the Magistrate that an important wind that a representitive from Beijing is coming. So, they eagerly await the representitive. When the representitive arrive, he has no time, and so he hurriedly hands over the scroll and leaves. The magistrate reads it. He didn't do a good job and must leave. Bummer. We cut to the kitchen. Cook and Reader really liked the magistrate's company, and wishes that they can do something about it. So, they plan a surprise party. The Cook would love to prepare fish, but they couldn't afford it. Sagwa overhears, and runs off to get them a fish. Meanwhile, Tai-Tai's tells her woe to the sleeve dogs, who decides to go walk around. Sagwa bumps into them, and relays her idea to them. Meanwhile, Reader keeps the Magistrate busy. Back at the pond, the sleeve dogs decide compete with Sagwa. At first, things aren't working out. Then, they decide to team up. Success! They caught a big fish! So, the cook prepares. Later, they lead the Foolish Magistrate and his family into the Dining Hall. As they begin the meal, the representative returns. Turns out that he had given the Foolish Magistrate the wrong scroll. He hands the magistrate the correct scroll. Turns out that the emperor is pleased with the Foolish Magistrate's performance that he's been allowed to keep his post for another year. So, with everything back to normal, the Foolish Magistrate and his family are happy again. The end.moreless

    • Harvest Festival Race / The Foolish Magistrate's New Robes
      "Harvest Festival Race"

      It's the day before the Harvest Festival. The magistrate goes into town to announce the event. Scene cuts to Sagwa, Dongwa and the alley-cats racing. Sagwa beats Dongwa and the alley cats. He tells Sagwa that the trick to winning the race is to have good balance. Later, back in the palace, Sagwa sees Dongwa standing on a rock on one back leg. He tells Sagwa that he's been doing so for 3 hours. Sagwa tries doing so. Dongwa then tells Sagwa to stand as long as possible. He then goes in for lunch with the family while leaving poor Sagwa outside. Scene changes to the inside of the palace. The family was having lunch sans Sagwa. Nai-nai tells Dongwa that the secret to winning is to exercise and sleep well. Just then, Sagwa walks in, soaking wet. Nai-nai askes Sagwa what she was doing. Sagwa explains that she fell into the pond, then tells Nai-nai what Dongwa told her. Dongwa gets a warning. Later that night, Dongwa tries to disturb Sagwa's sleep, but fails. Cut to next morning. We see that his plans had backfire, and he's the one who didn't get enough sleep because he stayed awake all night trying to disturb Sagwa. We cut to the festival. The magistrate and the reader were trying very hard to have fun. The scene cuts to the cats. Nai-nai was breifing them on the rules. The race then starts. Dongwa, being exhausted, falls, and gets left behind. Out of frustration, he breaks the first rule - do not use shortcuts. He manages to catch up, then pushes Sagwa so that he can overtake her. He wins. Naturally, Sagwa and the alleycats are now giving him the silent treatment. Scene cuts to the reader. It seems that he's not having any fun at all. But the Magistrate encourages the reader - telling him that the important thing is to have fun. We cut back to the cats. Dongwa now has the remorse syndrome, and apologizes to Sagwa. He also gives prize to Sagwa. Scene cuts back to the Reader and the Magistrate, taking part in a 3-legged race. They run into a barrow of crops. The magistrate gives a speech that stresses again that the most important thing is to have fun. Tai-tai comes and gives him a dirty look. They dig in to the harvests. The end.

      "The Foolish Magistrate's New Robes"

      A slightly modified variant of the classic story "The Emperor's New Clothes". The magistrate was having a meal of noodles when the reader comes in and tell the magistrate that there are two tailors outside who claims that they can make fine clothes out of magic thread. The emperor dismisses it. But Tai-tai overhears it, and being the fashion victim that she is (and being like her namesake: Tai-tai means something along the lines of "stupid" in Hokkien, a Chinese dialect - yes, I'm Chinese :P ), convinces the magistrate to let them in. He argues with her, but when he accidentally drops some of the noodles on his current robes, he knows he's at the losing end. So, he half-heartedly agrees. The tailors are led in. They spin their story, and the palace residents buys it. The tailors are given a room with the required tools. When the coast is clear, we hear the conmen leak out their evil schemes for the first time. Sagwa was passing by, but she does not understand them. Scene changes back to the magistrate. He wonders how the robes are going on, and under the pressure of Tai-tai, sends the reader to check things out. Naturally, he sees nothing. But, to uphold his dignity, he pretends that he does see it. The cook is next to go have a look. Like the reader, he sees nothing, but he has to uphold his dignity. So, like the reader, he too pretends that he can see it. All this pretend stuff that they were spinning causes Tai-tai to wants to see it too. No surprise on what comes next: she can't see it because like her name suggests, she's stupid. No, actually, she can't see it because there isn't anthing there. But like the rest, she too has to uphold her dignity. So, she pretends that she too can see it. All this time Sagwa was "visiting" these conmen with them, and all this time she can't see anything, either. So, she has a talk with her parents. They decide to check things out, and unearths the truth. Finally, the day has come to unveil the "robe" to the magistrate. The magistrate is convinced that he's stupid because he can't see anything. But, like the others, he plays along. He "changes" into it, and emerges wearing only an undergown. The public cheers for him, fearing that they'll be deemed stupid. Still worried, the Magistrate calls upon Sagwa to paint a portrait of him in his "new robes", reasoning to himself that at least he'll be able to see how it looks like with it painted by someone who can at least see it (The magistrate may be foolish, but he certainly is not stupid - ed). Sagwa is now in a bind: if she paints what she sees, she might get into trouble. But if she doesn't, she'll just be lying. Her mom tells her to do what she feels right. So, she does the right thing: paint what she sees. Tai-tai thinks that Sagwa's stupid, but as the others began to confess that they actually saw nothing, she too confesses. The magistrate figures out the truth, and fines the conmen, in addition to making them work (this time, on normal thread, and under heavy supervision). The magistrate then thanks Sagwa. The end.moreless

    • Cat Burglar / Sagwa's Good Deed
      Cat Burglar

      Scene opens to a burglar going into a woman's house and steals her jewels. The woman, then realising that the jewels are missing, goes outside and cries for help. The reader wakes up, then wakes up the magistrate to tell him that the burglar has stolen out of a house. We cut to Sagwa, Dongwa, and Sheegwa. They are talking to their parents about what it means that the burglar is sneaky as a cat. Later, the gem from the magistrate's ancestors turns up missing and the magistrate decides that the burglar should be hunted down. The cats decide to help. So they start planning on how they can stop the burglar. With Fu-Fu's help, they managed to stop the burglar from stealing stuff and getting away from the magistrate's palace.

      Sagwa's Good Deed

      When Sagwa breaks a promise while playing with a friend, Mamma Miao gets upset with her, Sagwa wants to tell her that she was trying to help a friend, but she doesn't. After that, Fu-Fu can't find his glasses and Sagwa tells him and her brother about what happened, her brother convinces her to do it. Later their friend comes and thanks Sagwa for the meal and helps look for Fu-Fu's glasses and finds them. Later before the episode ends, it shows Sagwa telling her mother that she was sorry she was late. Her mother talks about how she knew that it happened. She also explains to Sagwa about making a promise.moreless

    • Tung, the Singing Cricket / Sagwa's Lucky Bat
      Tung, the Singing Cricket.

      The Foolish Magistrate has a pet singing cricket. His name is Tung, and boy, his singing sounds really bad. His singing causes Sagwa to lose out on a bet, the cook to slip and spill a bowl of noodles, and Tai-Tai to smear make-up all over her face as well as make the Magistrate's daughters lose their balance and fall. The Foolish Magistrate really liked him, though - he says the cricket's singing sounds like the voice of a hundred angels (when in fact, it sounds like a drunk hollering out at a karaoke pub - ed). Tai-Tai's had enough of this, and wants it to shut up. But when she covers it with a cloth in hoping that the darkness will silence the cricket and fails, she plots to put a stop to this singing once and for all. The next thing we know, the magistrate's upset because he found that Tung has died. They have a funeral by the pondside, and the cats are there with him. Sagwa wonders why they're doing this. Sagwa's mom, however, thinks that funerals are a little too much for the kittens to handle and scoots them off. Sagwa heads towards a corner of the pond, and a cricket hops onto her head. It's Tung! Waitaminute! If Tung's here, who's that in the cage? Is this Tung's ghost? Nope, it's Tung, alright. Tung explains to Sagwa how Tai-Tai moved him into a smaller bamboo case and made a sanitation engineer release him at a field far away. But he managed to sneak back on to the cart and followed the sanitation engineer back to town. Tai-Tai must have replaced Tung with a dead cricket that she must've found in the palace gardens. Just then, they notice Tai-Tai coming. Tung hides, and they hear Tai-Tai wondering aloud if she did the right thing. Heh, Tai-Tai's feeling remorseful. So, Sagwa and Tung forges a plan to drive Tai-Tai nuts. They secretly follow Tai-Tai around and Tung would sing a bit to make Tai-Tai think that she's going crazy. It works, and Tai-Tai goes around the garden looking for Tung. Failing to do so, she returns, just in time to see the foolish magistrate feeling cranky. Tai-Tai really regrets it now, so Tung comes out of hiding. Tai-Tai doesn't think that this is Tung, though. But she "captures" it anyway, hoping that it would cheer the foolish magistrate up. The magistrate likes it. Not knowing it's Tung either, he says that it has the voice of 500 angels when in fact it's singing is just as bad as before. The end.

      Sagwa's Lucky Bat

      It's dawn. We see a bats flying from the mountains. Among them is Fu-Fu - late as ever. We suddenly hear Sagwa calling for help. Uh oh! Sagwa's in trouble. Fu-Fu heads into one of the attics in the palace, and finds Sagwa hanging upside down on her tail. She's losing her grip, though. So, Fu-Fu carries her to safety. Sagwa says that she found the place just that morning, and thinks that it'll make a great clubhouse. Sagwa then recalls how she first met Fu-Fu.

      One day, Fu-Fu was flying back to his cave one day when he heard Sagwa calling for help. She's stuck in a ash pot. So, Fu-Fu grabs her by her tail and leads her to safety. They introduce themselves to each other. Just then, Mama Miao calls for Sagwa. But she's dirty all over. Mama Miao wouldn't like that. So, Fu-Fu takes her by her collar and drops her into a pond. She doesn't like getting wet, but she's clean now. So, he takes her back into the palace. She then goes in and have breakfast. Dongwa thinks that Sagwa has an imaginary friend, though. But Sheegwa thinks that it's good that Sagwa has a new friend.

      Cut back to the present. Fu-Fu's so touched by the story that he's crying, but he blames it on an allergy. Anyway, it's time he'd be returning to his cave, so he heads off. Just then, Sagwa moves around the attic some more, and ends up hanging from her tail again. She calls for help again. We cut to Fu-Fu, whom on hearing Sagwa calling for helps, turns around and heads back for the attic. The end.moreless

    • Royal Cats / Acrobat Cats
      Royal Cats

      Uncle Miao comes to town in hope of finding the roots of the Miao family. Dongwa, hoowever, announces that he hates history. Later, Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa ventures off to the mountainside. Sheegwa wonders off into a cave, and falls into a chamber. She calls for help. Sagwa and Dongwa follows her cries, and falls off into the chamber as well. The see a lot of strange statues. At first, they thought that they're trapped in there, but then they then find a way out. They then lead Uncle Miao to the chamber. Inside, Uncle Miao fails to find evidence of the roots of the Miao family at first, but Dongwa points him in the way of a statue and he finds what he's looking for. Dongwa then takes back what he said about him disliking history. The end.

      Acrobat Cats

      The scene opens with Dongwa, Sagwa and Sheegwa walking around town, when they happen upon a street performance. There were cats performing acrobat acts. Later, while making a kite with Sheegwa, Sheegwa starts doing summersaults, and Sagwa feels inferior and heads outside to play with the kite alone. Dongwa comes around and tease Sagwa, so they have a run around the garden. However, Sagwa knocks an urn down, and Dongwa teases her again. She feels bad, dispite her parents and grandparents telling her that she has her own talents. She then meets Fu-Fu, and asks him to teach her to fly. Fu-Fu's reluctant at first, but gives in ant teaches her anyway. But the lesson ends in disaster and Sagwa destroys some of the painting her parents were working on by accident. She makes new ones, and realizes that her her special abilities in art and calligraphy. The next day, Sagwa apologizes to her parents when she was questioned about it, and then shows them that with a little practice,any one can become acrobats. The end.moreless

    • The New Year's Clean-Up / Firefly Nights
      The New Year's Clean Up

      Chinese New Year is nearing. The foolish magistrate orders for a palace clean up, and they spot some rat footprints. The magistrate, however, is somewhat terrified of rats, and goes all out to exterminate it. Sagwa finds the rat, and tries to chase it out. The rat cons Sagwa into a deal. Everything's fine at first, but when the magistrate's favourite special dumplings were damaged by the rat, Sagwa feels remorseful, and finally chases the rat off. She then has a talk with Baba Miao, and they head back to the dining hall. The end.

      Firefly Nights

      Sagwa and Sheegwa were playing outside when a painting flutters down from the sky. They look at the painting, and wonders what it's about. Just then, Mama Miao calls them in. Later, we hear Baba Miao saying that he's going out to watch the fireflies. Dongwa wants to come along, but he's not allowed to because he's too young. He say's he's not. So, Baba Miao decides to test Dongwa. First, he wakes Dongwa up very early in the morning. Then, later, Sagwa and Sheegwa makes a mess, but he's made to clean up after them. Lastly, Baba Miao wants to take Dongwa night fishing. So they head off. Only that they're not going to the pier. Baba Miao tricked him! They're going to watch the fireflies! So, they enjoy the show, which ends with the fireflies forming a Ying-Yang symbol. Later, Dongwa tells Baba Miao that he thinks that he's not ready to be an adult yet. Baba Miao agrees, but tells him to remember the fireflies. The end.moreless

    • How Sagwa Got Her Colors

      "How Sagwa Got Her Colors"

      It's a pretty normal day for the cats at the palace. Dongwa is going on about how he'd rather practice tai-chi than write scrolls. Meanwhile, Sagwa has managed to get herself up in a high place. Mama-Miao asks her what she was doing climbing up there and reminds her of what happened the last time she climbed up some place high. Sheegwa wants to know about this, as she is too young to remember it. Dongwa says to forget it Actually, his real problem is that he doesn't want to hear this story again, a story that Sheegwa has never heard. Mama-Miao goes ahead and explains. The scene goes back to the time when this happened, about a year before. Dongwa, being Dongwa, is questioning why they have to write down all these rules for the magistrate. Mama and Baba-Miao are shocked. It's an honor to write down these rules and they're lucky to live the way they do. They eat well, unlike the stray cats who have to fend for themselves. They have a good life. Meanwhile, Tai-tai, the Foolish Magistrate's wife, is complaining about how little they have collecting in fines from the villagers. The Foolish Magistrate has already imposed all sorts of awful rules on them, such as no dancing. This isn't enough for Tai-tai though. If only they could collect more fines, then they could afford exquisite clothing for their three daughters (or rather, for Tai-Tai herself - ed). The magistrate doesn't know what else to ban though. He's banned just about everything possible. Tai-tai has an idea: how about banning singing? The magistrate seems to like this, after all, singing disturbs the peace and makes it hard to concentrate. So he comes up with the rule: There shall be no singing from dusk until dawn. He thinks about it for a moment. Is it strict enough? No, it isn't. He changes it, now the rule is "There shall be no singing from night until morning and morning until night." In other words, no singing whatsoever. He calls in Mama and Baba-Miao to write down this rule for him. They do so, but as they head off they talk about how it's the most horrible rule yet. But then they realize that they just got after Dongwa for questioning the rules. Who are they to question them? They're just cats. Meanwhile, Tai-tai is up to more of her selfish schemes. Her new idea is to make the rule retroactive --- she's drawing up a list of everyone who's already broken the rule that day! For example, the Cook is being fined just because he was singing to the cats when feeding them. Later on, the magistrate isn't at his desk. Sagwa's climbed up onto a cupboard and is looking down at the scroll. She tries to jump down, but ends up falling, into the inkwell used to write the scroll. She ends up accidentally knocking the inkwell over. This has one immediate effect, the spilled ink has blotted out the word "not" in the scroll. It now reads "There shall be singing from night until morning and morning until night." Sagwa likes this. But there's another problem, the ink is all over her face and her paws. Also, she's left identifying pawprints on the scroll. She tries to go off somewhere to hide, but runs into her bat-friend Fu-fu. His vision may be bad, but he notices the ink all over her. She wants him to help her, by taking her to the pond to wash the ink off. But that won't help, as it's permanent ink. Meanwhile, Dongwa has come upon her. He wants to go and tell on her. Sagwa manages to convince him that it's vitally important that he not say anything, although he says that she owes him one. The magistrate, not looking at the scroll with the rule, orders the Reader to go and read it to the public. He reads it, somewhat surprised, as he wasn't aware the magistrate had a change of heart. The public is very pleased to hear the rule and they immediately carrying it out, continually singing in Chinese a song very similar to the main title theme of the Sagwa show (Actually, the song is the main title theme, slightly slowed down and modified to go "You and I are best friends" instead of "Sagwa and I are best Friends" - ed) . At first the magistrate is indignant. How dare they disobey his order? He asks the reader what is going on and ends up seeing what happened to his rule. At first he's still mad, but then he continues to hear the singing of the villagers. He realizes that they're singing his praises. Hre thinks it's beautiful. His people have never appreciated him before. He decides to let the singing continue. Later on, he comes upon Sagwa. Seeing the ink all over her, he realizes that she's the one who messed up the rule. He orders Baba and Mama-Miao into his office. But it's not for anything bad. Instead, he has two new rules. The first rule is to rescind all of the previous stupid rules that he's put into effect. The second rule is that in honor of Sagwa, all Chinese (Siamese) cats shall from now on have brown patches on their faces, tails and paws. That's the end of the story and that explains why Sagwa and his family look as they do today. All thanks to Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat. Mama-Miao concludes that Sagwa learned a lesson that day and so did the magistrate. Sagwa and Dongwa have fallen asleep, they've heard the story so many times. Finally, Sheegwa falls asleep herself.