Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat

Season 1 Episode 7

Fur Cut / Magistrate Loses His Post

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Sep 11, 2001 on PBS
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Fur Cut / Magistrate Loses His Post
Fur Cut

It's almost summer. Mama Miao is grooming Sheegwa. A minute later, she's done with Sheegwa, and Sagwa's next. But Baba Miao has sent Sagwa out to town to deliver a scroll to Reader. So, Mama Miao wants him to take Sagwa's place. Baba Miao backs off, using the excuse that he can groom himself. Meanwhile, Sagwa delivers the scroll to Reader. She heads back home, but not before stopping to watch a potter spin clay. Sagwa feels itchy, and scratches herself. Cat hair flutters up to the potter, causing him to sneeze and knock on the still soft clay, splashing some onto Sagwa. Sagwa continues home. In the palace, the cook sees Sagwa in a mess and removes the clay - by cutting off the affected fur (just like you would when bubble gum gets into your hair). Sagwa goes out, and Dongwa and Sheegwa asks Sagwa why she looked like that. Feeling ashamed, Sagwa spins a story about being kidnapped by bats and meeting a (Chinese) dragon. Just then, Fu-Fu drops by. When Dongwa tells Fu-Fu that Sagwa was kidnapped by bats, and that those bats rediculed Fu-Fu, Fu-Fu gets mad and calls on his clique, swearing to bring those kidnappers to justice. Sagwa decides that this has gone on long enough, and admits that none of these ever happened. Just then, Mama Miao and Baba Miao walks in and says that they've overheard the cook telling Tai-Tai that he las to cut off some of Sagwa's fur because it was messy. She then asks Sagwa what happened. Sagwa then tells them the truth - in an exciting manner. The end.

Magistrate Loses His Post

The magistrate was sitting at his desk when Reader rushes in. He tells the Magistrate that an important wind that a representitive from Beijing is coming. So, they eagerly await the representitive. When the representitive arrive, he has no time, and so he hurriedly hands over the scroll and leaves. The magistrate reads it. He didn't do a good job and must leave. Bummer. We cut to the kitchen. Cook and Reader really liked the magistrate's company, and wishes that they can do something about it. So, they plan a surprise party. The Cook would love to prepare fish, but they couldn't afford it. Sagwa overhears, and runs off to get them a fish. Meanwhile, Tai-Tai's tells her woe to the sleeve dogs, who decides to go walk around. Sagwa bumps into them, and relays her idea to them. Meanwhile, Reader keeps the Magistrate busy. Back at the pond, the sleeve dogs decide compete with Sagwa. At first, things aren't working out. Then, they decide to team up. Success! They caught a big fish! So, the cook prepares. Later, they lead the Foolish Magistrate and his family into the Dining Hall. As they begin the meal, the representative returns. Turns out that he had given the Foolish Magistrate the wrong scroll. He hands the magistrate the correct scroll. Turns out that the emperor is pleased with the Foolish Magistrate's performance that he's been allowed to keep his post for another year. So, with everything back to normal, the Foolish Magistrate and his family are happy again. The end.moreless

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