Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat

Season 1 Episode 14

Sagwa, Fu-Fu and the Whistling Pigeon / Princess Sheegwa

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Sep 20, 2001 on PBS
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Sagwa, Fu-Fu and the Whistling Pigeon / Princess Sheegwa
Sagwa, Fu-Fu and the Whistling Pigeon

A new resident has moved in to the palace: the Foolish Magistrate's latest pet - a whistling pigeon named Ping Wing (Ping Wen). Both Fu-Fu and Sagwa wants to befriend the pigeon, but they bicker over who gets to play with her first. Meanwhile, Cook and Reader are about to start their nightly game of pai-cho (which kinda resembles dominoes). Except that Cook is too tired to play - he has started taking up Tai-Chi, and as a result, is getting up earlier in the morning and is tired out earlier. This causes Reader to bicker a bit with Cook and leaves. The next day, Sagwa, wants to play with the whistling pigeon again, when Fu-Fu drops by. The magistrate decides to let the pigeon free for a while fly. Fu-Fu teases Sagwa, and leaves with the pigeon, leaving Sagwa alone. In the meantime, Reader is giving Cook the silent treatment. Later, Fu-Fu returns, and bickers with Sagwa. The pigeon gets irritated at the bickering and gets angry at them. Sagwa and Fu-Fu leave. Dongwa then comes in and tells them what they've been doing wrong. Meanwhile, Cook think things over, and decides to go talk to Reader. They bump into each other in the corridor. Turns out that Reader has been thinking things over, too. He has decided to take up Tai-Chi as well. So, they make up and re-plans their schedule. Reader plans to wake up earlier so that he too can attend to Tai-Chi, and have their game earlier in the day. The next day, Cook and Reader are doing tai-chi. Meanwhile, Sagwa and Fu-Fu apologizes to the pigeon. But Sagwa can't fly, and Fu-Fu can't paint. They see Dongwa doing tai-chi, and gets an idea. They'll all do tai-chi! The end.

Princess Sheegwa

Scene opens with Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa having a race. Sagwa wins. Dongwa is jealous, but Sheegwa cheers for Sagwa. She then sees a butterfly, and heads off to the pagoda with it while Dongwa and Sagwa wasn't looking. Meanwhile, at the pagoda, The magistrate is entertaining some very important guests. Sheegwa comes into th scene and jumps onto one of the guest's hat. The foolish Magistrate takes Sheegwa off the hat of the guest when the guest pointed out at a star birthmark that none has ever noticed before. According to local legend, any female born with a birthmark in the shape of a star is princess - regardless of species. Sagwa and Dongwa catches up, only to see them bowing to Sheegwa and calling her 'princess'. They hurry back and tell Mama Miao and Baba Miao. Since then, everyone's been ignoring Sagwa. At the same time, Sagwa's getting jealous of Sheegwa, and Sheegwa's being bored to death. The next day, the magistrate decides to hold a presentation ceremony. Fu-Fu tells Sagwa that she may never see Sheegwa again, and Sagwa hurries to spend time with Sheegwa while she still can. Sagwa arrives just in time to see the Foolish Magistrate give Sheegwa a bath - and the patch drips off. Turns out that it's just dirt, coincidently in the shape of a star. The Foolish Magistrate and Tai-Tai's upset by this, but Sheegwa and Sagwa was glad. The end.moreless

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