Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat

Season 1 Episode 37

Shei-Hu's Secret / Homesick Jun

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Sep 28, 2002 on PBS
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Shei-Hu's Secret / Homesick Jun
#13701 "Shei-Hu's Secret" The story starts one night, at the palace. Sagwa couldn't sleep, so she went downstairs, and sees Shei-Hu leaving the palace. The next day, The Magistrate has declared that there will be no more clutters, and so the palace undergoes a clean up as it's residents starts throwing out their old belongings. Meanwhile, Sagwa interrogates Shei-Hu. Shei-Hu was reluctant to tell at first, but eventually gives in. Meanwhile, Dongwa finds an old bag in the boxes of junk. Sheegwa wants to try it on, but Dongwa refuses to let her have a go. We cut to Sagwa and Shei-Hu. Shei-Hu shows Sagwa where he was heading for every night: A little mouse village in an old abandoned house. Sagwa peeks at the village through a hole in the wall, but her weight causes the old wall to collapse, and Sagwa falls into the village. Panic breaks out among the mice, but they eventually calm down when they learn that Sagwa is a friend of Shei-Hu. Shei-Hu then made Sagwa promise that she will keep silent about the village. Later, back at the palace, Sagwa was playing with Sheegwa when she accidentally almost blurts out the secret. She tries to hide it, but guilt and excitement eventually got the better of her and she blurts it out to Sheegwa, and makes her promise to keep it secret. Dongwa then enters the scene, and asks what's going on. Sheegwa doesn't want to tell, but Dongwa makes her an offer she can't refuse - She could have his new bag for a week in exchange for the information. Sheegwa lets Dongwa in on the secret. Dongwa then promises to keep it silent. Later, while playing with the Alley-cats, Dongwa nealy let the secret loose again, but was quick to stop it from coming out. The alley-cats try to press him for more information, but Dongwa is good at keeping secrets. So, they decide to secretly follow him. That night, Shei-Hu and Sagwa goes to the village again, but unbeknownst to them, Dongwa and Sheegwa are trailing them. And trailing Dongwa are the alleycats. Shei-Hu notices Dongwa and Sheegwa, and gets mad at Sagwa for telling them. Sagwa, Sheegwa and Dongwa heads home. Unfortunately, the alleycats has followed them into the secret village, and they fight to get a peek at it. Unfortunately for them, they leaned against the wall, and that causes it to collapse. The trouble didn't stop there. Trying to be friendly, they accidentally destroy the village by not watching where they're going. The next morning, Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa drops by the now-ruined secret village. They're terribly sorry for what they did, and allows the mice to live in the attic of the palace until the village can be rebuilt, and they volunteer to pitch in and help with the rebuilding. A few days later, the village is almost good as new. However, the next day, the Cook is going to clear out the attic! And so, Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa forms a covert operation to secretly get the mice out of there. Things didn't go too well, however, and they eventually hit a dead end. Luckily, the alleycats noticed that and came to their rescue. The mice are then led back to their rebuilt village. This time, Sagwa puts up a sign that says "No cats allowed" in Chinese. And the story comes to an end with Shei-Hu waving to them at the entry to the village. #13702 "Homesick Jun" The story starts with Jun in the village market, remarking how she likes living with the foolish Magistrate and the other palace residents,because they're really nice to her. Suddenly, a fortune teller lady calls on her. Jun was then told that she would get homesick in the near future. Meanwhile, the Magistrate's daughters are planning a party for Jun, on the occasion that it's her first month with them. The daughters brings the idea to the Magistrate, and he likes it. So, They set about getting ready for the anniversary. However, they've decided to make it a surprise, so they start avoiding her like she's a plague. Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa were given the task of writing a congratulatory note for her. Unfortunately, Sheegwa was messing things up. Things weren't going too smoothly with the Magistrates and the other palace residents, either. The cook wants to prepare Jun her favourite meal. Problem is, none of them know what it is. Also, The musicians came too early. So, like all the other stuff for the festival, they were stuffed into Reader's quarters. And the Magistrate's daughers tried to trick Jun into revealing her favourite food, but the plan backfired and it made Jun feel more left out than before. And things weren't going too well for the cats, either. The paper they're going to write the note on has blown into a tree thanks to Sheegwa. Sheegwa tries to get it down, only to have the paper land in the palace pond, ruined. We cut to Jun. She decides to go out to see the fortune teller for more information. Meanwhile, the Reader and the Cook was walking home with more supplies for the party. However, on encountering Jun, they make a break for it... right into the fortune teller's hut! Fortunately (or rather, unfortunately), the fortune teller lady wasn't in. So, The cook hides under the table, and the Reader grabs the fortune teller lady's cloak and puts it on! Jun enters. The Reader was then given no choice but to play along. He manages to extract Jun's favourite food, but in the process was giving her the more of the wrong impression. She heads back to the palace, unaware of the things going on, and that the Reader was disguising himself as the fortune teller lady. Over the days, they continue avoiding her, making her feel more left out and reinforcing the wrong impression. The Magistrate and the residents of the palace go as far as hiding in the barn to plan the party. Meanwhile, Sheegwa is still making a mess of things. This time, she accidentally spills a jar of glue on her fur! As for Jun, she decides to leave for her hometown. She packs. Sheegwa then sneaks into her bag. Meanwhile, the party is ready, and the Reader is sent to bring Jun out. However, he doesn't find her, but instead a note saying that she's heading back to her hometown. He heads back out to the courtyard, only to get a loud surprise. He quickly explains to the crowd what has happened, and hey quickly head for the dock. Meanwhile, Jun has already boarded the junk (a kind of boat, not a pile of rubbish - RAMChYLD). Sheegwa realizes what's going on and decides to try to get the attention of Jun, in hopes of changing Jun's mind. She does. And at the sight of Sheegwa, Jun changes her mind and decides to stay after all. They disembark the junk. Meanwhile, everyone have arrived at the dock, and was horrified to find that the junk has departed. However, much to their relief, Jun wasn't on the boat, and the party proceeds on. The story closes with a beautiful shot of Jun with the Magistrate and his family, as well as the cats.moreless

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