Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat

Season 1 Episode 10

The Foolish Magistrate's Aching Tooth / Sheegwa and the Blizzard

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Sep 14, 2001 on PBS
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The Foolish Magistrate's Aching Tooth / Sheegwa and the Blizzard
"The Foolish Magistrate's Aching Tooth"

When the Foolish Magistrate gets an aching tooth, he won't let anybody get near it and the village doctor is out of town for several days. The cook says that he can prepare the Magistrate a special healing soup, but he needs a quill from a Crested Porcupine to do it. The Reader is sent for this task, but he's inept as usual and calls on Sagwa and Dongwa to help him. Dongwa, however, has told Sagwa that the Crested Porcupine is a giant monster with huge teeth. Sagwa believes this tale and runs scared when she first encounters the porcupine, but then sizes up the situation and realizes that the porcupine isn't so scary after all. She talks nicely with the porcupine, who gladly gives Sagwa one of his quills. Meanwhile, Dongwa finds two talking nicely, but he himself is still mortally afraid of the porcupine. The porcupine rares his quills and Dongwa runs away, as the porcupine has a good laugh. Back at the village, the Magistrate is tricked into drinking the special soup and is surprised to find his toothache gone. In his excitement, however, he stubs his little toe. Ugh. No beauty rest for Tai-Tai.

"Sheegwa and the Blizzard"

It's raining at the palace and the Magistrate orders it to stop. Nobody takes this seriously. Everybody's bored and the cats want some toys to play with. A traveling peddler appears at the palace. Tai-Tai tries to send him away, but her three girls all want toys. Tai-Tai lets them each get a toy and then pays the peddler very cheaply for them and sends him away, but not before the peddler predicts that it will snow. The cats: Sagwa, Sheegwa and Dongwa all approach the peddler and he gives them each a toy that he feels suits them. He discerns that Sagwa is curious and gives her toy bird. Dongwa, who the peddler calls fierce, is given an equally fierce dragon kite and Sheegwa, who the peddler says likes to spin around is given a spinning top. All three enjoy their toys, but Sagwa says that Sheegwa isn't spinning her top correctly. She tries to show Sheegwa the proper way, but ends up being bossy and trying to take over. Sheegwa gets upset and says that she'll run away. Sagwa and Dongwa aren't impressed, since they know all of her hiding places. Sheegwa counters this, saying that she'll go outside. The blizzard comes and Sagwa and Dongwa watch out the palace window, impressed, since this is the first time they've ever seen snow. Their parents appear, wanting to know where Sheegwa is. At first, they don't know, then Sheegwa's threat echoes in Sagwa's mind. She falls out the palace window and goes hunting for her. Meanwhile, back in the palace, Dongwa and parents are now searching for both Sagwa and Sheegwa. They find Sheegwa, who it turns out simply went to take a nap in her sleeping cubby and had no idea anybody was looking for her. Sagwa's still out looking for Sheegwa. She finds what she thinks are Sheegwa's footprints, but it turns out that they're just her own. She's been going in circles. Then, she hears everybody calling Sheegwa, or at least, that's what she thinks at first. Turns out that they're calling her and she heads back into the palace. It's a happy ending as everyone as reunited and Sheegwa experiences snow for the first time.moreless

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