Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat

Season 1 Episode 38

The Return of the Rat / Great Balls of Fire

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Sep 28, 2002 on PBS
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The Return of the Rat / Great Balls of Fire
#13801 The Return of the Rat The scene opens with Ba-Do working on a clay spinner. She seemed to be making something flat. She then takes the thing off the machine and puts it out to dry. Meanwhile, we switch scene to the alley-cats. They're teasing the rat from "New Year's Clean-Up". The rat then made his way back to palace, and sees Ba-Do taking the clay thingy inside, playfully saying it's a cookie. Naturally, Rat wants a bite out of the cookie. Meanwhile, Nai-Nai's organizing some fun for the kits - a treasure hunt! She has hidden animal sculptures of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. They go hunt for it, with Sagwa and Fu-fu in one team, and Dongwa and Sheegwa in another. Meanwhile, Rat's now in the Magistrate's office, which is where the "cookie" is also at. However, he fails to steal it, and so he leaves for the courtyard. Meanwhile, Dongwa has forgotten that Sheegwa is in his team, and is now playing for himself. Rat notices this, and use this situation to an advantage. He tricks Sheegwa into stealing the "cookie" for him. And so, she does. And she tries to warn him that it's clay. He takes a bite, and gets a toothache. Meanwhile, Sagwa notices Rat, and come over to join the arguement. She makes Rat put the cookie back. Just then, the judge comes into the room with both the Magistrate and Ba-Do. the judge praises Ba-Do for making such a magnificent sculpture, and the bitemarks are fascianting. The story comes to a close wirh Sagwa and Sheegwa chasing Rat. #13802 Great balls of fire. Scene opens with the kittens having lunch. Uncle Miao is dropping by to take them on an expedition - to dig for a piece of meteorite. Sheegwa wants to come, too. But she's too little. So, she can't. Soon, they set off. While on their journey, Sagwa daydreams finding the meteor. And Dongwa daydreams predicting the meteor shower. Meanwhile, back at the palace, Sheegwa's pretty much down in the dumps. Scene changes back to Sagwa and Dongwa. Sagwa is given the duty of running messages between the workers, and Dongwa is made to translate the scrolls from Traditional to Simplified Chinese. Scene changes back to Sheegwa. She's still down. so, we go back to Sagwa and Dongwa. It's nighttime. And they're bored. So, they have another outlandish fantasy. Next, day, back at the site, the people had finally found the meteorite. And back at the palace, Sheegwa's finlly starting to like being alone. And at the digging site, Dongwa and Sagwa's job are finally done. That night, Sheegwa is allowed to stay up late to watch the meteor shower. We cut to the digging site where Dongwa and Sagwa are enjoying the shower, and then back to the pagoda in the palace grounds, where Sheegwa and the rest are also enjoying the shower.moreless

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