Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat

Season 1 Episode 8

Tribal Cats / Sagwa's Swan Song

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Sep 12, 2001 on PBS
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Tribal Cats / Sagwa's Swan Song
Tribal Cats

A travelling show from a distant land is putting on a show the village, and the daughters of the Foolish Magistrate wants to go. Unfortunately, Tai-Tai doesn't allow them to. So, they turn to their father - the Foolish Magistrate. He tricks Tai-Tai into going out for a walk, then drops by the performance site to watch the rehearsal. He than tells Tai-Tai that these performers performed for the emperor before. This changes Tai-Tai's mind completely, and they ended up going to the performance anyway. Meanwhile, Sagwa was told by Lik Lik about the performers' cats - about how they look wierd, and eat locusts. So, they go check things out. Sagwa got caught, and after a small quarrel, challenges Be Hu, one of the cats. They have a few contests, and after a comedy of errors, ended up on a log in a stream. Uh oh! Waterfall approaching! So, they manage to get off the log. But now they're lost. So, Sagwa and Be Hu work together to get back to the village - and just in time, too. Mama Miao and the rest of her family were looking for her. Be Hu, clearifies some of the stuff Lik Lik has told them. In the end, Lik Lik wants to try eating a locust. The end.

Sagwa's Swan Song

It's the Magistrate's and Tai-Tai's wedding anniversary. And all the other Magistrates give them... Gold fishes. The emperor gave them something different, though - a back scratcher. The Foolish Magistrate loves it. Tai-Tai doesn't seem to be thrilled with the idea of scratching her back, though. But the best present of all was from the villagers - a swan carrying a Lei of lotus and chrysentinum flower petals. Tai-Tai likes it. But the Foolish Magistrate sacres it away. Tai -Tai got distraught and doesn't want to eat because she really likes the swan. So, the Cook gives the food to Sagwa, Sheegwa and Dongwa that night, and tells then that it's their grandparent's anniversary too. Sagwa gets this grand idea about carrying out a ceremony similiar to that of the Magistrate and Tai-Tai's. Just then, Fu-Fu drops in. Sagwa makes Fu-Fu the Lei-carrying swan and makes him carry a bucket. They then proceed to set things up. Things are almost ready, when Fu-Fu loses his balance due to the weight of the bucket and falls into the pond, scaring the swan away again. The ceremony starts, but went haywire when Fu-Fu fails to turn up. Fu-Fu finally does, but with only 3 petals. Sagwa, Sheegwa and Dongwa leaves. But then Sheegwa overhears their grandparents talking. She calls Sagwa and Dongwa back. Turns out that their grandparents are talking about how those petals resemble them. Sagwa heads outside. Tai-Tai's still a little upset about losing the swan. Sagwa finds a swan feather floating in the pond and picks it up. She wants to give it to Tai-Tai. Fu-Fu thinks that it's a bad idea, as Tai-Tai might think that Sagwa has ate the swan. Actually, Tai-Tai's reconsidering her actions, and jokes on the swan might eat Sagwa first. They finally finds the swan on the roof of the corridor, and it takes flight. She finally think things over and decides that it's best to let the swan be free - after all, it might return to the palace someday. Just then, the Foolish Magistrate enters the scene with the back scratcher. He drops it, and some slapstick comedy occours. Tai-Tai picks it up, touches it a bit, tries it, and decides that she likes it after all! She then heads back into the dining hall, hoping that her food's still there because she's hungry. But the cook has already gave it to Sagwa, Sheegwa and Dongwa, who gave it to their grandparents. Uh oh, Trouble! Scene fades off as Fu-Fu decides to make a break for it first. The end.moreless

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