Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat

Season 1 Episode 4

Tung, the Singing Cricket / Sagwa's Lucky Bat

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Sep 06, 2001 on PBS
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Tung, the Singing Cricket / Sagwa's Lucky Bat
Tung, the Singing Cricket.

The Foolish Magistrate has a pet singing cricket. His name is Tung, and boy, his singing sounds really bad. His singing causes Sagwa to lose out on a bet, the cook to slip and spill a bowl of noodles, and Tai-Tai to smear make-up all over her face as well as make the Magistrate's daughters lose their balance and fall. The Foolish Magistrate really liked him, though - he says the cricket's singing sounds like the voice of a hundred angels (when in fact, it sounds like a drunk hollering out at a karaoke pub - ed). Tai-Tai's had enough of this, and wants it to shut up. But when she covers it with a cloth in hoping that the darkness will silence the cricket and fails, she plots to put a stop to this singing once and for all. The next thing we know, the magistrate's upset because he found that Tung has died. They have a funeral by the pondside, and the cats are there with him. Sagwa wonders why they're doing this. Sagwa's mom, however, thinks that funerals are a little too much for the kittens to handle and scoots them off. Sagwa heads towards a corner of the pond, and a cricket hops onto her head. It's Tung! Waitaminute! If Tung's here, who's that in the cage? Is this Tung's ghost? Nope, it's Tung, alright. Tung explains to Sagwa how Tai-Tai moved him into a smaller bamboo case and made a sanitation engineer release him at a field far away. But he managed to sneak back on to the cart and followed the sanitation engineer back to town. Tai-Tai must have replaced Tung with a dead cricket that she must've found in the palace gardens. Just then, they notice Tai-Tai coming. Tung hides, and they hear Tai-Tai wondering aloud if she did the right thing. Heh, Tai-Tai's feeling remorseful. So, Sagwa and Tung forges a plan to drive Tai-Tai nuts. They secretly follow Tai-Tai around and Tung would sing a bit to make Tai-Tai think that she's going crazy. It works, and Tai-Tai goes around the garden looking for Tung. Failing to do so, she returns, just in time to see the foolish magistrate feeling cranky. Tai-Tai really regrets it now, so Tung comes out of hiding. Tai-Tai doesn't think that this is Tung, though. But she "captures" it anyway, hoping that it would cheer the foolish magistrate up. The magistrate likes it. Not knowing it's Tung either, he says that it has the voice of 500 angels when in fact it's singing is just as bad as before. The end.

Sagwa's Lucky Bat

It's dawn. We see a bats flying from the mountains. Among them is Fu-Fu - late as ever. We suddenly hear Sagwa calling for help. Uh oh! Sagwa's in trouble. Fu-Fu heads into one of the attics in the palace, and finds Sagwa hanging upside down on her tail. She's losing her grip, though. So, Fu-Fu carries her to safety. Sagwa says that she found the place just that morning, and thinks that it'll make a great clubhouse. Sagwa then recalls how she first met Fu-Fu.

One day, Fu-Fu was flying back to his cave one day when he heard Sagwa calling for help. She's stuck in a ash pot. So, Fu-Fu grabs her by her tail and leads her to safety. They introduce themselves to each other. Just then, Mama Miao calls for Sagwa. But she's dirty all over. Mama Miao wouldn't like that. So, Fu-Fu takes her by her collar and drops her into a pond. She doesn't like getting wet, but she's clean now. So, he takes her back into the palace. She then goes in and have breakfast. Dongwa thinks that Sagwa has an imaginary friend, though. But Sheegwa thinks that it's good that Sagwa has a new friend.

Cut back to the present. Fu-Fu's so touched by the story that he's crying, but he blames it on an allergy. Anyway, it's time he'd be returning to his cave, so he heads off. Just then, Sagwa moves around the attic some more, and ends up hanging from her tail again. She calls for help again. We cut to Fu-Fu, whom on hearing Sagwa calling for helps, turns around and heads back for the attic. The end.moreless

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