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Saikano takes place in a small town in Hokkaido Japan. Within the town are two high school seniors, Chise and Shuji who just began dating. Though in the midst of all this Japan is at war with a country not mentioned. One night, Chise is transformed into "ultimate weapon" for their side. While war is around both Chise and Shuji, Chise is unsure herself of her new power, and Shuji is unsure about how he can love a girl who is losing her humanity. Together the newly formed couple must be able to preserve their love and overcome the obstacles that approach them.

Genre: Drama / Romance / Sci-fi / Action. It isn't a happy story, but don't let that turn you away from a powerful story about love during war.

Songs: Opening Theme: "Koisuru Kimochi" by Yuria Yato

Ending Theme: "Sayonara" by Yuria Yato


Manga: M for Mature Anime: OT for Older Teen Contains intense graphic violence, disturbing themes, sexuality, and language.