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  • Season 1
    • And So, the Two of Us Fell in Love
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    • Love Song
      Love Song
      Episode 12
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    • Our Time Together
      Our Time Together
      Episode 11
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    • And Then...
      And Then...
      Episode 10
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    • Akemi
      Episode 9
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    • Everyone Changes
      Everyone Changes
      Episode 8
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    • The Ones I Want to Protect
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    • Classmate
      Episode 6
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    • Liar
      Episode 5
      The episode picks up where the last left off, a gun pointed at Chise's head. At the last moment she decides taht she wants to live, and Tetsu comforts her. She tells us that she wants to live in the name of love, for Shuji. In Class, Shuji is trying to figure out how he can tell Chise what he did. He is interrputed when Chise stands up and says that there's an earthquake approaching. Shuji goes and sounds the evacuation alarm, and takes Chise out of the classroom, and into an empty part, knowing that she is likely to transform. She does, and blows a large hole in the school in the process. Once she returns to normal, she starts explaining to Shuji how something probably "broke", and Shuji gets mad. The military come for Chise, and she agrees to go with them. Later, Shuji has a talk with Atsushi. He tells Shuji that he has plans to wnlist in the army to protect someone he loves. Akemi. HOwever, she loves someone else. That night, Chise and Shuji were supposed to meet at Obseervation Hill, and Chise is already running late. Then, she receives another page for an emergency, but doesnt wanna go. The militray cuts her off and they tell her that Shuji isnt there. Theyre right. She finds out that she can see what Shuji is doing, and hear his heartbeat, and learns what he is doing with Ms. Fuyumi. The next morning, she awakens in SHuji's arms.moreless
    • Fuyumi Sempai
      Fuyumi Sempai
      Episode 4
      Chise and Shuji go on a date to see the seals at the aquarium, just that they can't pay for entry because they both left their wallets, they still have a good time. After-wards, the military calls her for a mission and she leaves. While Shuji goes to Fuyumi-senpai's house to retrieve his wallet, he ends up sleeping with her to ease her loneliness. Though he breaks away when she starts kissing him because deep down he knows it'll hurt Chise. The next day at school, Akemi gives Shuji a photo of herself and Chise because he keeps staring at her empty seat in class. At a military camp while asking for water, the other soldiers start asking about Chise and her missions. She starts to tell them, but the soldiers are rebuked by Lieutenant Tetsu calling them "Idiot". Chise reveals that she likes it because Shuji says that to her and it makes her feel human. Another enemy attack begins, and Chise leaves. After the mission, Chise feels depressed and asks Tetsu to kill her. Tetsu then raises his gun.....moreless
    • Together
      Episode 3
      Chise and Shuji talk for a bit. Later they decide to leave town together. Before Chise gets to the train station, she is called by the military for an important mission. Later, Shuji has doubts about their relationship, one part is because he still dreams of Fuyumi (ex-lover who had an intimate relationship with.) Chise gets called for a mission and Shuji tells her to go to a deserted house so passerbys won't see. There's a big explosion and Fuyumi being in the area gets knocked off her bike. Shuji helps dress her wounds while Fuyumi starts seducing him due to her loneliness....then...moreless
    • I'm Growing...
      I'm Growing...
      Episode 2
      Chise makes a bento lunch for Shuji, but has to leave for a mission. He reads the diary later with her worries about her body growing thinking that this is her punishment. She also thanks him for going out with her. Later he finds her in the corner of the room crying. She tells him that her body is growing and she's worried. Shuji suggests running away. They get on his motorcycle with a military aircraft tracking them down. She tells him to "Go and never look back". They get to the observatory where they start something passionate, when he discovers the scars on her chest. Only then does he realizes the severe situation she's in.moreless
    • We Are Falling in Love
      At the beginning, Chise struggles up "Hell's Hill" while Shuji waits impatiently. Then she gives him an exchange diary in which they record their feelings on their relationship. Shuji thinks of it as a big bother. Later, he takes her to the observatory planning on breaking up with her, when she cries out that Akemi dared her to ask him out. The end up continuing on their relationship. After Shuji sees bruises on Chise's knees, he goes shopping with his friends in Sapporo after Chise cancels a date. When an air raid begins, they go to the surface to see the action. Take is killed holding a forgive me pendant for his girlfriend, Yukari. He sees a bright pink light shooting from enemy plane to enemy plane and destroying them. He runs towards it seeing Chise with a wing emerging from her back and a gun for an arm. She tells him she's sorry, and begins to cry.moreless