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  • Basically its about a guy and a girl who fall in love, but the girl is some government secret weapon and the world is going to end, she ends up keeping her home town at peace while the world is being torn apart.

    I'm sorry, this is a pitiful excuse for anime, it should not have been released to human eyes. The problem with this is that the characters don't hardly grow on you at all, they whine way too much and they aren't very smart when it comes to being socially aware. Chise's character was a good idea gone wrong, everything about her is sad besides the fact she's an awesome killing machine. The story goes too slow for the amount of episodes it has, everything seems to drag. The plot is boring and every time I try to like the show it fails miserably because I can't stand anything that goes on.
  • One of the sweetest, saddest shows I've ever seen.

    Chise was just your typical 17 year old girl. She went to highschool, had friends, and loved her family just like you and me. She was shy and clumsy, and always apologized, even if she didn't need to. I guess that's part of the reason why Shuji fell in love with her so easily. When the two of them first started going out, things were really awkward. Shuji was Chise's first love, and she wanted everything to be perfect. But just as their love began to blossom, so did the huge war. Chise was forced to be turned into the ultimate weapon to protect the people, even though she wanted to be with Shuji. With the war going on though, she had to save their towns and all of the civilians. Even after Shuji found out the truth, that his true love had been turned into a killing machine, he didn't leave her side. He stayed with her until the very end, he just couldn't stay away. Their love was too strong and powerful and nothing could keep the two apart. Saikano is simply amazing. This show made me cry so much, it was almost too much to bear. I love everything about it: the animation, the plot twists, the romance, the characters, it's all so beautiful! The plot of this show is so unique and amazing, I still can't belive it ended how it did, I never even saw it coming. You'll laugh, you'll sob, you'll feel different after finishing this series. Love really does conquer all, this show proved that. Definately give this show a chance, because if you don't you'll regret it for sure. After seeing it, I want to be stronger just like Chise, and I want to help people too. Saikano opened my eyes to many, many things. I'm sure it will do the same to you. =)
  • Not like other end of the world anime.

    First off I tend to not like short 12 to 13 episode anime. They tend to be bad anime with bad stories and un-interesting characters. So I was pleasantly surprised with Saikano.

    Saikano is a end off the world anime. Very much different than Evangelion and Rahxephon. Unlike those end off the world who have a broad story and confusing endings Saikano is strait to the point. It doesn't have a broad story with giant mecha, and unknown beings. It concentrates on characters and story. When it comes down to it, it's a tragic love story with meaning. I think it has meaning today. War resolves nothing, and only the leaders are the winners, if we don't stop then endless fighting we'll bring a end to our world.

    Saikano is truly great anime that doesn't get enough love a tragic love story that will make you cry almost throughout the entire series. It's also a anime with meaning that everyone needs to see.
  • Although I do not cry during sad movies or shows this one made me cry huge puddles . This is a great movie.

    Chise and Shuji are both seniors at a high school in Japan .
    They just had started becoming a couple a war came upon their land . During a bomb attack during school, Shuji found his friend dead under a piece of concrete . He finds Chise as part machine but he was just imagining things . Chise was really part machine to fight on their side . Chise had become the Angel of death and destruction ! As their relationship had become stronger unfortunate mishaps happened . Chise had become unstoppable . In the end Chise ends up destroying the planet . She kept Shuji alive . This is a very sad series .
  • A really depressing anime. A must watch nevertheless!

    The story of Saikano revolves around a girl who's turned into a weapon. She's equipped with awesome powers, such as missiles, laser guns, and the ability to fly! With this much firepower, you can expect a quality show!.........but that wasn't the reason why it was so good. Chise is a cute and clumsy girl who's going out with a man named Shuuji. Chise and Shuuji, along with their handful of friends, lived a very normal and daily life...until Japan engaged in war with what appears to be America (one of the soldiers spoke English, and not in the way of true British Englishman). When Shuuji and his friends were out shopping, they were being bombed by the enemy. It was a disastrous loss, as one of the friends was killed in the process. Though in the sky, a pink flare starts shooting down the enemy planes. But, Shuuji can't help but feel he's familiar with that pink flare. That flare was none other than Chise.

    There are no specifics about the war, for that doesn't really matter. Why did Japan declare war on this certain country? Who cares! Adding in details would just feel like filler. The story focuses mainly on the love between Chise and Shuuji and their many hardships that follow. As their love grew, the challenge of maintaining this relationship also flourished. Chise started growing the mind of a weapon, steadily loosing her humanity. Shuuji is left with another girl to take care of that she loved before, but what should he do; continue loving a weapon, or love another girl who's feeling the same pain as you? Saikano dives into many aspects of love and the paths they take. What should you do if someone close to you was killed by the enemy? Get revenge and kill another? Or what should you do when someone you love, loves another?

    The war itself mixes up quite a few tragic stories that don't directly relate to love. The soldiers are always talking among each other of what might happen to them. Will they die? Even if they don't, they will die eventually, and what use will that be? Many of the soldiers have loved ones waiting for them back at home, but how hard is it to tell them they probably won't be coming back? You can easily see why Saikano is so depressing.

    What surprised me the most about this show is that it came from GONZO, famous for their top notch animation. Compared to its other works, such as Last EXILE, Saikano is nothing. Chise, despite being a high school senior, looks more like a freshman or sophomore. Shuuji, also despite being a high school senior, looks like a businessman bearing broad shoulders. Some of the action scenes, such as the city bombing, look quite exaggerated and ametuerish. But the audio and music is quite memorable. The song that Shuuji sings when he's happy is stuck in my head. Saikano is full of misery and loss, so if you're in a happy mood, I suggest not watching it until then.
  • One of the best and saddest anime i saw.

    This anime is not for people who dont like sad anime, its a really sad story.
    At the beggining of the first episode this seem to be a clasic romantic/comedy, but dont be fooled, this is one of the darkest anime there is and in my opinion is the saddest.
    But it has a great plot and its mainly focused on the lives of normal people. A boy who joins the army to preotect his girlfriend, a girl that lost her boybriend on an atack, a woman that waits for her husband to return.
    This anime shows the effect war has on people.
    At the end this is one of the best animes you can find and its definetly worth to see it.