Sailor Moon

Season 1 Episode 1

A Moon Star is Born

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Sep 11, 1995 on Cartoon Network
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A Moon Star is Born

A clumsy girl named Serena Tsukino encounters a talking cat named Luna who says that Serena is the Soldier of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon. Serena must now fight evil as Queen Beryl and the evil Negaverse have begun their attacks on Earth.

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  • This episode, A Moon Star Is Born, is an amazing start to a great series. In this episode we are introduced to Serena, a teenage girl who learns that she is Sailor Moon, defender of Earth from the Negaverse. She learns this from Luna, a talking cat.moreless

    This was an amazing episode and a great way to start off the series. It demonstrated great animation, especially when we see Serena transform into Sailor Moon for the first time and fight the Negaverse. Great animation is also shown when the Negaverse tries to take over Earth for the first time. We really do get to see how great this series will be and this episode shows how relatable the characters are! We also are introduced to the main characters such as Tuxedo Mask and Serena and Lune, the lovable cat who helps Serena realize she is really Sailor Moon!moreless
  • Serena Tsukino becomes Sailor Moon

    This is the first episode in one of the best anime series to ever hit television! Serena Tsukino is a crybaby, and sort of bratty, teenager. Her grades suck big time, and she has no boyfriend. On her way to school, she sees a bunch of boys picking on a black cat. Serena takes pitty on it, and saves it. And there's some weird moon shape on the cat's forehead!!! After she fails a big Algebra test, her friend Molly takes her shopping to cheer her up. They swing by Molly's mom's jewelry store, where everything is 99% off! I'd like to go shopping there! ;) After a bit, Serena decides to go home and face her mother. On her way home, she bumps into some hunky older student who calls her meatball head! XD When Serena arrives home, Mrs. Tsukino is outraged and locks Serena out of the house and refuses to let her back in until she studies at the library. So she does, and when she arrives home, Serena collapses on her bed. The weird cat from before sneaks into her window, and starts to talk to her! She tells Serena that she is actually Sailor Moon, and it's her destiny to protect the world. Back at the jewelry shop, Molly's mom is actually some crazy demon thing, and Serena, erm, Sailor Moon, has to go save Molly. Just as SM is about to be beaten, the devilishly handsome Tuxedo Mask comes to her rescue!!! Who is this strange man? Find out next time on Sailor Moon!moreless
  • luna finds serena and tells her she's a sailor scout and she fights for love and justice

    this is one of my favorite episode because it started everything. Serena was realy shocked when luna to her that she was sailor moon a soider of love and justice .but later on she gets use to it the song is realy good Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon Theme Lyrics

    Sailor Moon ThemeFighting evil by moonlight

    Winning love by daylight

    Never running from a real fight

    She is the one named Sailor Moon

    She will...never turn her back on a friend

    She is... always there to defend

    She is...the one on whom we can depend

    She is the one named Sailor.....

    .... Sailor Venus

    .... Sailor Mercury

    .... Sailor Mars

    ..... Sailor Jupiter

    With secret powers

    All so new to her

    She is the one named Sailor Moon

    Fighting evil by moonlight

    Winning love by daylight

    With her Sailor Scouts to help fight

    She is the one named Sailor Moon

    She is the one named Sailor Moon

    She is the one . . . Sailor Moomoreless
  • serena is sailor moon shock!

    i grew up watching this and to find out that alot more people liked it is exciting i never went a day without watching it i loved it soo much i havent got the best memory but on of the episodes i do remember is this one the classic opening episode when she realises that she is sailor moon,love her reaction lol i also realised how lame it can be as well what she says before she fights the evil women is funny and when she says "moon tiara magic" funny funny funny love sailor moon and always will!!!moreless
Barbara Radecki

Barbara Radecki

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Roland Parliament

Roland Parliament


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Barbara Radecki

Barbara Radecki

Ikuko Tsukino

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Tony Daniels


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