Sailor Moon

Season 1 Episode 7

An Uncharmed Life

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Sep 19, 1995 on Cartoon Network
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An Uncharmed Life
Jedite disguises himself as a temple worker named Jed in order to sell good luck charms that steal energy. Everyone who buys one of these charms then disappears on a bus near the Cherry Hill Temple. Serena, Amy, and Luna investigate and run into the temple's maiden, Raye. Raye says that she and her grandpa have nothing to do with the buses. Luna then senses something special about Raye. Raye later finds out that Jed is behind the buses, but falls into his trap. Serena confronts the monster bus driver, and along with Luna winds up in another dimension with Raye.moreless

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  • Sailor Mars joins the team

    So Serena, Amy, Molly, and that other girl decide to go to the Temple on Cherry Hill (what a stupid name!). When they get there, there's some psycho old man who dances and laughs and stuff. His granddaughter, Raye, comes out and tells him to settle down, then Raye shouts that there's evil forces nearby. She's right, 'cause the Negaverse is trying to take over the world again. Jedite happens to be the temple's new caretaker. Raye doesn't much care for him. Anyway, Raye does some freaking sweet flips and moves and accidently knocks Serena out :P Later, Raye reveals that she's psychic, and Luna gets some weird vibrations about her. Oh yeah, and there's a bunch of vanishing buses, too. The driver of the bus is a Negaverse goon. And the buses can FLY! So then Serena does back to the temple and finds out from Raye that Jedite has been selling the charms to people which drain their energy. And then Raye finds a pretty stick on the ground, which is similar to Amy's only Raye's is red. So that means she is Sailor Mars!!! Meanwhile, Serena is being a big baby, and Luna has to drag her onto the bus that keeps vanishing. She finally gets on, and everyone is asleep! Back at the temple Raye confronts Jedite, and he attacks her and sends her into another demension with the buses. Then Serena becomes Sailor Moon and saves her. Then Raye becomes Sailor Mars. She kills the Negaverse goon with fire, which is way cooler than Amy's stupid bubbles. And Tuzedo Mask shows up with some really cheesy lines, and takes them back home. And then he dissapers and Serena starts crying AGAIN because he didn't say goodbye. Good Lord, after watching this episode, I need Asprin!moreless
  • Who is the Temple girl. And why are people going missing?

    Ray a temple look er after er, kind of, has the power of fire. She can sense danger and is the only scout who can use her powers out side of scout form. She works at cherry Tree Temple with her grandpa and there hirded help Jedite in the disguise of Jed. Serena never acctually see's Jed i this episode otherwise she may have reconised him, but problerly not. As with most episodes Serena cries and Amy has to lead the way with Luna instructing all the way. Unfortunally for Beral and her lot a new scout has arrived. Mars!moreless
  • serena crys

    gosh! is crying the only thing serena is good for?!?!? cuz thats what it seems like! shes cool one episode and wants to help people and then in the next one shes a compelete whimp! can some one please explain this to me!?!? any way there is a new sailor scout, sailor mercury(raye) i like her alot she seems really powerful(fire is a powerful element) and i liked how she didnt act all nice to serena at the end, hopfully she will continue to put serena in her place. texudo mask us in this one, and he was lame. but i put this rateing so high cuz of raye, amy was cool too, but she had a small part in this one.moreless
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