Sailor Moon

Season 1 Episode 5

Computer School Blues

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Sep 15, 1995 on Cartoon Network
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Computer School Blues
Jedite's newest scheme involves targeting students who study hard by having them join a cram school and giving them a special disk that steals their energy. A new girl in school, Amy, has joined this school, and due to her intelligence and the fact that she has one of the special disks, Luna suspects that Amy might be a member of the Negaverse. Serena's disguises herself as a teacher and together with Luna, they head to the school to investigate. However, they may be in for a big surprise.moreless

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  • older sailor moon!

    I loved the older sailor moon episodes from the 1990s! I like most of the sailor scouts. Just not Raye or rei. She seems a little hateful to just Serena! But, over all I did enjoy the episodes!
  • Amy makes her debut

    Out of the Sailor Scouts, despite being my favorite color, Amy is probably my least favorite. Not counting Amara. I dislike her as well. I don't know, there's something about her that bugs me. I don't like Raye either, but that's just because she's super bossy. Eh, whatever, I'll just review the episode. There's a new girl at Serena's school, and she's super smart. Serena and Molly think she'll be a snot, but Melvin can't wait to meet her. On he way home, Serena accidently bumps in to Amy, the new girl, when Luna jumps her. They talk for a while, then go play games at the arcade. Luna tells Serena to be careful, because Amy could be from the Negaverse. After playing some games, Amy goes to some computer cram school, but accidently leaves behind some disc. Luna and Serena view it on a computer screen, and it's some message from the Negaverse. Only Amy didn't know. Her teacher is actually the evil one. So Serena transforms into Sailor Moon, and zips over to Amy's school. The Negaverse goon is trying to brainwash Amy, but it won't work for some reason. Instead, she ends up with some weird mark on her forehead, and Luna recognizes it as the symol of Sailor Mercury. So then the cat does some wicked awesome jumps and hands Amy the pen to become Sailor Mercury, whic she does awfully fast, not like Serena who takes all freaking day!!! And then Amy kills the Negaverse goon... with bubbles...moreless
  • A new super girl. both in brains and powers.

    a new girl called Amy joins the school from a really brainy school. She is really smart and serena soon befriends her hopeing that amy can help her with her school work. serena takes amy to the vedio arcade and amy beats the recode by getting over 100,000 points on a sailor v game. Then she realises shes late for her class and runs of and forgets her disk. luna and serena check out the disk and find that it drains power and energy from people who use it. serena transforms into a teacher and busts into the classroom. They then discover that amy is in fact sailor mercury and with some team work sailor moon and her new friend defet the evil negaverse.moreless
  • we get a new sailor scout

    yay! a new person besides serena! cool! and amy seems really cool i like her vocie. i have the same trouble with home work like serena so i know where she is comeing from. seems darrien doesnt know shes sailor moon cuz he thinks she is a 'strange girl' i still like him! and tuxedo mask didnt save her im glad! amy didnt really act all suprised that she had powers and she knew who sailor moon was, since when did people start reckonzing her? luna takes orders from some one higher than herself i wonder who.moreless
  • Luna thinks Amy is an spy for the Negiverse.

    As the negiverse continue to make their move.Serena and Luna must find the minions of the Negiverse and stopped them from draining energy from other people.Luna begin to think that Amy is one of the Negiverse minion.But as they get the disk to find information.When they found one of the Negiverse attacking Amy.Than Luna learns that Amy is Sailor Mercury.So with Sailor Mercury help they were able to defeat one of the negiverse.

    Yeah another good show.moreless

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