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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Sailor Moon SuperS - The Movie: Black Dream Hole
      The wicked Badiyanu has come to capture all the children to gain enough power to absorb the earth into her Black Dream Hole. The Black Dream Hole is located in the center of Badiyanu's castle and absorbs all the dream energy from the children. The more children Badiyanu kidnaps, the larger the dream hole gets. Once it reaches a certain size it will be large enough to swallow the planet sentencing all the people to eternal sleep in evil dream boxes! When Badiyanu finds out Mini Moon has an enormous power that will greatly assist her in her quest, she kidnaps Mini Moon along with the other children. Will Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts reach Mini Moon and the children in time? Or will Badiyanu prevail in drawing the earth into the eternal Dream Vortex?moreless
    • The Sweetest Dream
      The Sweetest Dream
      Episode 39
      Queen Nehelenia has apparently defeated and all of the circus tents have been destroyed. However, Sailor Moon discovers that she is alive, and has taken Sailor Mini Moon captive! She dashes up the remains of Nehelenia's palace, but will she make it in time to save Rini?
    • Golden Revival
      Golden Revival
      Episode 38
      Queen Nehelenia has placed Rini in an eternal sleep in exchange for activating the golden crystal. The Sailor Scouts bravely battle the Queen, but nothing is working. Can they find a way to beat her and save the world?
    • One in the Hand
      One in the Hand
      Episode 37
      Time is running out for saving the Earth, Rini, Helios and Darien. Nehelenia has reunited Helios' Pegasus spirit with his body and has threatened to kill Rini if he does not obey her. The Scouts are frantically trying save Rini, but are stopped by Zirconia who has cloned himself in an effort to confuse them. Will they be able to defeat him and save Rini?moreless
    • The Dark Legend
      The Dark Legend
      Episode 36
      Rini has been captured and sent to Queen Nehelenia, who reveals her whole history to Rini. The Sailor Scouts search the tent for Rini, but Zirconia traps them in a mirror maze. Meanwhile, the Amazon Quartet tries to capture Pegasus' head so they can have his power (and ride him).
    • Show Time Showdown
      Show Time Showdown
      Episode 35
      In the wake of Pegasus's revelation to the scouts, they discover that Darien is sick and hurry back to him, and realize his link to the Earth as Prince Endymion means they must return to the tent and save Earth. When they get ready to leave they find every Remless in the circus on their doorstep. They destroy all the remless and reach the big top, with little ease, but what does the Dark Moon Circus have planed for them?moreless
    • Day of Night
      Day of Night
      Episode 34
      Queen Nehelenia is fed up with waiting and begins to put her final plan into action. She begins casting spider webs onto the Earth, slowly casting it into darkness. This eventually begins to affect Darien. The Sailor Scouts realize that the webs and the evil energy is coming from the circus tent, and they go to stop it. However, outside of the tent they run into the Amazon Quartet and must fight them.moreless
    • Tomorrow's Big Dreams
      The girls volunteer for a "coming of age" event. It's for when you turn twenty, and are finally recognized as an adult. While helping out, the Amazon Quartet, in human form come (because there will be hundreds of people to steal dream mirrors from) and decorate the stage. When they decide to make their move, an all out battle ensues between the Quartet and Sailor Scouts.moreless
    • Rini's Lovely Rhapsody
      When Serena tells the girls and Darien about Rini's late night gab session, they all assume that she has a boyfriend. Desperate for details, one by one they all try to find out who he is. Meanwhile, Queen Nehelenia is becoming impatient with waiting. JunJun goes out on a mission and her target is a guy that the girls think is her love interest.moreless
    • Pegasus Revealed
      Pegasus Revealed
      Episode 31
      Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon arrive at the park in order to stop ParaPara as she tries to look at the dreams of many kids. The two begin to bicker about how Serena would like to be younger and Rini would like to be older. ParaPara uses her magic to do just that. Because she is older, Pegasus can no longer see her, so the two of them try to revert the magic, and Pegasus finally reveals what has happened to him.moreless
    • Dream Believer
      Dream Believer
      Episode 30
      Rini and her friends meet a boy from their school who dreams of making his own airplane. Meanwhile, Rini questions why Pegasus can't tell her anything, and because she seemingly can't trust him, he disappears. When BesuBesu targets the young boy, the Sailor Scouts are at a loss without Pegasus. Will they be able to win the battle?moreless
    • Reflections of Reality
      Serena and Rini befriend an artist who paints portraits in the park. They bring him home and give him a home cooked meal. He loses his dream when he paints for CeleCele because he no longer is following his heart, and whens he goes after his dream, it is up to Serena and Rini to save him.moreless
    • Vaulting to Victory
      A sports festival is coming up at Rini's school and she can't do the vault, and asks for help. Meanwhile, the Amazon girls don't want to go after their next target, and they leave it to JunJun. After seeing that the school's star athlete can't even vault, she decides to help him, as a way to get to his dream mirror.moreless
    • Nightmare Garden
      Nightmare Garden
      Episode 27
      The girls decide to help out at a bazaar at a Kindergarten. Lita and Mina are both attracted to the principal, and they both makes moves on him. Mina is clearly not a kid person, and when she chases a kid she ends up destroying a whole room, causing a fight between her and Lita. However, when CeleCele targets the principal, it will be up to the two of them to save the day.moreless
    • Dental Dilemma
      Dental Dilemma
      Episode 26
      With most of the Amazon Quartet not listening to orders, Zirconia gives ParaPara a special mission. She uses her dolls to create a fake dentist office and gives many kids cavities in order to lure them to the office so she can check many dreams at once. When Rini and Serena get cavities, they, along with Darien, go to the fake office. Will they realize it is a trap before it is too late?moreless
    • Dreams of Her Own
      Dreams of Her Own
      Episode 25
      Raye becomes slightly famous after she appears on a magazine cover. A young girl named Nanako wants to be just like Raye, and even dresses and acts like her. This is due to her being shy and not having dreams of her own. She ends up being BesuBesu's target.
    • Heartfelt Melody
      Heartfelt Melody
      Episode 24
      Amy finds a beautiful music of music of the internet. She is so moved by the melody she writes lyrics to it, but is reluctant to show the artist. BesuBesu targets the creator of the music, and when the Sailor Scouts intervene, she traps them in a computer. Will they be able to escape?moreless
    • A New Nightmare
      A New Nightmare
      Episode 23
      Queen Nehelenia, the mastermind behind the dream hunters, tells Zirconia that the person harboring Pegasus has a glittering gold dream mirror. The Amazon Quartet takes over for the Trio, and make Rini's friend Melly their first target.
    • Eternal Dreams
      Eternal Dreams
      Episode 22
      While staying with the Tsukino's, a depressed Fish Eye realizes that Serena and Sailor Moon are one in the same after Serena makes an accidental slip. Before returning to the circus, Fish Eye manages to make another startling, fruitful discovery. The magic that has transformed the Amazon Trio into humans is in the process of at last wearing off and, aware of this (in addition to Fish Eye's new found confusion and conflictual feelings over the mission), Zirconia sends Hawk's Eye after an unprepared Serena, and after the Trio leaves, he arranges their demise.moreless
    • A True Reflection
      A True Reflection
      Episode 21
      Zircon chooses Darien as the Amazon Trio's next target. Zirconia questions why they can never capture Pegasus, even though he always helps the scouts. Meanwhile, Queen Nehelenia, the queen of the Dark Moon Circus finally appears and tells the trio she is fed up with waiting, and that if they fail again, the spell that was cast on them will wear off at the next full moon. After discovering what they truly are, Fish Eye goes all out to make sure she captures Darien's dreams.moreless
    • No Prince Charming
      No Prince Charming
      Episode 20
      The girls are at a college school festival, with the intended hope to meet potential boyfriends. Meanwhile, Tiger’s Eye, in disguise, also shows up to the festival and focuses his attention upon an unsuspecting Lita.
    • Duchess' Day Off
      Duchess' Day Off
      Episode 19
      Serena and Rini stumble across the Duchess Rubina, a sheltered visiting dignitary on the run because she is tired of being bound to her royal duties. While Rubina, as a result of her unavoidable naivety of the outside world, runs amok throughout Tokyo, she is chased by not only Serena, Rini and Darien (who only wish to keep her safe), but also by Hawk's Eye, who is after her dream mirror.moreless
    • Tutu Treachery
      Tutu Treachery
      Episode 18
      Spurred by an open audition for the new ballet, "Giselle," Serena and Rini both try out, in addition to the other Scouts. Once there, the girls take notice that the director is heavily criticizing the head ballerina. While Serena and Rini console the rejected ballerina, Fish Eye, dressed as a fellow ballerina, successfully manages to convince the director to give the lead in the ballet to her instead, before commencing to attack him. As Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon try to interrupt, they inadvertently become Fish Eye's new targets.moreless
    • Beach Blanket Bungle
      The Sailor Scouts spend a day at the beach, with Serena's little brother, Sammy, as a tag along. As the day progresses, everyone (with the exception of Serena and Amy) begins to notice Sammy's distinct crush upon Amy. Meanwhile, Zirconia is getting fed up with the Amazon Trio's failures, and picks a target for them. Realizing that Amy is smart, none of them know how to target her. Tiger's Eye decides that he can and he makes his move while Amy and Sammy are alone.moreless
    • Kicking into High Gear

      A young soccer prodigy named Robert takes an interest in Rini, but she only has eyes for Pegasus. Fish Eye takes an interest in Robert, however he does not return her feelings. In rejection and anger, Fish Eye attacks him, and then later traps Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon within an energy dome when they try to rescue Robert. Pegasus tries to help, but he can't break through the dome. The other scouts arrive, but they can't break through. Pegasus offers them his power, but after seeing reports of a horse attacking people, they are skeptical of him. Will the Sailor Scouts be able to stop Fish Eye and her monster.

    • Recipe For Danger
      Recipe For Danger
      Episode 15
      In separate encounters, Serena, Rini and Darien each encounter a bitter, demanding elderly woman living within a rather large house by herself. Curiosity gets the better of Diana, and she too visits the house and is successfully welcomed in by the lonely old woman. Rini later visits the house and discovers a new side to Maya. Meanwhile, Hawk's Eye targets the old woman.moreless
    • Double Trouble
      Double Trouble
      Episode 14
      When Mina scores two separate dates with a pair of handsome strangers for the same day, she tries to juggle both with hopes that neither guy finds out about the other. Unbeknown to her, her two dates are Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye! The two of them are both trying to get ahold of Mina's dream, but who will get to it first?moreless
    • Clothes Call
      Clothes Call
      Episode 13
      A famous fashion designer is at a loss for inspiration. Fish Eye poses as his muse, but this new direction reeks havoc on all the people around the designer. Serena seeks out the designer to see if he will design a wedding dress for her. n the process she re-inspires him in a good way. This, however, does not please Fish-Eye and battle ensues.moreless
    • Cutting It Close
      Cutting It Close
      Episode 12
      A young girl named Miharu is training to be the best sword fighter in the country. She is so serious she concentrates on nothing else. However, her mother doesn't believe she can accomplish her dream and puts her down, so Serena and Rini decide to talk to her. Meanwhile, Tiger's Eye pretends to be a samurai master in order to get close to Miharu.moreless
    • Driven Dreamer
      Driven Dreamer
      Episode 11
      After seeing Darien with a girl mechanic, everyone can't help but think Darien is cheating on Serena. However, the misunderstanding is quickly put to rest. Meanwhile, Hawk's Eye decides to target her by disguising himself as her deceased husband.
    • Phony Fairy
      Phony Fairy
      Episode 10
      Rini buys a book with paintings of Fairies in it, and talks to the creator of the book. Meanwhile, Fish Eye decides to finally take on a mission. She pretends she is a fairy in order to get close to the creator of the book. When she finally makes her move, the Sailor Scouts are there to try and stop her. Will they be able to save the illustrator?moreless
    • The Trouble With Love
      The girls are studying at Darien's and over-react to smoke in the building, leaving his apartment trashed. Raye invites him to stay at the temple. However, this doesn't settle well with Serena, who disguises herself as a ninja in order to spy on them. Meanwhile, Chad becomes jealous of Darien when he thinks that Darien and Raye like each other. Raye ends up being Tiger's Eye's next target.moreless
    • A Teacher's Lesson
      Rini and her art class are at the park drawing landscapes. Rini draws Pegasus in hers, and her teacher says that she can't give her a high grade because she added extra stuff into the picture. This causes some of the other kids to dislike her. Meanwhile, Tiger's Eye comes up with what he thinks is a sure fire way to capture Pegasus, and his next target is Rini's teacher. Can Rini and Serena save Rini's teacher and Pegasus?moreless
    • A Pegasus Pager Turner
      The girls discover that the author of their new favorite book, is Lita's friend Tomoko. They try to use this relationship to get autographs, but instead Lita learns that Tomoko has lost her inspiration. Lita remembers her pre-scout days and the times when Tomoko was still inspired. Meanwhile Tiger's Eye targets Tomoko because of the book, and it's up to Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Moon, and Sailor Mini Moon to save her.moreless
    • Much Ado About Kitten
      Luna is upset that Artemis has fallen in love with a human, and things are made even worse when another talking cat runs up to Artemis and calls her daddy. Meanwhile, Tiger's Eye targets the human that Artemis was admiring, and when the Sailor Scouts arrive, the Remlus captures Artemis! Can they save him?moreless
    • Perfect Couple
      Perfect Couple
      Episode 5
      Two of Darien's college friends are visiting. Saori has feelings for Darien and has been hesitant about telling him. After meeting Serena, she decides to tell Darien her feelings. Rini tries to make sure that Serena and Darien stay together, because if they don't, she won't be born. Tiger's Eye targets Saori, and when the Remlus attacks, Sailor Moon makes a daring decision.moreless
    • Baiting the Trap
      Baiting the Trap
      Episode 4
      Zirconia gets mad about the Amazon Trio's failure to capture Pegasus, but Hawk's Eye assures him that they will capture him. As the three sit at a bar, Hawk's Eye says that he has come up with a way to capture Pegasus, even if it means not finding the dream he hides in. Meanwhile, Molly is the Tiger's Eye next target. Will Tiger's Eye be able to succeed? Or will the Sailor scouts stop him?moreless
    • Sweet Dreams
      Sweet Dreams
      Episode 3
      When Rini eats her lemon pie, Serena finally blows up and starts yelling about how Rini is always ruining her life and how her mom always takes Rini's side. She then storms out of the house. Her mom doesn't make much of it knowing that Serena will come back, but she decides to make a lemon pie for her, and she tells Rini about her dreams. As she and Rini go to get lemons, Hawk's Eye targets her and peers into her dream. The Sailor Scouts intervene, but they still can't stand up to these new enemies. Will they be able to defeat the enemy and save Serena's mom?moreless
    • No Ordinary Horsepower
      As the Sailor Scouts try to figure out what to do about their new enemy, Andrew's girlfriend Rita returns from Africa, but now her school wants her to go to Europe, and she must make a choice. Meanwhile, Tiger's Eye tries to make up for his last failure, and his next target is Rita.moreless
    • Dreams Take Flight
      Life has returned to normal for everyone, and they gather in a park to watch a solar eclipse. During the eclipse, a tent arrives in the city. Inside a bunch of strange monsters laugh and make fun of humans until they are sent away. An old man named Zirconia appears and summons the Amazon Trio. He commands them to find the dream mirror that contains Pegasus so that they may rule the world. Their first target ends up being Elizabeth. Sailor Moon, Sailor Mini Moon, and Tuxedo Mas confront them, but their monster is too powerful. Will they be able to defeat this new enemy?moreless
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