Sailor Moon

Season 1 Episode 10

Fight to the Finish

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Sep 22, 1995 on Cartoon Network

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  • Better Jedite than the Sailor Scouts

    Well I can proudly say that Jedite is no more, It's quite sad even though he tried his best. This is one of Queen Beryl's mistakes had she not put him in eternal sleep after Jedite told them the he knew the identities of the Sailor Scouts, they would have gotten rid of them. He should have save Queen Beryl the trouble and let him be moondust by Sailor Moon's Tiara, but as of what many would say what's done is done. for a moment I thought Tuxedo mask is gone as well but then again, I didn't think he would be done for that easy, so they do not have to worry about Jedite anymore, because now they have to worry Nephrite.