Sailor Moon

Season 2 Episode 42

Follow The Leader

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Dec 22, 1998 on Cartoon Network
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Follow The Leader
The Sailor Scouts have defeated Wiseman and the Negamoon and have saved both the present and the future. With no more battles to be fought, they reminisce over their past battles and try to decide who deserves the most credit, and who should be leader.

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  • Sad way to end the Dic dub

    Boy was this episode bad. First there are two rather annoying mistakes. Mars claims to have been a Scout before Mercury and Jupiter claims to have fought Jedite. Neither are true. How could Lisa Lumby (the writer of this episode) forget this? Also all clip scenes are for some reason rerecorded for this episodes. Instead of using the original audio files. And some of the bad guys get new and terrible voices. Malachite in particular stands out. Rather than his majestic and powerful voice he had when he was actually in the show. The clip featuring him in this episode gave him a very generic evil guy voice. Also their's a big contradiction. Scenes of Raye's premonition of the deadly silence in this episode she refers to her dreaming about how she saved the day. But in the next episode (as with the entire S season) it's her having a premonition of the world's end.moreless
  • The sailor scouts talk about the 2 new warriors , the new enemy, and who should be the new leader of the sailor scouts.

    This episode was intresting to me.I thought it was cool how they have other sailor scouts out there. There were some slight mistakes such as Raye saying she was a sailor scout before Amy was and how Lita talked about Jadeite even though he was gone before she even came. I thought it was intresting how they mentioned previous enemies such as the Negaverse and the Doom Tree aliens. I think this episode was an intresting one the very first time I saw it. There is only flashbacks of past episodes and scences of the new episodes of the new season.moreless
  • The Sailor Scouts (through voice-overs) argue over who should be leader, going through all the good things each has done. Also mentions 'bad guys' for season 3 and Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus.moreless

    This was one random episode- especially given that it was the final for season 2! There wasn't actually a plot line to it- just a whole lot of flashbacks from the previous two seasons. It didnt' fit in at all to the seaso.

    The only 'good' thing about it was that it kinda (vaugely) introduced the bad guys for the next season and Sailors Nepture and Uranus (tho we don't actually get told their names).

    The season final should have just been left with 'Final Battle' which summed up the story-line of Diamond etc.. nicely. Overall a completely pointless episode in my opinon.moreless

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    • Serena: Amy, is this the new enemy?
      Amy: Yes, we haven't found out much about them yet...
      Mina: This new enemy and those mysterious two... this is going to be a good series!
      Lita: I'm not sure... but are those two Sailor Scouts?
      Raye: Sailor Scouts besides us?
      Serena: Sailor Pluto?
      Amy: It could possibly be Sailor Pluto.. but...
      Mina: Does she have any connection to those other two?
      Serena: I know! Luna must have scouted the new ones like she did with us!!

  • NOTES (5)

    • This is the final episode of Sailor Moon R.

    • This is the only clip show in the series. It is made up of clips from past episodes, the Sailor Scouts most recent transformation scenes, and the first four Japanese openings. Also, because this is a clip show, the girls only appear as Sailor Scouts in flashbacks.

    • This episode is the first appearance of Professor Tomoe, Kaorinite, and two new Sailor Scouts, although they don't have any speaking lines.

    • This episode also includes scenes from episodes never shown, including the episode dedicated to Sailor V.

    • This is the final episode to be dubbed by DIC. Starting with the next episode, the show would be dubbed by Cloverway.