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Favorite lines from Sailor Moon?

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    Just wondering what are some of your favorite lines are from Sailor Moon

    Serena:What are you doing?

    Luna: Drawing my favorite super hero *shows drawing of a really fat Sailor Moon*

    *Serena's Andrew Fantasy*

    Serena:What should I do?

    Andrew: Have a big steak. With French Fries and a Chocolate malt

    Serena: A guy after my own heart.

    Sailor Moon:She's so cute! (about the Dream Dolly Monster)

    Sailor Mars: She's evil!

    Sailor Moon:Oh yeah!

    NeflyteTo Molly) You'll always be in my heart

    Serena: ( About Lita and Joe) Hey Luna you think those forces you were feeling might of been looove

    Tuxedo Mask:It's okay Sailor Moon your safe now

    Fake Sailor Moon/Zoycite: Can't say the same for yooouuuu! *stabs Tuxedo Mask*

    Zoycite:I'm gonna get you cape boy!

    *After Mars fails to destroy the barrier with Mars Fire*

    Sailor Moon: What happened? Hmmm didn't work did it?

    Sailor Moon: (Robotic voice) He is Tuxedo Mask I don't believe it

    Sailor Moon:Better enjoy that laugh Beryl it will be the last laugh you ever have

    Princess Serena; I'm not afraid of you

    Super Beryl: You should be!!!!

    Raye: Serena your so stubborn let us help you or I'll never speak you again

    Darien: Hey Serena no offense but you have the weirdest hair looks like a pair of meatballs!

    Serena: Here I am to cheer you up and you say my hair looks like meatballs?!

    Sailor Moon: *about her future self as Neo Queen Serenity* Does she always wear her Nightgown in public?

    Minaabout Artemis getting caramel all over his mouth) He and Serena could have been twins! Accept Artemis can walk and chew gum at the same time!

    Sailor Uranus: I see now Neptune and I are holders of the pure heart crystals and we'll die because of it...IS THERE NO HOPE?

    Sailor Uranus:Because of you the world is going to end! Are you happy now? Answer me!!!

    Sailor Moon: (To Nelehania) I feel sorry for you

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    Lol I have alot of them, mostly from the Stars Season but some are from other seasons too, even the dub.

    Haruka:[getting pulled away from Usagi by Michiru] Ouch... You're hurting me, Michiru
    Michiru: Am I?
    Haruka: I want you to touch me gently!
    Michiru: Later, when we're alone!
    Usagi: That's an adult mood, isn't it?

    [the girls are doing a coffee shop and Usagi tries on the maids outfit.]

    Usagi: It's a bit baggy around the middle.
    Makoto: I used Minako-chan for measurements.
    Minako: *eye twitches* You're trying to provoke me, aren't you?

    "What is it?" -Taiki
    "Taiki, I heard you have a day off tomorrow, correct?" -Minako
    "How did you know?" -Taiki
    "Don't underestimate the information network of Minako Aino!" -Minako

    "But how cute! I want to have one too!" -Minako (about Chibi Chibi)

    "They say, "Don't regret the fish eggs from before." -Minako
    *nods* -Usagi
    "Wait, Usagi! Don't memorize that! It should be, 'No use crying over spilt milk.'" -Ami
    "Oh, yeah, you can say it that way, too." -Minako
    "But 'the fish eggs from before' sounds better to me." -Usagi
    "Yeah, like when Artemis eats the fish eggs I was looking forward to snacking on. I think, why didn't I eat them earlier?" -Minako

    [Playing cards]
    "Pass." -Makoto
    "Pass." -Yaten
    "I'll pass." -Minako
    "You didn't discard even though you could!" -Yaten
    "I'll discard them if you'll go on a date with me!" -Minako
    "What are you saying? Discard them!" -Yaten
    "No way!" -Minako

    Uranus: "Oh really? What shall we do with it?" *cracks knuckles*
    Puppet: *panics and starts running*

    Neptune: "There are some things only adults can enjoy... don't
    you think?"
    Uranus: *blushes and coughs into fist*

    Neptune: "You have been eating too many sweets." (to Uranus)

    Uranus: "I told you I don't discuss those things out of bed."

    Yaten: Whatever you want in "Naked" is fine, but don't take one while I'm yawning!

    Usagi: What's he doing?
    Minako: Voice training.
    Usagi: Breast cleaning?
    Minako: Why would he be cleaning his breast?

    Reiko: (Seiren's civilian form) Poor Nezu-san...I'm sad, that I've become...hungry!

    Minako: After all, we should study when we're young! Study! In order to open up many possibilities... Am I right, Ami-chan?

    Rei: It's surprising to hear 'study' from Minako's mouth.
    Makoto: Does she have a fever?
    Usagi: I feel betrayed by my makeup exam buddy.

    Crow: (thinking) Am I going to die like this? Me?
    Nyanko: Good-bye!
    Crow: Sorry, Seiren!

    Usagi: (crying about Mamoru) "I could survive just by myself...but...but... I just can't stand being alone!"
    Seiya: "Odango..."
    Usagi: "I want to see you... I want to see you! Mamo-chan!"
    Seiya: (kneels down to her) "...Am I not good enough? Am I not good enough?"

    (Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are thrown to the ground in front of the Starlights)
    Healer: No way? Why? For us?
    Mercury: We protect..important..people...
    Maker: Important people?
    Venus: Yes..Sailormoon and the Starlights are...very us...
    Fighter: Oh no! And now this means that you'll all die?
    Jupiter: our place..protect Usagi-chan..and this world!
    (Sailormoon holds a dying Mars)
    Moon: (crying) Rei-chan. Rei-chan! Rei-chan!! Everyone!
    (Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus die)
    Moon: No! Mako-chan! Minako-chan! Ami-chan! Don't do this to me! Please...Don't leave me all alone!
    Mars: You...are..too..sweet..You have strong!
    Moon: Rei-chan! Don't do this...We promised to be together until the very end. Please don't leave me alone!
    Mars: Idiot, you still have...Mamoru-san...I'm sorry...I can't...protect you anymore...
    (Mars dies)
    Moon: Rei-chan! (Moon remains silent for a few seconds)
    Moon: No...NOOO!!!

    Uranus: From now on, you want to protect her...
    Fighter: Uranus.
    Uranus: Our princess is such a crybaby....
    Neptune: She is...
    Moon: (crying) Because.. Because...
    Uranus:, Michiru?
    Neptune: Haruka..
    Uranus: What?
    Neptune: (join hands) I..can..see..the..light..
    Uranus: You're..warm..Michiru...
    Moon: Michiru! Haruka! Don't leave!

    [About Serena's test score.]
    Darien: A thirty?
    Darien: Admirable!
    Serena: No!
    Darien: Are you stupid or just... incredibly lazy?

    Shingo: Hey, are you guys trying to torture me?!
    Usagi: Go away, you're interrupting our rehearsal!
    Naru: Although we could use him as a backup dancer...
    Shingo: Erm... gotta run! [Slams door and runs away]
    Naru: I knew that would get rid of him!

    Sailor Jupiter: For saving the Earth.. and eating cheesecake!
    Luna: Oh, I do hope they'll be all right..
    Artemis: Don't worry, Luna! With the promise of cheesecake, they're bound to win this fight!

    Luna (about Serena): "You know why she eats so much? It takes alot of fuel to run that motor mouth!"

    Artemis: Maybe she'll have a klutz attack and trip Queen Beryl.

    [After Sailor Lead Crow appears and tells Sailor Aluminum Seiren to take her job seriously, or end up like Iron Mouse.]

    Seiren: "Relax, just let me have a bite to eat first." (Crow looks really ticked off)

    Moon: "Who are you?"
    Aluminum Seiren: "Nice to meet you! I'm Sailor Aluminum Seiren!"
    Lead Crow: "Why are you exchanging your business card?"
    Moon: "Who is she?"
    Aluminum Seiren: "She's my partner."
    Lead Crow: "What are you talking about? I'm the leader of the Sailor Animamates, Sailor Lead Crow!"
    Aluminum Seiren: "Let me introduce myself again! I'm Sailor Aluminum Seiren!"

    [Lead Crow and Tin Nyanko argue]

    Tin Nyanko: "We have to hurry..."
    Lead Crow
    : "It's your fault! Move over!"
    Tin Nyanko: "Its because your thighs are too big! Go on a diet!"
    Lead Crow: "Its because your breasts are too big!"
    Tin Nyanko: "Oh yeah?"

    Lead Crow: (to Seiren) "Now is not the time to eat pizza!"

    [Seiren notices that Uranus and Neptune are standing on the kitchen table]

    Seiren: "I don't believe it! You're wearing your shoes on the table!"

    Sailor Neptune: "Excuse us!"

    Michiru: I wonder who you really are.

    Seiya: (moves up behind her and rests his face next to hers, almost resting his head on her shoulder.) I want to find out more about you.

    Michiru: Oh, do you? (She lifts up her hair and shows him the zipper on the back of her dress.) Then would you please help me change?

    Haruka: Michiru, you shouldn't allow men like that into your dressing room. (after walking in on Seiya and Michiru)

    Volume 16, Act 43 - Seiya introduces herself to Haruka.

    Seiya: I'm Seiya Kou. And I like your s t y l e. It's like the wind. We carry the same things... I'd like to shake your hand.

    (Haruka and Seiya shake hands. A strange expression falls over Haruka's face.)

    Haruka: Starlights. Those three... Who are they?

    Volume 16, Act 44 - Usagi is on the roof of the school, writing a letter to Mamoru. The Three Lights stroll out onto the rooftop.

    Yaten: This is too much. Let's give up already. Going to school is exhuasting.

    Taiki: Learning is fun.

    Yaten: Only for you.

    Seiya: (to Usagi) What are you doing?

    Yaten: (grabs the letter from Usagi's hands) "To my loving Mamo-chan, thank you for the wonderful postcard..." Your kanji is awful.

    Usagi: Give me that! (grabs the paper from Yaten) That's not a very nice thing to say!

    Yaten: (winks, sticks her tongue out, and smiles mischeviously) Sorry, sorry.

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    First Episode: Season One:

    The Bloke (tuxedo mask) outside the jewelerry store goes ballistic over S Moons 30% grade. Although the look on her moms face is similar to my mums. Scary

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    Do you even know what ballistic means? He didn't go ballistic over it. If anything he was mildly amused by her poor score.
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    Sailor Moon: ". . .Hayden, the father of music."

    Luna: "Bach is the father of music."

    Sailor Moon: "If you hadn't mentioned that, they wouldn't have noticed!"

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