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OK what happened with Pharaoh 90?

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    I just finished watching the finale of Sailor Moon S. How come they didn't show the battle of Sailor Super Moon and Sailor Saturn vs. Pharaoh 90? Saturn and SS Moon just entered the machine and SS moon then comes out with Hotaru as a baby. Do they show what happened in a future episode in a future season, I hope? I do hope they show it because it really bugs me not knowing what the heck happened.

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    I am not sure but I guess we just have to assume that they defeated it for now but I think I saw an episode uncut were ss moon stoped saturn from destroying herself and instead saved her by giving her back a second chance not sure where. There is an other dvd season with pegasus and one after called sailor stars do not recomend sailor stars can't understand it it is in japanese and I don't think it has subtitles in english but I think it has subs inFrench,Spanish andGerman try looking for uncut episodes online

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