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  • One of the First Anime I Watched

    This is one of the anime that got me into anime, along with Voltron. Even though I will never make a top favorite anime list due to the fact I hold all anime in high regard, if I did, Sailor Moon would hit #1 just for getting me into anime in the first place. I love the abilities the Sailor Senshi use to fight monsters which end with Sailor Moon defeating the monster.


    Ok look the english version of sailor moon is a complete crappy disgrace to the original Japanese anime and the manga. IT IS NOT A FREAKIN KIDS SHOW. It is rated PG-13 for both the Japanese anime and the manga because its audience was intended for young adults and teens. Omg, the english version censored so many things to the point the story gets messed up massively. Haruka and michiru are ARE LOVERS NOT COUSINS. This just makes me want to cry. America are you really that ***phobic? Also this english version didnt include the sailor stars season which is the best season of sailor moon in my opinion, of course there are magical transgender senshi in there so i bet america is gonna censor that too.

    In short watch the anime in japanese with the english sub or read the manga to really appreciate the series.
  • Sailor senshi are awesome

    Sailor Moon is very creative, offering multiple senshi to choose your favorite from. My friend says it is just power rangers with girls but he is mistaken, sailor moon's team may wear similar uniforms and stuff like that but offers you well crafted plots and characters. My favorite is the S season because I belive everything about it was the best of Sailor Moon, the transformation for sailor moon's "moon cosmic power", the inclusion of chibi moon, saturn and the outer senshi and the heart wrenching story which became darker as it proggresed, focusing on the complicated treatment of a certain girl just because she could destroy the whole world but has a pure heart that wouldn't hurt a fly, I really felt sorry for her. Sure the show flops sometimes but focusing on the overall story given makes that disappear
  • Another gross Anime!

    Don't even get me started on anything! It's just awful! 3/100 Horrible.
  • Sailor Moon Fan for 17 Years

    I love this show!!!! I was only 14 when I began watching this show and I was hooked from the beginning! Now I'm 31 and I can't wait for it to air in the Summer of 2013! My niece plans to watch this show with me when it airs. She has watched some of the episodes that I taped and one movie I bought. I hope they will have all the episodes this time around in English Dub for the United States. I have been waiting for Sailor Moon Sailor Stars to be released in English dub!!!! I also hope it won't have as many commerical breaks as last time. When episodes are 30 minutes or less there needs to be only one commerical break during the show. I hope it airs on a local television channel because I don't have cable or satellite service. I have never read any of the Sailor Moon manga books. I really love all the Sailor Moon artwork!!!! I am a straight, Christian woman who is secure in my own beliefs and I have no problem with any lesbian/gay storylines, so long as there are no sex scenes in shows rated for kids and teens. I live in the United States where that type of life style is normal for many families.
  • love sailor moon

    hi there.i'm glenn1995 and this is my first review.i love sailor moon since the first time i saw the show back in like the year 200 watching cartoon network.i heard that sailor moon will be returning in the summer of 2013!can't wait!out of all the sailor moon characters,i love them all but,my favorite would be rei hino.she is amazing in my eyes.
  • thetvwatcher

    kickass cartoon
  • I love this anime!

    I remember I used to like this anime when I was a little girl! But I don't like the DIC dub.

    As for the sub: Good characters. Good story. Good actors. My favorites were Rei Hino and Usagi. Rei's bossy like me. I act like Usagi. I'm a cry baby, clumsy, and whiny baby like her. XD

    where can i find the full episodes of sailor moon?please help me?any link?please
  • For Anime Fans!

    Cute and sassy personalities!
  • sailormoon is awesome

    I loved sailormoon as a 10 yr old and still do and I AM 23 NOW. I still love it and been trying to finish the episodes. I heard from someone that they took off sailormoon because the director was a pedophile and so they fired him and took off his show, that what I heard! Because of him we kids and teens and young adult cant watch our favorite show and I love toonsumi and idk why they took it off same with boomerring they have awesome shows on there.
  • Sailor Moon is a wonderful anime

    I remember the first time I have watched Sailor Moon when it was on TV. The anime had all kinds of amazing and wonderful moments. You had ideas from relationships and romance to intense fights and heartbreak. Even the villains of the show had their own stories and sides to them that will appeal to viewers. When the programme stopped appearing on shows like YTV, Cartoon Network and Toonami, I was quite sad.

    Of course, the English dub did take out some violent/nudity scenes as well as gay/lesbian relationships. But to be fair, the idea of a children's show is very different in America as opposed to Japan. Both the Japanese and the Dub were aimed at children. Don't believe me? Look up some Sailor Moon advertisements and see for yourself.

    And then you have online dub bashing. Especially from idiots who love attention seeking and those who are anime purists, meaning people who prefer the Japanese over any dub out there. If you are yet to see the English dub or are trying to look it up, do NOT read the reviews from other viewers or online users. Watch the dub in its entirety before making a decision.

    I will agree that the Japanese does better with the story and that the dub did have silly mistakes (although that's because Cloverway was rushed into dubbing the S and SuperS seasons). But I find claims by people who say the Japanese is much more superior/greater to be a HUGE exaggeration. I thought there were times where the dub was better that the Japanese. And with the voices, both the Japanese and the dub had some that were great and some that were bad.

    If you prefer the Japanese, that's great. But if you like the dub more, that's cool too. To me, Sailor Moon is an excellent anime that is enjoyable whatever version or language it is in.
  • Sailor Moon is Coming Back

    i heard that they are bring Sailor Moon back in High Deff and that they might even dubb Sailor Moon Stars but put it all right to dvd
  • Sailor Moon

    This anime is an old classic! I loved this show growing up, even with the corny speeches and poses.
  • First and best anime I ever watched.

    It's girly for sure, but I love it anyways. I hate how badly it was censored in the English version, but that's the version I first watched when I was little. Each character has a special quality in them that a girl could look up to: Serena/Usagi was very loving and caring; Raye/Rei was brave and confident; Lita/Makoto was brave and always protected her friends, and I could go on and on. Now that I'm older, I prefer to watch the Japanese version online, but this is one of the best anime's ever.
  • PUT IT BACK OON.Please=]

    I still can't beleive they took sailor moon off the air!
    It was the best damn show ever made and kids could be
    inspired by that show. I say puy it back oon!!!. Oh and I tried to send the people who used to put it on the air a message basically saying please put the show back on, everone loves it, ive got so many friends backing me up and we all wanna watch it again. We may be just 14 years old but the show was a great inspiration to us to be like the sailor scouts and they took that inspiration from us..meanies.=[
  • If I could tuuurn back time(music note)

    If I could fiiind the way(music note) I'd ta--a-a Oh, ahem I was singing "If I could Turn Back Time" by Cher. This song reminds me of WHY I want to go back in time. I have not seen this show in 8 years, 8 long, Sailor Moon dry spell years! I wish this show would return to TV. I miss Serena alot! I think in my mind that this was one of the best anime show in the history of mankind. The dialog in this show was just awesome. The fighting was cool. But still, I want to go back in time to see this show, or if Toonami Jetstream would cooperate with me, they could put the show on Toonami Jetstream. PLEASE Toonami Jetstream, put Sailor Moon on so I can end the dry spell.
  • I used to like it, but the original Japanese version totally destroys this English trash!

    Yes, I'll admit it. When I started watching this, it was only the English language version. After watching all four of the English-dubbed series, I was quite taken by it. Then, I fired up my Sailor Moon S DVD, put on the Japanese audio, and I was instantly hooked. It was then I decided; "This is much better than the English version. What a fool I was."

    I have now watched S and Super S (both in Japanese), and now I'm eager to watch the first series, Sailor Moon R, and Sailorstar (All in Japanese, mind). And considering how hacked up the first two series are, I sure as hell can't wait.

    Now excuse me, I have to get rid of my English DVDs.
  • Love! LOVE! LOVE!!! This is the coolest show ever seen by my eyes I almost own all of the seasons!

    This was my first Anime I get teary at the thought *sniffle* I own four out of six seasons or is there more? I don't know but if there is I'll find it! (ditermination) I know the seems to repeat its self true but each time is a bit different right? well sort of but its still really good I really do wish they'd bring it back to the US tho I don't get it on my TV which really stinks I only have my DVDs to comfort me *sniffle* I'll live tho. My fav. seasons are prablably the ones with the outer scouts they're so cool hehehehe. Go Saturn! she is my favorite she so cute as a baby I love her she's tiny and always smiling heart collection is sad her Dad is(...ah something i'm not going to type) because of what he did to her. (Outer scouts weren't any help either Grrrrr.)
  • OMG! i rember this show when i was little it was my most fav and my first anime show i luved to was to bad they caceled it before i got to watch all of the episodes.

    but just recently i found out i can watch them over again because of this website i'm now recently on. well any ways back to sailor moon it was my first anime show i ever watched and now thank to that i watch as much anime as i can you can probably tell by my page. well i haven't been on this lately so i dont really know what to do well any who i give it a 10/10.
  • My god. What is up with this show? I like the concept, but, the sailor fuku is a bit much, doncha' think?

    This show is, how shall I put it... Puzzling to me.
    I like the concept, I really do. Some chick with long hair that\'s more-than-slightly-airheaded saves a bunch of people with freaky-deaky moon powers. It\'s cool.
    But they ruined it by putting them in... *Dun dun duuun* Sailor skirts. It\'s sick. And wrong. And emotionally scarring. It makes children go \"Ooh, look, it\'s Japanese Barbie!\"
    Wow. Super-powered barbie. And Ken AKA Tuxedo Mask.
    I like the concept, but the whole girliness made it go way downhill. Also, the original was a yuri, which they had to cut out in the dubbing of the anime, which sucked. (Not that I like yuri, but dubbing in general sucks.)
    ((Yuri- Girl-to-girl-action love scenes))
    Arigato! ^^~
  • i love this anime i remember watching it a lot

    i watched this anime when i was little man it bring back old memorys and now i am watching it again still need to watch Sailor Moon Stars my favorite character is Sailor Chibi Moon Sailor mini Moon in english aka Chibi-usa and Rini in english she is so Kawii this is about a girl name Serena who disscover she is Sailor moon in later of the series finds out she is the moon princess and now she has to protect evil from the evil that trys to take over the world. I love this anime a lot and will still love it for a long time
  • Girliest anime ever. Not that that's a bad thing.

    I love Sailor Moon. It's not just an awesome anime, it's the fact that the dub is somewhat better than the Japanese dub-it's a tough feat that SM managed to champion and win. The only things I hate about it are the Amazon Trio, and the best thing about it are the women villains, excusing the woman who works for 99. She's kinda lame. And Kun-what's his name, as well as Kaori-somethin-nite. The cats are cool looking though--and I have to admit, Diana and Chibiusa (but mainly Chibiusa) are cute looking, but very annoying to listen to after several minutes. I also never could understand why Sailor Moon's villains waited until AFTER she and the other Scouts transformed...

    ...anyway, I could back it up, but I'm still sleepy.
  • Squeeeeeee I miss Sailor Moon! It's amazing!

    I am in love with this show. As a matter of fact I grew up with this show. It aired two years before I was born, and I've been watching it since I was born. I had all of the dolls (which were never opened and were sold at my parents' garage sale without my consent - stupid me for not unpacking them and putting them in my closet as soon as we moved), one of the toy wands (which my little brother recently smashed during a tantrum - its damage was irreversable, considering it was hit so hard that the wires broke, and my mom forced me to throw it away), plush toys of Luna and Artemis that my uncle got for me on a trip to Japan (miraculously, I still have those) - I even had a homemade Sailor Mini Moon costume that my mom made me, and I went as her for Halloween '03, where my older cousin, fifteen at the time and now grown up, went as Sailor Moon, and her four best friends went as the other four Sailor Scouts. Yes. Then it was cancelled, and eventually taken off the air altogether. WHY!? Why did Toonami get rid of it? I honestly don't understand. Another thing I don't understand is why they never aired the fifth and final season, Sailor Stars. I haven't seen even the Japanese version of it yet, so what was wrong with it? Was it too inappropriate for Cartoon Network? Sigh. Ah well, I can still watch it on YouTube. And I'm still a huge fangirl. I haven't been respecting CN much lately to begin with, only for Chowder and 6teen, and then I find out this...Cartoon Network, in the name of the future moon, I WILL punish you for this! Well anyways, overall, great show, great humor, AWESOME characters and transformations, and SM should be brought back, with the Sailor Stars season and the three movies. I'm sure all of her fans agree with me!
  • This show got me into anime

    I am not afraid to admit that even if I am a man, I still like to watch Sailor Moon. The story was excellent, the fight scenes were great, and all the twists and turns it took. The story is about 5 sailor scouts who fight together to fight the Negaverse, enemies from the future, and other evil demons. I didn't watch the show because of the girls but because of the story itself. The stories themselves are great and have plenty of twists and turns to keep you entertained through out the show. The characters were well portrayed and matched their personalities well. My favorite scouts had to be Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and Moon. My only complaints on this show is that some of the voices were irritating and could have been improved more. I also have to admit Sailor Mars was not that great, she was always angry, snapped at everyone, and was always cruel to Serena. Now at times she will be compassionate but still she was a cruel person and could have been a bit nicer. Then for some reason, some episodes never aired in America, those episodes were only shown in Japan, why? Other than those complaints, I highly recommend this show to people who want to see classic anime at its best, just look it up on youtube, and enjoy it.
  • One of the best classic animes I seen.

    This show is about a girl named Serena, she has the power to transform into Sailor Moon but she didn't know this until a cat named Luna told her that she is Sailor Moon and she is a hero. She is chosen as one of the Sailor scouts, there are 5 which are Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter, together they fight the forces of evil. This show contains action, romance, drama, and humor which could be suitable for anyone to watch.

    Overall, this is a superb old anime and I would reccommend anyone to watch this show but since Cartoon Network can't show this show anymore for some reasons, you will have to go on YouTube to see the episodes or somewhere else if you really want to see it and this concludes my review.
  • She is the first great female superhero since Wonder Woman.

    I must admit that Sailor Moon has set a new bar for young girls everywhere. This show has infulenced and inspired a whole new breed of female superheroes from the Powerpuff Gilrs to Kim Possible. Even though she is a little clumsy and immature, you can always count on her and her army of Sailor Scouts to come to the rescue as they always beat the stuffing out of ruthless alien villains. I am sure that many women's groups would consider Sailor Moon an excellent role model for little girls. I personally think that it is one of the best shows ever to come out of Japan, and that is saying a lot.
  • Sailor Moon

    The Japanese Version is 10 times better than the dubbed version. First of all the voices don't sound so dorky. Usagi(Serena)'s Voice in the Japanese makes her sound more mature and less annoying. The dubbed names also suck compared to the Japanese. The Japanese names sound better like Chibi Usa or Mako-Chan. Out of all the seasons you should watch the 5th season or read the manga. Stars is the best season. In stars a bunch of new charectars are added and most of the favorites like Mamo-Chan(Darien) ChibiUsa(Rini) and Diana are taken away. New charectars like Seiya, Taiki and Yaten are added, with new allies there has to be new enemies too, right? New enemies also appear and an old enemy too.

    Im gonna tell u ppl a story about when i disvovered sailor moon i went to blockbuster to get some movies when i was 5 or 6 yrs old so i found a movie that was Sailor Moon so i was thinking WTF so i put it back... so a couple weeks ago i was thinking about that time of when i saw it so then i watched the episode when usagi was drunk on utube it was so funny. so now i like it and that how i discovered it. so thats my review! im gonna watch it!!! :D
  • A typical story about girls who have to save the wold from evil.

    The story begins then a young girl named Serena who lives in Tokyo heard thet she have special abilities. She is Sailor Moon. In teh past she lived in the moon kingdom and was sent to Earth for protection. In earth she meet another four sailor scouts. And how i can forget, girls have two talking cats: Luna and Artemis. In every episode girls have to fight with monsters which is very funny. Like in all shows and in this show is love. One day Serena meet boy named Darien/Endymion/Tuxedo Mask who is the protector of earth. Also he is prince. In first series they hate each other.
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