Sailor Moon

Season 2 Episode 42

Sailor Moon R - The Movie: Promise of the Rose

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Nov 02, 2001 on Cartoon Network

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  • Fiore's Death

    Fiore should've died at the end of the movie. I can imagine it now.

    Fiore: Hold on to your optimism, your dreams, and especially your friends, Darien. Perhaps If I have been more like you, I could have adventures too.

    Darien: No! Please! Don't go! Fiore!!!!

    (Fiore transformed himself into bright-colored butterflies)

    Fiore: Don't worry. I'll always be inside your heart, Darien. I will protect the galaxy from danger. Goodbye Sailor Scouts, and thank you!

    (Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts are deeply saddened by his sacrifice)

    Artemis: Fiore transformed himself into energy and used his life force to revitalize the galaxy. He restored all of the beauty that was almost completely destroyed by the Kisenean's destructive grasp. His spirit is still inside the galaxy, protecting it forever.
  • a very good movie

    i think the movie was very good and it shows how serena is willing to give up her life for the one she loves and her friends.It is so cute bute at first you think that she is a lazy and that she dose everything for herself but that is not true she will and is willing to do anything for her friends even at the cost of her life.she can be really annoying at times but if you watch the episodes a lot she really does love everyone around her so just give her some credit.Bye for now.But than everytime you look at her she has a reason so just cut her some slack.