Sailor Moon

Season 2 Episode 42

Sailor Moon R - The Movie: Promise of the Rose

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Nov 02, 2001 on Cartoon Network



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    • This movie takes place roughly between the episodes "Promises Fulfilled" and "Future Shocked".

    • The original opening, features Serena and the others on as bus ride to the gardens and then looking around them. The dub opening features Serena introducing herself and the other four Sailor Scouts, and telling the viewer a little about each one and their Sailor Scout identity.

    • The song that plays during the final battle is called "The Power of Love", the same song that played during the final battle with Wiseman in the episode "Final Battle".

    • Some scenes were cut out of the original dubbed version. These include Sailor Jupiter crashing into a phone booth, Serena and Rini crashing through restaurant window, Rini's attempt to suffocate Serena in order to wake her up, and Fiore stabbing Tuxedo Mask. A scene where the girl's chat about gay couples is cut out of both the original dub and the uncut version.

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