Sailor Moon

Season 3 Episode 38

Sailor Moon S - The Movie: Hearts In Ice

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Nov 09, 2001 on Cartoon Network

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  • In this movie Luna really wants to be a human girl, so that she can be with a human astronaut. But unfortunately, he is in love(but doesn't realize it) with his best friend. Meanwhile, Ice Princess Kaguya and her star dancers try to freeze the city.

    I really really really love this movie! Although it was a tearjerker, I still will watch it again and again. I feel so bad for luna, because she really cared for that human guy, and it was so cute to watch her get all flustered and dreamy around him!! ^-^ However, they could've put a shirt or something over that Kaguya chick! Talk about blinding! I also loved the scene with Serena and Darien, how he reaasures serena of his love for her, and that he loves being around her. AWWWW!!! How sweet!! I also loved when Luna got a chance at becoming a human, just so she could meet the astronaut "face to face." Applause!!
  • A snow queen from an outer world tries to take over earth. Luna falls in love with a human. All the sailor scouts including the outer senshi are in this.

    I found this very interesting indeed. While it lacked a great deal of the outer senshi, it really had the inner senshi shine. It did show some teamwork amongst ALL the sailor scouts which it didn't really identify in any of the Sailor Moon S episodes. Overall though they should have had some more intimate moments with the Outer Senshi but it was lovely. Showing Luna having an experience of her own to make her stronger was important also.
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