Sailor Moon

Season 3 Episode 38

Sailor Moon S - The Movie: Hearts In Ice

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Nov 09, 2001 on Cartoon Network

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  • In this movie Luna really wants to be a human girl, so that she can be with a human astronaut. But unfortunately, he is in love(but doesn't realize it) with his best friend. Meanwhile, Ice Princess Kaguya and her star dancers try to freeze the city.

    I really really really love this movie! Although it was a tearjerker, I still will watch it again and again. I feel so bad for luna, because she really cared for that human guy, and it was so cute to watch her get all flustered and dreamy around him!! ^-^ However, they could've put a shirt or something over that Kaguya chick! Talk about blinding! I also loved the scene with Serena and Darien, how he reaasures serena of his love for her, and that he loves being around her. AWWWW!!! How sweet!! I also loved when Luna got a chance at becoming a human, just so she could meet the astronaut "face to face." Applause!!