Sailor Moon - Season 1

Cartoon Network (ended 2000)




Episode Guide

  • Day of Destiny
    Day of Destiny
    Episode 40
    The Sailor Scouts teleport to the North Pole in order to confront Queen Beryl and put and end to her evilness. The Doom and Gloom girls volunteer to "welcome" the Sailor Scouts and one by one they capture the scouts and bring them back to the Negaverse. All alone, Sailor Moon must now save Darien from evil and defeat Queen Beryl once and for all in order to rescue everyone and save the world!moreless
  • The Past Returns
    The Past Returns
    Episode 39
    The Sailor Scouts discover a potential portal to the Negaverse and decide to follow it. They wind up in a bunch of tunnels where they are confronted by Malachite. They begin to battle, but all of a sudden the Crescent Moon Wand acts on its own and sends the Sailor Scouts to the moon! There they are visited by the spirit of Queen Serenity who begins to tell them the whole true about their past in the Silver Millennium. Meanwhile, Luna and Artemis run into Malachite.moreless
  • Fractious Friends
    Fractious Friends
    Episode 38
    In order to fool the Negaverse, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus act like they no longer want Sailor Moon as their leader and that they want the Silver Crystal. After Serena meets a reporter, she tells her what Sailor Moon will be in a park that night to talk to her. Malachite and his Ninjana monster fall for this and plan to meet with Sailor Moon alone in a part late at night. However, the other scouts are are planning to hid nearby. Who's plan will succeed though?moreless
  • Tuxedo Unmasked
    Tuxedo Unmasked
    Episode 37

    Queen Beryl has sent Darien on a very important mission. She wants Darien to recapture the former Rainbow Crystal carriers so that she can unite them into the Invincible Shadow, a warrior that not even the Sailor Scouts could defeat. When Darien begins to hunt for Greg, he clues Amy in on the plan and the Sailor Scouts begin to form a plan to stop Darien.

  • Last Resort
    Last Resort
    Episode 36
    Serena and her family go on a vacation to a hot springs resort. A nearby lake is giving off evil energy, and Queen Beryl sends Darien to investigate it. At the lake he has a run in with Serena who tries to get him back. He soon disappears when Serena's mom shows up. After Serena and her mom leave, Darien unleashes the lake monster and tries to control. The monster won't listen and wants to get revenge on the person who sealed her way. She thinks this is Serena. She attacks Serena and her family, and with her family around, Serena can't become Sailor Moon to stop the monster!moreless
  • Ice Princess
    Ice Princess
    Episode 35
    Malachite sets up a trap at a local ice rink after finding out that skating was popular in the days of the Silver Millennium. The Sailor Scouts also learn about this and decide to head to the rink, as well as to try and meet Olympic skaters Mischa and Janelle who are said to be there. However, the skating pair is actually working for Malachite, and they believe that Lita is Sailor Moon!moreless
  • Ski Bunny Blues
    Ski Bunny Blues
    Episode 34
    The Sailor Scouts decide to take some time off and head up to a ski resort to spend a weekend. Raye and Serena want to enter the Miss Moon Princess Contest. However, it is actually a plot by Malachite to find Sailor Moon and capture the Silver Crystal. When the contest begins, Malachite's monster quickly narrows down her suspects to Serena and Raye, and uses an avalanche to trap them. While trying to figure out a way to escape, Serena and Raye talk about what has been happening with them lately, but will they be able to escape from this trap?moreless
  • Little Miss Manners
    Little Miss Manners
    Episode 33
    After daydreaming about her past life, Serena wants to become more like a princess, thinking that it will help her bring Tuxedo Mask back the good side. In order to do so she enrolls in a finishing school. However, this turns out to be one of Malachite's traps. Malachite believes that Sailor Moon will enroll in the school and he and his monster begin to suspect that Serena is Sailor Moon!moreless
  • Bad Hair Day
    Bad Hair Day
    Episode 32
    Serena has become depressed since Tuxedo Mask's capture. In order to cheer her up, Mina decides to spend the day with her getting makeovers. Meanwhile, Malachite's next plan involves finding Sailor Moon before she transforms by analyzing a strand of her hair. Both Serena and Mina head to the salon where the Negaverse has set up shop, and fall into their trap. However, the Negaverse's plan doesn't go exactly the way they planned.moreless
  • A Reluctant Princess
    The Imperium Silver Crystal has reformed from the Rainbow Crystals and Sailor Moon is revealed to be the Princess of the Moon. With her new found powers she easily overpowers Zoisite, who flees back to the Negaverse when Malachite rescues her. However, they also kidnap Tuxedo Mask. After killing Zoisite for her disobedience, Queen Beryl begins to turn Tuxedo Mask to her side. Meanwhile, while Sailor Mercury tries to find a way out of the corrupted tower, Luna and Artemis reveal part of the Sailor Scouts past on the moon, and Malachite sets out to capture the Silver Crystal.moreless
  • A Crystal Clear Destiny
    Queen Beryl decides to bring Tuxedo Mask over to the side of the Negaverse, and to get his two Rainbow Crystals. Zoisite challenges him to a duel for the Crystals at Starlight Tower. Serena follows Darien to the tower. After being teleported in, Malachite takes the crystals. When Zoisite threatens their safety, Serena and Darien maybe forced to take drastic action.moreless
  • Sailor V Makes the Scene
    Zoisite and Malachite come up with a perfect plan to obtain the Rainbow Crystals held by Tuxedo Mask. Zoisite disguises herself as Sailor Moon, and Malachite captures her in order to make Tuxedo Mask appear. Meanwhile, the Sailor Scouts decide to investigate this fake Sailor Moon.
  • Tuxedo Melvin
    Tuxedo Melvin
    Episode 28
    With three of the Rainbow Crystals in the hands of the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask, Zoisite must find a way to retrieve them. In order to do so she decides to go after the Sailor Scouts' crystal first. She decides to target Molly, knowing that Sailor Moon is friends with her, and will give up the crystal if she is in danger. Meanwhile, after hearing the girls talk about Tuxedo Mask, Melvin decides to be like him and dons the personality "Tuxedo Melvin" in order to protect and impress Molly.moreless
  • Kitty Chaos
    Kitty Chaos
    Episode 27
    While being chased by a bunch of alley cats, Luna is saved by a large cat named Hercules. Zoisite has located the carrier of the Violet Rainbow Crystal, Hercules' owner. As Hercules begins to follow Luna around town, Zoisite goes after his owner. However, when Zoisite corners her and tries to extract the crystal, she finds out that it was actually the cat that holds the crystal. Zoisite then begins an exhausting search for the crystal. Meanwhile, the Crescent Moon Wand is not picking up the signal crystal, and the Sailor Scouts must somehow find the crystal.moreless
  • Grandpa's Follies
    Grandpa's Follies
    Episode 26
    Zoisite has located the carrier of the Indigo Rainbow Crystal, none other then Raye's Grandpa. After trying to capture it, Grandpa somehow fights back. As Zoisite plans to strike again, a new guy named Chad arrives at the temple and begs to stay there. Chad also has a huge crush on Raye, and Serena tries to get them together.moreless
  • Too Many Girlfriends
    Lita's crush on Andrew continues to grow and eventually both her and Serena decide to go after him, despite learning he has a girlfriend. Andrew and his girlfriend Rita begin to have problems when he finds out that she is going to Africa to study for a year. Meanwhile, Zoisite finds out that Rita is the carrier of the blue Rainbow Crystal.moreless
  • An Artful Attack
    An Artful Attack
    Episode 24
    Queen Beryl is angry that Zoisite has lost the last two Rainbow Crystals. Zoisite begs for another chance, and locates the carrier of the Green Rainbow Crystal, a artist named Peggy Jones. Peggy has asked Serena and Darien to model for her which they do. When the moon wand begins to pick up a crystal signal, she discovers that the crystal is with Peggy. After Zoisite turns her into a monster, Serena is more determined then ever to save her.moreless
  • Mercury's Mental Match
    Amy's friend Greg, is revealed as the carrier of the Yellow Rainbow Crystal. Greg has the ability to see into the future, and knows that Zoisite is after him. He also knows that he will turn into a monster. After a run in with Zoisite, Greg tries to convince Amy (knowing that she is Sailor Mercury) to destroy him.moreless
  • The Power of Friendship
    With the first Rainbow Crystal safely in their possession, Zoisite begins her search for the second. Meanwhile, Raye and Amy begin to question Serena's leadership skills, and Raye thinks she should be leader. Meanwhile, Molly seeks the help of a priest to help her with her sadness from Nephlite's death. However, the priest is the carrier of the Orange Rainbow Crystal.moreless
  • Jupiter Comes Thundering In

    With all of the energy her minions have collected, Queen Beryl is able to awaken the Negaforce. The Negaforce tells her that in order to find the Imperium Silver Crystal they must first locate the Seven Rainbow Crystals, which, once gathered all together, will combine and form the crystal. Meanwhile, a new girl named Lita transfers to Serena's school. While everyone else is scared of her, Serena instantly befriends her. Lita takes a liking to a guy known as "Game Machine Joe", who just so happens to be the holder of the Red Rainbow Crystal.

  • A Friend in Wolf's Clothing
    Molly continues to fall head over heels with Nehplite's human disguise, Maxfield Stanton. Zoisite plots to get rid of Nephlite. In order to do this she sends a trio of monsters to capture Molly. Will Nephlite choose to save Molly?
  • Molly's Folly
    Molly's Folly
    Episode 19
    Nephlite creates a crystal that will allow him to track down the Imperium Silver Crystal. The crystal guides him to Molly. He heads to the city and once again disguises himself as Maxfield Stanton. Serena finds out about this and plans to stop Nephlite. Meanwhile, Zoisite and Malachite plot to make sure that Nephlite won't find the crystal.moreless
  • Worth a Princess's Ransom
    Princess Diamond is in town, and she is going to have a ball where she shows off her Imperial Crystal. Both Luna and Queen Beryl find out about this and believe that Diamond might be the Princess of the Moon and might have the legendary Imperium Silver Crystal. Nephlite enters the ball and once again uses Molly to his advantage. However, the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask are also at the ball in order to find out about the crystal.moreless
  • An Animated Mess
    An Animated Mess
    Episode 17
    Nephlite's next target is one of the animators for the upcoming Sailor V movie. However, his actions don't go unnoticed. While on his way to meet the girl, Amy sees him. As the scouts visit the animation studio to investigate, Nephlite's target's energy begins to peak, summoning the invincible Gemini Twins.moreless
  • Who Is That Masked Man?
    Nephlite learns that Tuxedo Mask is Sailor Moon's greatest weakness, and plans to use this to his advantage. Molly falls in love with Nephlite's civilian disguise, Maxfield Stanton, and Nephlite believes that Molly is Sailor Moon. He then plans to go after her.
  • Dangerous Dollies
    Dangerous Dollies
    Episode 15
    Nephlite targets a girl named Mika who can make beautiful doll figurines. Meanwhile, Sammy develops a crush on Mika and strives to figure out a way to impress her.
  • Shutter Bugged
    Shutter Bugged
    Episode 14
    Continuing his quest for energy, Nephlite infects the camera of a promising young photographer. He then sets up a modeling contest in order to lure girls to the shoot and get their energy. To make matters worse, Serena is planning on taking part in the photo shoot!
  • Wedding Day Blues
    Wedding Day Blues
    Episode 13
    Nephlite's next target is Serena's sewing teacher Miss Lambert, and he implants his evil monster inside her dress. Serena and Raye are planning on entering a wedding dress contest to win a trip to Hawaii. At the contest, Nephlite's monster reveals itself.
  • An Unnatural Phenomena
    Nephlite's next target is an old gardener named Mr. Baxter who's angry about the city wanting to build an office building in a nearby park. Meanwhile, Raye goes on a date with Darien which angers Serena and causes her to use Melvin in order to spy on her.
  • Match Point for Sailor Moon
    Nephlite takes over as Queen Beryl's general. Instead of targeting multiple people like Jedite did, he plans to target only one person at a time, when their energy is at its peak. His first target is a tennis player that Serena and Molly have become close too.
  • Fight to the Finish
    Fight to the Finish
    Episode 10
    Queen Beryl has given Jedite one last chance to destroy the Sailor Scouts or he will be put into eternal sleep. Jedite appears over the city and tells the Sailor Scouts to meet him at the airport the next night otherwise he will burn the city to the ground. Will the Sailor Scouts be able to defeat Jedite when he is using airplanes as his offense?moreless
  • Cruise Blues
    Cruise Blues
    Episode 9
    Jedite reluctantly teams up with a monster named Titus in order to steal energy from couples on a cruise ship. Raye wins tickets for the cruise, but takes Amy instead of Serena. Serena and Luna sneak on board and soon find out that it is a trap.
  • Nightmare in Dreamland
    Jedite sets up a trap for the Sailor Scouts at a new amusement park. When the news begins reporting on people disappearing at the park, Serena, Amy, Raye, and Luna head to the park to investigate. However, soon Amy winds up in Jedite's trap and now Serena and Raye must put their differences aside in order to save Amy.moreless
  • An Uncharmed Life
    An Uncharmed Life
    Episode 7
    Jedite disguises himself as a temple worker named Jed in order to sell good luck charms that steal energy. Everyone who buys one of these charms then disappears on a bus near the Cherry Hill Temple. Serena, Amy, and Luna investigate and run into the temple's maiden, Raye. Raye says that she and her grandpa have nothing to do with the buses. Luna then senses something special about Raye. Raye later finds out that Jed is behind the buses, but falls into his trap. Serena confronts the monster bus driver, and along with Luna winds up in another dimension with Raye.moreless
  • Time Bomb
    Time Bomb
    Episode 6
    In order to collect more energy, Jedite and his newest monster place a spell on alarm clocks that speed up time causing humans to spend more energy then they normally do. This also causes everyone to become slightly irritable. Serena also falls under the effects of the spell, causing her to become more adventurous then she normally is. Luna tells Amy about her suspicions with the clocks, and once they meet up with Serena, Serena and Amy go inside the clock shop to investigate.moreless
  • Computer School Blues
    Jedite's newest scheme involves targeting students who study hard by having them join a cram school and giving them a special disk that steals their energy. A new girl in school, Amy, has joined this school, and due to her intelligence and the fact that she has one of the special disks, Luna suspects that Amy might be a member of the Negaverse. Serena's disguises herself as a teacher and together with Luna, they head to the school to investigate. However, they may be in for a big surprise.moreless
  • So You Want to be a Superstar
    Jedite has one of his monsters take control of a popular celebrity to help gather energy. Serena tries to make her dreams of becoming a superstar come true, and unknowingly winds up in the middle of the plot.
  • Slim City
    Slim City
    Episode 3
    After weighing herself, Serena thinks she's gaining weight. After talking with Molly and her friends, she decides to try a new fitness program that everyone is talking about. However, the program is one of Jedite's traps to steal energy.
  • Talk Radio
    Talk Radio
    Episode 2
    Jedite continues his quest to collect energy for the Negaverse by using a late night radio talk show to attract women. When Luna becomes suspicious of the station, she makes Serena go and investigate.
  • A Moon Star is Born

    A clumsy girl named Serena Tsukino encounters a talking cat named Luna who says that Serena is the Soldier of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon. Serena must now fight evil as Queen Beryl and the evil Negaverse have begun their attacks on Earth.