Sailor Moon

Season 1 Episode 3

Slim City

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Sep 13, 1995 on Cartoon Network
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Slim City
After weighing herself, Serena thinks she's gaining weight. After talking with Molly and her friends, she decides to try a new fitness program that everyone is talking about. However, the program is one of Jedite's traps to steal energy.

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  • serena thinks she is fat

    what a stupid episode! the whole 'im a toothpick but im still fat' thing is so over done and stupid! now i relize that people in real life have eating problems, but i dont get why! i can see if they are bigger than normal but the ones you most hear about are thin girls going crazy and i just dont get it and serena sould be smarter than that! and the end where she thought she was 300 pounds, idiot! and im tired of her acting all warrior like and then she runs away?!?! and then after that she beats them so easily! also whengirls go to a spa thing togeter they usually stay together! three of themwould not just leave the other! and serena looked naked! she did not seem the type of girl who whould do that alone! so yea i thought this was a hoiblely stupid episode and i hope that future ones are better!moreless
  • Serena tries to lose weight

    Oh wow, I know what Serena's going through, and I'm only a year younger than her. She gained half a pound and totally freaked out, so now she's going on a strict diet, which is pretty much just skipping meals left and right. Then Serena and her friends see some pictures of Miss Haruna working out that Melvin took while she wasn't looking... The little perv... Anyway, Serena, Molly, and two girls whose names I do not know, go check out this aerobics club, which is run by, of course, the Negaverse who has figured out that humans love to lose weight. So the lure all the girls, save for Serena, who they know is Sailor Moon and will totally kick their butts, into a "relaxation room" which is actually a room that will devour their souls. Ooh, shocker! Well anyway, Serena turns into Sailor Moon, and the day is saved once again. *rolls eyes* What will the Negaverse think up next?moreless
  • It wasn't the best episode...

    When Serena gains half a pound she decides to start dieting. She learns about a new gym that has just opened up. She and her friends go to investigate, they arrive to let the hunky instructer Jed show them arround. Then Serenas friends go in these energy draining pods which drain human energy. Luna is curisous and goes to investigate she descovers the pods and see's them for what they are. Serena transforms into Sailor moon and has to fight a bunch off body builders, this is the first time we ever see sailor moon go physical. Serena thrashs the body builders and saves the day.moreless
  • Serena's just going through normal adolescent problems of worrying that she's gonna gain weight.

    Serena believes that she is getting fat after she steps on the scales. Luna also draws a picture of a "Fat Sailor Moon" and Serena gets mad at her. This is when she starts going to the gym more often. She fades of hunger, a problem with anorexia, such as the stages she's going through, and then needs to eat more. So she eats a lot of doughnuts, to fill her stomach, but, the problem is, she's gonna gain more weight! If she didn't halt her eating and then eat again when she felt hungry, she wouldn't have to eat that whole bunch of doughnuts. I like it because it teaches the problems you'll recieve when you turn her age.moreless
  • An interesting episode that shows human weaknesses, even still today, a decade later.

    Ya know, it's crazy how this was done so long ago and yet it still fits teenagers' lives today. Being thin is still an obsession today, and it's totally awesome a show talked about it and if watched today still could be relevent. I'm starting to wonder when the other scouts are going to come into the picture, though. It's pretty funny how they call her "Miss Moon" though. She states she's fourteen, which means she was a freshman. No wonder she could hardly concentrate on anything. Yet again this show proves that when it matters teenagers will act the way they should and do the right thing.moreless

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