Sailor Moon

Season 1 Episode 4

So You Want to be a Superstar

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Sep 14, 1995 on Cartoon Network
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So You Want to be a Superstar
Jedite has one of his monsters take control of a popular celebrity to help gather energy. Serena tries to make her dreams of becoming a superstar come true, and unknowingly winds up in the middle of the plot.

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  • So you wanna be a rock star?!?

    Hm, it's almost as if Serena has a split personality. She's so whiny when she's just plain old Serena Tsukino, but when she's Sailor Moon, she's so noble. Anyway, some chick named Saffron that happens to be a super star that was posessed by them Negaverse goons holds a contest to pick some new super stars. Serena and Molly get into a fight, so Molly partners up with nerdy Melvin who reminds me of Tori from Kodocha. They even have the same glasses! :P Of course, Serena has to get help from Luna to finish off the newest Negaverse lady, who is some blue icy chick that came from the Exorcist. Why does the Negaverse feed off of people's souls?!? What are they? Bounts?!? Well anyway, with a little help from Tuxedo Mask, who Serena STILL hasn't figured out is Darrien, she is able to beat the Negaverse and return everything to normal again.moreless
  • Asks the question "is fame really all it's meant to be?"

    When a famous little girl gets attacked by the negaforce and they pose as her then everything goes a bit haywire. First a little superstar goes and tells everyone they can become famous like her and serena and molly have a falling out and don't do the compertison together. Molly does her dance with Melvin and serena doesn't enter. However when serena and luna discover that it's a trap from the negaverse out comes sailor moon. Sailor moon however gets froxen and tuxedo mask comes along and saves her. Sailor moon then goes and defets the monster and gives everyone there energy back.moreless
  • serena wants to be a superstar

    good one. i was happy in this one cuz serena didnt annoy me at all in this one. i mean her just useing luna like that i wasnt to happy about but i dont think she was tto much of a baby in this one. when she ran from the monster i acctually didnt mind cuz that monster was really scarey. the part with darrien was so sweet! he acctually seemed to be trying to comfort her and that meatball head nick name is so lame but it is so sweet, he didnt even say it mean this time. tuxedo mask is so annoying and not really helpful he just throws a rose and tells sailor moon to be brave, whatever. i wonder if darrien knows that serena is sailor moon? how does he know so much about sailor moon any way and where did he get those ice breaking roses? ah so many questions so little answers.moreless

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    • Melvin: Hey, Molly, look at this move for our routine!
      Molly: (freaked out) I told you not to tell anyone!
      Melvin: Oh, then I won't tell them how you begged me to do it either!

  • NOTES (6)

    • Two episodes that take place between "Slim City" and this episode were skipped in the dub version. The first one advanced the plot slightly, explaining how Luna became Serena's new pet. The second episode featured one of Jedite's monsters losing a video tape that drains life energy, and then ends up in the hands of jazz pianist.

    • The song "I Wanna Be A Star" plays in this episode.

    • The footage of Queen Beryl's short scene in this episode was made from other episodes, she did not appear in the Japanese version of this episode.

    • The reason Sailor Moon used 'Moon Tiara Vaporize' instead of the normal 'Moon Tiara Magic' was because, in one of the skipped episodes, Sailor Moon threw the tiara and the dust sprinkled down and healed hypnotized people. Since DiC skipped the episode, they changed the name of the attack temporarily.

    • When Serena sees the monster and runs away, a scene where she accidentally runs into the male restroom is cut.

    • A scene of Serena clobbering Melvin with a streamer is cut, but it can still be seen in the "Sailor Says" at the end of the episode.