Sailor Moon

Season 3 Episode 1

Star Struck, Bad Luck

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Jun 12, 2000 on Cartoon Network
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Star Struck, Bad Luck
Even with life back to normal for the Sailor Scouts, they still have plenty to worry about, with big exams coming up at school. Meanwhile, a new enemy has arrived. Professor Tomoe is working hard in his lab designing daimon pods, pods that will unleash creatures that will snatch pure hearts from people. He hopes to find three with great powers, and sends his assistant Kaorinite to find a pure heart. Her target just so happens to be a tree at Raye's temple, and Raye becomes the first victim. Everyone comes to her aid, but the monster ties Mina, Lita, and Amy up and easily defeats Sailor Moon, canceling her transformation! Can the Scouts somehow defeat this new enemy?moreless

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  • best episode ever made

    i love this episode its the best of all time and raye hino is my favorite cartoon character of all time
  • Another new trial for the sailor scouts.

    An evil scientist and his beautiful assistant are hatching a very very evil plan that will alow them to rule the world. Not good from our point of view. They create these eggs of diamon which can track down people with a pure heart. The first target is Ray who keeps haveing visons of the end of the world. The sailor scouts attack to defend sailor mars but are quickly put in there place. Then two mysterious figures with unbeliveablyly strong powers attack the diamon and return Ray's heart once they are sure that it's not a taslismont. Are these newcomers allies or rivals?moreless
  • a season 3 for sailor moon with a new enemy!

    this is the first episode of season 3. this episode show that a sciencetist has a plan to look for the heart with treasues and very strong powers. and sailor moon has not been fighting evil for a while. then when raye is by herself a monster from a tree comes and puts raye through a wall and raye is stuck. then she takes out raye's heart. then the others come and try to help but then thye get trap too. and raye is knocked out. then sereina comes to save the day but the monster dominates her too. and bites off her locket and she transform back to her old self. even the tuxeto mask can't stop her. then two weird girls come to help the saior scouts. and kills the tree monster. and gives raye her heart back. also now the saior scouts are in great danger. can they defeat the new enemy. i hope so. i like this episode. alot of action.moreless

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    • This is the first episode of Sailor Moon S. The S stands for "Super".

    • When Sailor Moon S began in North America, YTV decided to start using Japanese episode numbers instead of the dub episode numbers, and as such they refer to this as Episode 90, the next one as Episode 91, and so on.

    • Katie Griffin returns as the voice actor of Raye/Sailor Mars. Emilie-Claire Barlow, who voiced Raye from episodes 66 to 82, takes over as the voice of Mina/Sailor Venus after Stephanie Morganstern leaves the show. With Terri Hawkes on maternity leave, Linda Ballantyne takes over the role of Serena/Sailor Moon. After Karen Bernstein left the show, Liza Balkan took over the role of Amy Mizuno/Sailor Mercury.

    • This episode is the first episode dubbed by Cloverway Inc.