Sailor Moon

Season 1 Episode 2

Talk Radio

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Sep 12, 1995 on Cartoon Network
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Talk Radio
Jedite continues his quest to collect energy for the Negaverse by using a late night radio talk show to attract women. When Luna becomes suspicious of the station, she makes Serena go and investigate.

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  • The Love Line

    Oh wow, I wish we had the Love Line over where I live. But no! I have no time for silly crushes because I am... *dramatic music* pursuing my destiny!!! I don't have time to explain. If you're that curious, go read my blog with the picture of Jack and Rose from Titanic entitled "Pursuing My Destiny". Anyway, Serena's high school female population is being swept by the "Love Line", which is this midnight radio show that reads love letters. The winner gets a pretty flower that sucks out your soul. Gee, I'd sure like to have that prize! Anyway, Serena's teacher wins and her soul gets sucked out, and the next day it happens to Molly. So Serena, with the help of Luna the cat, goes down to the radio station and cuts off the broadcast, and she still hasn't figured out that Darrien is Tuxedo Mask. How pathetic.moreless
  • Serena's second battle! The fortune shop. An ok episode.

    It starts with serena being late for school again. She awakes with the help of Luna and hurries out the door. Later at school, serena tries to crawl in without the teacher noticing, but Melvin yells good morning to her. She's standing out in the hall with Melvin beside her, when she asks why he's out there. He blushes and says it's complicated. At lunch Melvin meets with Molly and says he wants to ask serena out on a date. Molly recomends going to a new fortune telling place and he ammedatly decides to go, but the new fortune telling place is a negaverse trap.

    The next day a whole bunch of guys are misbehaving. They flip up the teacher's skirt and trips her too, they throw stones through windows, ask any girl out on a whim, and Melvin even tries to kiss serena! Serena figures out that they all went to the fortune telling shop and ambushes the place. She defeats the monster with a bit of help from Tuxedo mask and the boys return to normal. Next day Melvin is mortified when he hears what he did, Serena forgives him. The episode ends with serena tripping and starting to cry.moreless
  • Everyone keeps falling asleep.

    A new radio show has started on the radio but it doesn't really exist, the show reads out love letters on the radio. The people whos letters get read out win a prize. A flower. The first winner is Ms Haruna who quickly collapes. The next winner is Molly, when molly falls asleep in class and Serena tries to skake her awake she also falls asleep. Later Serena wakes up in hospital and goes to the radio station only to find that the show doesn't exist. She uses her new disguise pen to get in and fights the negerverse. This is the first time Jedite comes to earth.moreless
  • sailor moon helps people that are falling asleep

    i rather liked this one, though serina was acting weird though, at first she seems fine with luna then shes like i dont want to be a warrior, but if she really didnt she would kick the cat out, then when she transformed she acted all warrior like witch was really cool, but then she got all winny again, oh well shes still new to it but it seems that she catches on fast. same monster beast lady like in the last one, i think they could get a better monster, the bad guy was good. and again she was saved bye a rose how dumb but apparenty its magical or something. its so obvious who tuxedo mask is but i like him normaly just not when hes in costume cuz his is kinda gay. poor molly being affected again by the evil, she is starting to grow on me. it seems sailor moon can fly now, or she can jump really high, im going to say flying though but she didnt seem to relize she was so i guess she wasnt.moreless
  • Molly, Melvin, Luna Pen... wow... I feel like I\'m five again already.

    Okay, really starting to get annoyed by Molly and Melvin... especially Melvin. But yet he\'s definitely in her league. And Darian.... so mean!!!! I hate that.... but yet he\'s so romantic to her when he\'s Tuxedo Mask... it\'s just quite interesting. Hah! The Luna pen!!! So totally awesome. I don\'t remember that... I also loved that her transformation song started with flutes. I dunno... the episodes I remember are the very last ones in the series, and I\'m having such a hard time following what\'s going on in this first cause it doesn\'t exactly fit with what I remember from the end. But yet again, what show does? Overall pretty good...moreless

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