Sailor Moon

Season 4 Episode 39

The Sweetest Dream

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Nov 16, 2000 on Cartoon Network

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  • only one not knocked unconscious by the Golden Crystal's blast, Sailormoon wakes up to see that Queen Nehelenia has taken Sailor Chibimoon and is floating back into space in her disintegrating palace. Super Sailormoon dashes after Chibimoon and hops aboar


    Sailormoon runs of an endless flight of stairs, wondering if she'll make it in time to save Chibimoon - and just how she'll do it. When she arrives, Sailormoon gives Nehelenia a look of compassion. Nehelenia unleashes a Zirconia-like creature from her chest to suffocate Sailormoon, but withdraws when Sailormoon continues to look at her with the same glance. Nehelenia remarks that Sailormoon is the rebirth of the White Moon Queen. Nehelenia explains her story.
    Long ago, Nehelenia was the Princess of the Dark Moon. Everyone praised her beauty and Nehelenia wished to always remain beautiful. One day, she looked into a mirror, hoping to always remain in her perfect form. But the mirror radiated a version of her in a much older and wrinkled state. Zirconia appeared and in the background, the same hypnotic "Never, never be suspicious of the beautiful dreams of children" was heard. Nehelenia's face blushed blue as she was taken aback. All of her loyal subjects transform into hideous monsters as their dream mirrors are taken from them. Nehelenia's eyes flicker yellow as the flashback ends.
    Enraged that she is no longer beautiful, Nehelenia throws Sailor Chibimoon from the tower. Sailormoon gasps in horror, but as she is about to head after her future daughter, she comments that she still pities Queen Nehelenia. Diving off to recover Chibimoon, Queen Nehelenia heads back into her mirror and returns back to her beautiful adult form. She floats back into space, constantly replying that one should never be suspsicious of the dreams of children.
    Sailormoon dives after Chibimoon(this sequence lasts for over an episode - the US version squeezed this two episode saga into one). She doesn't know if she'll be able to catch up to Chibimoon since gravity has a strong hold over her body. Chibimoon, still clutching the golden crystal, remains unconscious. Sailormoon transforms into Princess Serenity and flies towards her. She finally catches up and tries to shake Chibimoon out of her state. Sailormoon tells Chibimoon that she wants to share her dreams with Chibimoon. As they fall between the skyscrappers in Tokyo, Chibimoon awakens, saying, "Let's realize...our dreams...together.". The golden crystal glows and Helios realizes that his princess is calling him. A spirit form of Pegasus flies towards Chibimoon and Serenity, combining with them to transform them into a winged version of Princess Serenity and Small Lady.