Saint Seiya

TV Asahi (ended 1988)




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Saint Seiya

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This guide is for the JAPANESE Version of the show. The US version can be found under KNIGHTS OF THE ZODIAC. (

It has been said that when times of evil fill the world, Saints appear. Once upon a time a group of young men devoted themselves to the protection of Athena, Goddess of wisdom and war. Known as the Saints of Athena, these men were renowned for their ability to fight without weapons. It is said that their blows can break the sky apart and their kicks would crack the ground.

And now...

A new group of Saints have arisen. With all the power and courage of the Saints of old. But while there are 12 Saints of Athena, Saint Seiya focuses on the tale of Seiya, a young man sent to Greece to fight for the bronze armor of Pegasus, and for what reason, he knows not. Seiya believes that once he's won the armor, the bulk of the battle is over. Little does he know that his battles are only beginning. As he returns to Japan, he learns of a tournament between the Saints of Athena in which he's already been entered, much to his chagrin. Seiya refuses to fight, but is quickly convinced to do so by the devious host, Saori. Yet, Saori's intentions remain pure as she follows her lineage, and in the mere hosting of one tournament, she endeavors to draw out a great evil that will either fall to her Saints, or defeat them and rule the world.moreless


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Animation, Drama