Saint Seiya

TV Asahi (ended 1988)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Saint Seiya: Saishûseisen no senshitachi
    • Saint Seiya: Shinku no shônen densetsu
      Abel the resurrected Sun-God has come to take her sister Athena with him and rule the world together, he plains to destroy humanity in the form of terrible natural disasters, Athena chooses freely to go with Abel. Seiya and the other bronze knights can't believe she has turned her back on them. Abel has his own group of warriors as well as some of the formerly deceased golden knights fighting on his side. The bronze knights will have to fight their way through them to find Athena and save her as well as the Earth.moreless
    • Saint Seiya: Kamigami no atsuki tatakai
      Hyoga is missing somewhere in Asgard... When Seiya and the others are looking for him, Athena is kidnapped and they have to rescue her from Dolvar and some mysterious warriors.
    • Saint Seiya Gekijôban (aka: Saint Seiya, Jashin Eris)
  • Season 1