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Saint Tail

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Also known as: Kaitou Saint Tail, Mysterious Thief Saint Tail

Meimi Haneoka, age 14, is your popular gal with long flowing orange hair. She studies at the Junior High class at St. Paulia's, a private Catholic school in a Japanese city that seems to have many wealthy citizens. During the daytime she likes to have fun with her classmates, especially her buddy Seira Mimori, who is training to be a nun at their church. But when people start visiting the church sanctuary and start confessing to Seira about things that they have lost to corrupt politicians and business folk, Meimi helps out by transforming into Saint Tail, a mysterious thief dressed as a magician girl with a long orange ponytail.

Saint Tail's mission each week is to steal back the item and return them to their rightful owners. Her special powers include It's Show Time! where she confounds the police and the bad guys with a dazzling display of card throwing, sparkles, or whatever shoots out of her baton. She can also levitate objects, bounce on the rooftops of buildings, fly around with the help of balloons, and other magic tricks that she learns from her dad who is a magician.

In each episode, there's a green-haired boy named Asuka Jr, who is a police detective's son, and a detective in his own right. He has a special arrangement with the mayor to track down Saint Tail. Asuka Jr. usually receives the warning notes, and arranges for security. Meimi likes to poke fun at Asuka Jr. for not catching Saint Tail, but it soon becomes apparent that she has romantic feelings for him, and has the dilemma of whether she should tell him her true identity.

Number of episodes: 43 Availability: 15 episodes were dubbed into English (they are here as season 1), and the rest have been subtitled (season 2). The series is licensed in the US by Tokyopop.

Manga: Saint Tail also ran as a manga series by Megumi Tachikawa from 1994 to 1996. There are 7 graphic novels.

Theme Music: Opening Song: "Toki Wo Koete" by Yasuko Ending Song: "Junshin" by Shoko Inoue Matsuyuki

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  • Well there is no storyline what so ever because it skipped over. It maybe in the manga but we all don't know what's the story is.

    Saint Tail is a terrible anime based off a terrible manga released earlier. This anime has no real story because there lazy to write their own story. It's was past it's era the drawings where leftovers from an seventy's anime well this anime doesn't desirve mercy at all.


    +Plenty Of Episodes


    -No Storyline

    -Awful Music

    -Awful Artwork

    -Terrible Voices

    -No Humor

    Stay far away from this anime if you seen it neither burn it or do whatever. This anime is maybe the worst anime of all time ever worst than some over anime. This game got into the U.S. and it's even worst and it's rare too and that's a good thing as well.moreless
  • This is really a good show.It stars Meimi, a girl who, with the help of her friend Seira, becomes Saint Tail and steals items back from thieves who steal from the innocent.A boy named Asuka Jr is determined to catch saint tail.Little does he know saint tmoreless

    I have seen over half of this show and i'm obsessed.Any fan of a shoujo (girl) anime with lots of romance should watch this show. Its stars Meimi Haneoka, a girl who becomes the thief Saint Tail, to steal back what has been stolen from the innocent.The cops fail to realize this and believe Saint Tail steals for fun.Saint Tail is pursued by her classmate,Asuka Jr. who wants to catch saint tail.As the series goes on Meimi falls deeply in love with Asuka and fears that he will discover that she is Saint Tail.To find out how it all ends you should watch the show.moreless