Saint Tail

(ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Final Battle! Save Asuka Jr.
      Asuka Jr. discovers that Meimi is Saint Tail, but he has been captured by Rosemary and Maju, and is trapped in a tower for days. Meimi tells Seira she must transform to Saint Tail one last time, but for the first time, she will be stealing something for herself, and put her identity on the line. Saint Tail must confront Rosemary and her full set of tricks and deal with the tempting possibility of becoming a full-time thief where she could get anything she wants; anything, except the man she loves!moreless
    • Mom's Enemy! Rosemary's Conspiracy
      The rumors continue to fly that Saint Tail has been stealing items from innocent people, even though the fortuneteller hypnotized the people who have reported it. Meimi returns to the fortuneteller, and learns that Maju’s mom Rosemary was the rival thief to her mom and she apparently still has a grudge. Saint Tail declares that she will steal back all the items that were taken, but Rosemary is angered even more by the warning message, and decides to capture Asuka. That night, Saint Tail confronts Maju, but as Rosemary forces Asuka to watch the action through a magic mirror, Maju uncovers Saint Tail's true identity!moreless
    • A Formidable Foe!? A Mischievous Pixie’s Trap!
      Asuka and Meimi receive a flyer from a girl named Maju, who’s been advertising her fortune telling business and they decide to visit after hearing how accurate some of her predictions are. But something is rather strange when as a woman reports she had been conned out of a golden statue of Mary when she visited the fortuneteller. Saint Tail must recover the item, but Maju hypnotizes her into revealing her secret!moreless
    • Mom's Secret! A Female Thief's Vengeance
      Eimi reveals that she used to be the Mysterious Thief Lucifer. But on one of her missions, another thief got in her way and she was about to get caught until Genichiro rescues her and they fell in love. Eimi had returned all her items except for a ruby gem of a crown that has a rainbow of gemstones. Saint Tail must steal the ruby back but after Asuka Jr. misses catching her again, he has a big surprise for Meimi!moreless
    • "White Dolphin" Return to the Sea!
      Sawatari has tickets to Aqualand, and plans to invite Meimi and Seira, but ends up inviting Asuka Jr. and Rina as well. On their way there, Meimi and Asuka Jr. get separated from the group and end up with some alone time. Asuka starts pondering whether Meimi resembles a certain thief he’s been trying to pursue. At the aquarium, they notice a little boy who has been hanging around the tank with the white, or pearl dolphin. Apparently, the director of the aquarium had tricked the boy by claiming that the dolphin, Mana, was sick, so they brought Mana into the aquarium. The director tells the boy that if Mana can do a flip trick then Mana is free to go. Saint Tail declares she will return the dolphin to the sea, but when she sees the boy at the aquarium, gives him the chance to show off Mana’s trick.moreless
    • A Burst of Laughter! The Detective Team Does a Great Job
      Asuka Jr. has been hogging much of the spotlight lately when it comes to pursuing St. Tail, so Meimi’s classmates, Kyoko and Ryoko, want to get involved. They form their own detective team to challenge Asuka Jr. for Saint Tail’s next target: an emerald stolen by a guy who has been hiding jewels in the sports center’s dolphin statue.moreless
    • Phantasmal Masterpiece! A Woman Detective is Back
      Tomoko, a hotshot detective from America, returns to Japan to visit her hometown. Asuka Sr. immediately takes a liking to Tomoko, but Tomoko has Asuka Jr. escort her to her old school St. Paulia, where she was one of their top students. But later she confesses at the church that her real motivation for coming back is for revenge. Apparently, while she was overseas, her parents, who were art collectors, were conned out of a famous painting, "Wings of Freedom", when they sold it to a guy, but the guy claimed they sold him a fake, and won a lawsuit, even though he had the real painting. Her parents were ruined and had to abandon their house. Saint Tail declares she will try to steal the painting, but Tomoko has plans of her own, as she tries to steal it too while getting Saint Tail out of her way. But the guy has been expecting this, and lays out some traps to catch both of them.moreless
    • A Precious Creature of Nature! Save the Beautiful Butterfly!
      Meimi’s class does a backyard field trip with a school advisor science guy who shows them some of the butterflies in the area. Some of them have an especially pretty violet pattern, and the class learns it’s a species that the science guy discovered and named after himself 30 years ago. After refusing a bribe from some other guys to catch the butterflies, he finds that a truck had smashed through the forest and stolen the butterflies, the last of its kind, to be sold on the black market. Saint Tail declares she will find the butterflies, which are hidden away in the mansion grounds of some butterfly collectors.moreless
    • Get Back the Tree of Happiness
      Meimi’s schoolmates are all excited about visiting the local park, which has a Tree of Happiness. It is rumored that if you carve your wish on its trunk, the tree will grant your wishes. Seira learns from an arborist (tree doctor) that one of the trees that he was caring for is going to replace the Tree of Happiness. Not only will the previous tree be discarded, the new tree will also undergo the same kind of carving that will hurt its health too. The park director refuses to let the arborist touch the trees since they are the big money maker for his venture, but the director has also been hiding the fact that he had been selling rare plants illegally. Saint Tail declares that she will rescue the trees in one of her biggest (size-wise) targets to date.moreless
    • Return the Thoroughbred!
      Some of Meimi’s classmates have taken a fancy to a young woman who has been riding horses in a nearby mansion. But she has a different story when she shows up at St. Paulia’s chapel and shares to Seira how this guy had been pestering her to buy Billy, her prized horse, and then Billy had accidentally injured the guy’s horse’s leg. Saint Tail must uncover evidence that the guy scammed the woman. She must also retrieve Billy, who comes from a race horse background, but is bound on a train that’s leaving the area.moreless
    • A Swordswoman's Wish! To Steal the Excellent Sword
      Meimi’s classmate Noriko has been practicing kendo all her life, but her family's Munemasa sword is lost when rival dojo leader Kumayama bests her grandfather in a match. She arranges another match with Kumayama, with the winner getting to take the sword, and the match is fairly even. But at the last moment, Kumayama uses a flash trick, blinding Noriko and winning the match. Meimi notices the cheating and tries to point it out but Noriko gives up. Kumayama has also been working with another thief called the Mouse Kid, who had been stealing other swords for Kumayama. It’ll be up to Saint Tail to make things right as she tries to steal back the Munemasa sword and deal with Mouse Kid.moreless
    • Steal a Woman's Marathon Running Shoes
      Meimi’s classmate has a good chance of winning the city’s local marathon, and Sawatari enlists Meimi and friends to support her in some photo shoots. But when she loaned her running shoes to a coach, the coach returns her a different set of running shoes with some spiky balls in it. Not good, since she can’t run without the custom fit shoes. The coach’s daughter is also a star runner but she learns that the coach and her father have been exchanging bribes to ensure the daughter’s victory. When Saint Tail goes to steal the shoes, the daughter wants to challenge Saint Tail and risk her own life.moreless
    • Steal the Jewel of the Moon
      Years ago, a thief had stolen a Jewel of the Moon, a gem that when held in the moonlight, evil spirits will come out of the gem. At present time, the thief had gone to jail and is trying to reform by returning all the stolen items to their original owners, except that the owner of the gem had passed away, and the gem is now in the hands of a greedy museum owner who has the latest security technology. Saint Tail will try to steal the gem back, but that night the original thief attempts to steal it as well and she must stop him from returning to crime.moreless
    • Her True Character Revealed! Meimi’s Critical Moment
      Sawatari, the ever so optimistic student journalist, captures his crush Meimi on film while she’s at home with her furry friend, Ruby, but Asuka suspects that it’s the same porcupine as the one with Saint Tail. In order to prove the porcupine is alive, Sawatari offers to go on a date with Meimi to the toy store. Meanwhile, Seira and Meimi learn about the former owner’s daughter of the little toy shop that was forced to shut down and be replaced by the big toy shop. When she was a girl, she had hidden a jewel box that played a Celtic theme in the big nearby tree. So Meimi has to keep Ruby acting like a stuffed animal while Saint Tail must steal the jewel box. Asuka tags along in disguise, hoping to catch Saint Tail.moreless
    • The Mayor’s Ambition! Stealing a Swan (Part 2)
      Asuka hands on to the thief’s car top but falls off, but he recognizes the Sakuraoba city license plate. If Asuka doesn’t get the swan back, the mayor will have to resign in shame and Asuka loses his position. Rina, the mayor’s daughter, hopes that will come so she can have Asuka for her own. Saint Tail sends Asuka a card, saying she will take the swan from the bad mayor’s mansion, so that night, Asuka tries to go there, and take it himself, but both of them get captured and locked into a room. Asuka and Saint Tail must work together to recover the statue since it’s on the way to being sold overseas.moreless
    • The Mayor's Ambition! Stealing a Swan (Part 1)
      The mayor of Meimi's city receives a crystal swan from a neighboring city Sakuraoba for display at their museum, but they receive a note saying that Saint Tail will be stealing it. But the real motivation is that the Sakuraoba mayor has hired a professional burglar to take the statue so he can bilk money from that city, sell off the statue, and place the blame on Saint Tail. Asuka must put his job on the line to catch Saint Tail but discovers there's more to the plot than meets the eye.moreless
    • Save the Pretty Idol Girl!
      An idol girl is blackmailed by a rival producer where she must give up an upcoming acting star role, or her locket that has a picture of her boyfriend will be leaked out to the press. Saint Tail will try to steal the locket back but she’d have to do it while she’s a semifinalist in a local shampoo beauty competition, where the idol girl and the rival producer are the judges.moreless
    • Meimi is Engaged to the Son of a Multi-Millionaire?
      Meimi is hit by a car on her way to school, but fortunately the car stopped just in time as to not do any injuries. A young man with light brown hair steps out and meets Meimi, and he wants to take Meimi out on a date. The man is the son of a multi-millionaire and after meeting her, he has intentions of marrying her! Meimi doesn’t want to go through it, after all, she’s only in Junior High School, but she plays along because Saint Tail will be stealing a necklace from a society party to help someone whose necklace was exchanged for a fake.moreless
    • A strong foe! Confronting an elite detective
      A supercop is brought in to deal with Saint Tail’s newest target: an angel statue that a museum owner “borrowed” from an artist but didn’t return back. The artist wants it back so his wife could see it one more time as she lies in the hospital, but the detective policewoman has a secret plan; she placed a bug on the statue. Could this mean Saint Tail’s capture?moreless
    • A Fake Calling Card? The Secret of the Perfume Trap
      Asuka Jr. receives a note from Saint Tail where she is going to steal the latest perfume creation, but Meimi looks at it, and thinks to herself that this must be a fake since she didn’t write it. But after the perfumer’s daughter confesses to Seira that her brother was going to use this gimmick to release an incomplete version of the perfume, Meimi and Seira try to discover what the missing ingredient really is, and Saint Tail makes an appearance that night to confound the brother and Asuka Jr.moreless
    • Unforgivable! The Bad Guys Destroy a House!
      A little girl's house is being torn down and Saint Tail must get back a jewelry box the little girl left in the house. The loan person hears that Saint Tail might be involved so he tries to order the destruction of the house to happen sooner, with his real motivation being that the girl’s father had co-bought the place with the loan shark’s assistant and driven that family into financial ruin.moreless
    • The UFO Appears!? A Town in Panic!
      The town is excited as a picture of a UFO has appeared in the local paper. Meimi and friends visit the exhibit that is holding the picture, but it is nowhere to be seen. Seira learns that the picture is a fake, taken by a fifth grader who was hoping to silence his friends’ skepticism, but the trick got out of hand, and his picture is being held by an exhibition promoter. Saint Tail must retrieve the picture before it gets displayed at the big event, but the promoter devises a new plan to get everyone to catch a picture of Saint Tail!moreless
    • Steal the Memorable Harmonica!
      Saint Tail must retrieve a girl’s harmonica so she can participate in the talent competition. The harmonica had been stolen by a music store owner in a scam. With the talent competition underway, Saint Tail must find the harmonica before it is sold to a famous music guy, and without Junior tracking her down and catching her.moreless
    • Get Back the Phantom Bird Egg!
      Meimi’s schoolmate Yutaka has been really popular with the girls, since his dad, Prof. Mochizuki, had written a book about discovering a rare egg on a remote island. Not only that, but Mochizuki has the egg, that is, until a rival professor and skeptic “borrows” it from Yutaka and plans to expose Mochizuki as a fraud. To make things worse, the egg he took was indeed a fraud because Mochizuki didn’t want to transport the bird. Saint Tail declares she will steal back the egg but must do it before it is broadcast on national television.moreless
    • A Comet Approaches! The Earth's Final Night??
      A classmate from the St. Paulia elementary school choir is going away soon, and the kids want him to have a chance to see a rare comet that comes by once every fifty years. However, the only way to see the comet is to observe it from a high-powered telescope, but the new manager of the observatory wants to hog it all to himself. Although Saint Tail has announced she will steal the comet, Asuka Jr. will try to stop her but also figure out what his special thing is.moreless
    • Danger, Do Not Touch! Super Electric Trap
      The Tomb Stones rock band is playing a concert, but unfortunately the St. Paulia students miss out on getting tickets. Genichiro manages to surprise Meimi with a pair of tickets, and she attempts to ask Junior to go with her. But Rina Takamiya also manages to score tickets, and front row seats at that. Meanwhile, Seira learns that Daisuke Noguchi, a famous sculptor, had been scammed out of his prized masterpiece by an owner who used false receipts to buy it. Saint Tail announces she will steal the statue, but the owner had set up a fatal electric trap!moreless
    • The Heart Thief on St. Valentine's Day??
      Valentine’s Day approaches; the girls of St. Paulia ponder giving chocolates to guys. Tohru Ijuin, a first-year guy and childhood buddy of Junior, is quite popular. He asks Kanako, a girl with glasses, to borrow her English notes, but she mistakenly gives him her diary. Saint Tail must steal back the notebook from Tohru, but Junior and Tohru misread the warning letter and they think Saint Tail is after Tohru’s heart!moreless
    • Steal the Chinese Iron Chef!
      Meimi’s family visit the Tsujimoto Mansion Chinese restaurant only to find out it had been taken over by a new owner, Ohkura, who has an exclusive clientele. A girl, Miss Sato, asks Seira for help as her grandmother is in the hospital, and her wish is to eat a bowl of rice gruel (porridge) from Chef Tsujimoto. Saint Tail declares she still steal back Chef Tsujimoto from the restaurant. While Junior tries to stop that from happening, Asuka Sr. works undercover at the restaurant to find evidence of an animal smuggling ring.moreless
  • Season 1