Saints and Sinners (1962)

NBC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • All The Hard Young Men

      When Nick does a story on young student Phil Roganyan aiding in the capture of a notorious criminal, Phil's ambitious older brother, Joe, tries to turn it into Hollywood gold by faking threats against the family. The publicity inspires a simple-minded washed up boxer to think he can make a comeback by killing Phil, his friend.

    • New Lead Berlin
      New Lead Berlin
      Episode 17
      A writer is touring Germany after the release of his best selling book on the Nazis during World War II. But he is accosted by a former member of the underground who says the book unraveled all they were trying to do.
    • The Year Joan Crawford Won the Oscar

      Famous entertainer Don Colley accidentally shoots a waiter in a hotel penthouse. Fearing damage to his career, he bribes the waiter into not pressing charges and the hotel staff into silence. Nick smells a cover-up and starts investigating.

    • Slug It, Miss Joyous

      Nick gets a troubling phone call from a woman whose life took a turn for the worse after he did a story on her years ago, dubbing her "Miss Joyous". He spends the day trying to find her before she hurts herself, or is hurt by men who see her as a threat to their shady activities.

    • The Home-Coming Bit
    • Taste Of Evil
      Taste Of Evil
      Episode 13
      Cop killer Chickie Riordan gets roughed up during his police interrogation. Logan covers the story for the Bulletin and has no sympathy for Riordan. Charlie, however, does and files police brutality charges.
    • A Night Of Horns And Bells

      It's New Year's Eve, and Nick is stuck with temporary duties as Night City Editor while the regular Night Editor, Paul Graham, is dealing with a personal crisis involving his wife, and Mr. Grainger is stuck in a blizzard. Nick employs a ragtag crew of amateurs to help gather the night's news and get out the final edition.

    • Judith Was A Lady
      Judith Was A Lady
      Episode 11
    • A Shame For The Diamond Wedding

      Nick is assigned to cover a couple's 75th wedding anniversary celebration, only for the old couple to announce they are getting a divorce. The couple's family persuades Nick to withhold the story until they can convince them to forget about the divorce. In return, Nick is invited into the family circle to share in their comical misadventures.

    • Luscious Lois
      Luscious Lois
      Episode 9

      A lost World War II bomber plane is found in the North African desert. Painted on the side of the plane is the name Luscious Lois, the nickname of the girlfriend of one of the crew members who perished. Nick is assigned to Africa to report on the plane's discovery, while Lizzie Hogan is assigned to track down and interview Lois.

    • Daddy's Girl
      Daddy's Girl
      Episode 8
      Barbara Eden Guest Stars in this episode in the role of an Actress who Nick Alexander is doing a story about for the newspaper.
    • A Servant In The House Of My Party

      Nick is known as one writer who is not afraid to rock the boat with his articles. Only now, he's about to rock the boat of some very powerful men politically.

    • Three Columns Of Anger

      When a soldier is mugged on the streets of New York, Nick Alexander writes a touching story on the injustice, only to have it lead to an unexpected and dramatic encounter.

    • Source Of information

      Nick's boss asks him to write a dramatic article about a dying motion picture actress who is not yet aware that she is dying.

    • Judgement In Jazz Alley

      Once respected attorney at law Larry Briggs has already lost his professional reputation and it looks like he'll soon lose a murder trial. He'll do anything to win this case, including suggesting to Nick that the judge should be investigated by the newspaper.

    • The Man On The Rim

      Preston Cooper is a well loved and respected writer for the New York Bulletin, providing many humorous headlines over the years. But he has a secret. He's been carrying a private vendetta against a crooked union leader.

    • Ten Days For A Shirt Tail

      After he writes an expose article on the negligence that is occurring at City Hospital, Nick spends ten days in the slammer for not revealing his sources.

    • Dear George, The Simese Cat Is Missing

      Emily Fielder has real trouble. Her husband has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom. She was supposed to put a coded ad in the Sunday paper but has run out of time and fears that her husband will die because of it.

    • The Dick Powell Show: The Savage Sunday

      Nick Alexander is no-holds-barred investigative newspaper reporter for The New York Bulletin, digging out the truth about stories that come across his desk, no matter whether they are pretty or not.