Saiyuki Reload

Season 1 Episode 21


Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Nov 16, 2006 on Encore Action

Episode Recap

Goku tries to wash off the sutras in a stream. Hakkai observes that he is at least having fun splashing around. Sanzo disagrees; Hakkai goes on to ask Sanzo if he was any idea about why the barrier was erected, to keep people out, or in? Goku shows up with one of Gojyo's cigarettes. With the cigarette as proof that they are in the right direction, they decide to follow the path they are on. No sooner than they all chorus that nothing could go wrong then do they realize that a large amount of things could.
At the temple, Gojyo, the object of their search has mounted the steps and has made commendable progress, but is quite tired. Complaining about the steps, Gojyo stops for a breather. As he does so he is enveloped in a dense fog. Saying the mist effect is so 80's; Gojyo decides to sit for a while. No sooner does he sit down, when he realizes that the mist reminds him of something.
He soon lapses into a reprieve. He remembers how he and his brother came across a similar fog while in the woods. Gojyo blames his brother Jien (Dokugakuji) for dragging him there and then getting him lost. Jien retorts by saying Gojyo followed him on his own accord, he had no part in his decision. Noting that the woods can become considerably spooky after nightfall, the brothers make their way back home. As they walk, Gojyo falls into a crevice that opens up under him. Luckily Jien grabs him and manages to pull him up. With Gojyo on firm ground Jien asks his brother whether he is hurt, without paying any attention to his own wounds. He then tells Gojyo that there is no shame in crying and he can if he wants to. Their mother appears then and rushes to Jien, paying no heed to her younger son.
At the steps Gojyo addresses his brother, telling him that there was no reason to cry, not even after all his mother put him trough. His reason for not doing so is that crying would make him seam even more pitiful in the eyes of his mother. As he returns to reality, Gojyo remembers his mother attempt to kill him as she yelled that he did not deserve to live.
Then the same voice says the same thing, but this time, it is not one of Gojyo's memories. His long dead mother stands before him, and once more tries to strangle him, this time saying that had he not been born, he'd have stayed. Gojyo knocks her off, realizing that it is a dream. He gets up saying that these hallucination-causing clouds are all he needs now. As he renews his attempt on the stairs, his mother's arms grab him from behind. She tells him no one cares for him, and his death will only be a blessing. He remembers the last time, the time when he submitted readily. At first he goes calm as if accepting it, then he lashes out and kills her.
Teary eyed, he remembers Sanzo telling him that if he dies, nothing will change, but if he goes on living, changes will take place. Gojyo continues climbing the steps, but as he climbs he soon realizes the fog is sucking the life out of him. But just as he nears full exhaustion, he reaches the top. God kneels before him, and goes as far as to inquire if he saw anything good on the way. Gojyo answers that he did, he saw something so nice, he could kill god.
Meanwhile the others too are attempting to climb the steps of the temple. Hakkai and Sanzo both seam quite tired. Hakkai asks Sanzo whether he is still alive, Sanzo answers that after the walk and now climbing Everest, he is near dead. Goku on the other hand is far ahead, and seams to have no trouble climbing. Hakkai claims to have felt God watching him all the while.
A figure approaches; shrouded by the fog the trio waits apprehensively. Gojyo steps out of the shroud. Surprised to see them there he asks why they've come. The other three equally surprised ask him the same. Gojyo answers that he took god out and now they can leave. As he walks on, Goku hits him. Goku tells the surprised Gojyo that they are not here to rescue him, but to kill him. Sanzo levels his gun at Gojyo and asks if he has any last words. Gojyo jumps up and asks how they knew he was a fake. Quite comically, the others point out that they did not. Even so, they decide to beat him up. Goku knocks him back, all the while accusing him of various crime, crimes like making Sanzo worry, getting Hakkai upset and causing him to become a site for graffiti.
Between the three of them, the fake is killed easily. Sanzo shots him saying he always wanted to do that to him and that he was ridding the world of one cockroach. Goku is upset because he hoped that even though it was a fake it would put up a better fight. Goku says the fight has made him hungry. Sanzo ignores him and says that practice is over.
Up topside, Gojyo faces off against god. God is very confidant, but his attitude makes him look far cooler and calm .God dodges his attacks easily, and manages to disprove Gojyo's entire theory bout his abilities. Following a long series of kicks, God leaps onto a pillar. He makes a wager with Gojyo betting his life on whether or not Gojyo can hit him even once. He even suggests that Gojyo use his weapon. Gojyo breaks down the pillar, and following another few failed attempts, Gojyo is flung into Gods room. God points out that Gojyo entered his home uninvited, and did not even care to apologies. Gojyo gives voice to his anger and tells god he will never forgive his ill treatment of those two children.
God attacks and spears Gojyo with his beads. As he tosses Gojyo around he tells him that the boys were nothing more than toys to him. He goes on to say that children ceased to be amusing, and thus were killed. He uses his beads to lift Gojyo and tells him that he can be his new toy, or at least his toy for a while.
Then the chain of beads is destroyed by two gunshots. The cavalry has arrived! Sanzo, Goku and Hakkai walk straight towards Gojyo and kick his face in. Gojyo yells for an explanation. Hakkai suggests he think a while. Realizing his mistake, Gojyo apologizes. Sanzo then tells God that they are desirous of seeing Gojyo getting beaten up, so he can go on. God says he does not want too; he would rather take them all on.
In Ni's lab, the doctor asks Ni about where he's stashed Kougaji. Ni answers that Kougaji is in preparation, after all they must get ready for the ceremony. The doctor reminds her colleague that they cannot do any thing without the scriptures. Ni tells her that Sanzo and his friends are currently in a situation that could very well result in their death. Spooked, the doctor asks Ni who he really is. Ni says he's a messenger.