Saiyuki Reload

Season 1 Episode 23

Our Way

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Nov 17, 2006 on Encore Action

Episode Recap

Goku thanks the bartender as he runs out of his room with a board under his arm. The bartender recognizes his thanks and tells him that it's not a problem. In Sanzo's room, Hakkai and Gojyo sit by Sanzo's bed. Sanzo is in bed, seemingly unconscious. Hakkai suggests that Gojyo go to bed and leave him there, as he has stood by Sanzo for the past few days. Gojyo rejects his idea saying he would be unable to sleep knowing that Sanzo could wake up at any moment. Hakkai resents not having left as Sanzo suggested. Equally he resigns himself to the fact that they now have to go back so that they can retrieve the scriptures.

The dwell on their defeat for a while, finally Hakkai decides that they should not talk like that in front of Sanzo. Gojyo agrees but also says that he cannot leave until God is in the ground. Hakkai mentions that God's powers scare him, but the will ultimately have to face him.

Sanzo gets up and tells them they have no right to God; he is to be the one to kill him. Gojyo angrily points out that all four of them have equal right to god. Sanzo threatens Gojyo, but is unable to back his threats up. Gojyo beats him down and returns him to his bed. Hakkai is shocked at Gojyo's treatment of a wounded man. Gojyo hates the way Sanzo lashes out when he is angry with himself. Using Gojyo's monetary distraction to his advantage, Sanzo retaliates, and informs Gojyo that he is not done talking. Gojyo hits back and asks Sanzo which self-respecting villain would let himself be beaten by a washed up monk. Pinning him down, Sanzo begins beating him brutally. Hakkai yells for Sanzo to stop. Oblivious to his protest, Sanzo only tells him not to call him 'Sanzo'.

Goku banging a wall stops their fight. He opens out a mahjong board and begins shuffling the pieces. As they start to play, the bartender downstairs is shocked that they are playing in their condition.

As the game progresses, Goku wins. He informs them that he, as the smartest won. Gojyo implores him to keep his ego in check. Sanzo gets to his feet and angrily terms the game as useless. Goku calmly informs him that he lost and must come to terms with it. Sanzo along with Gojyo and Hakkai are shocked by this and take a moment for melancholic insights. Sanzo sights down and reassumes the game.

The bartender is amazed at how long they have been playing. Meanwhile, upstairs, Goku wins again. Gojyo is unable to understand Goku's daylong winning streak. He even goes as far as to suggest that Goku is cheating. Hakkai disagrees saying Goku would not stoop so low. Soon after, he is caught cheating. Their only constellation is that they are doing better than Sanzo.

At his temple, God lies atop his toys. Addressing some invisible being, he commends himself for getting the scriptures. He then, addressing this abstract person as master, asks him what he is to do with the scriptures. Following an indelible reply, God asks his master why he isn't getting a reward for what he did.

Hakkai notices that Goku has not yet succumbed to his hunger. He wonders whether it is because he is concentrating so hard, or for some other reason. As Goku lays down the winning tiles, Gojyo asks if he has attained some new power. Goku answers that it is nothing like that. The reason for his success is his ability to prey upon his opponent's weaknesses. He makes things clearer by saying that it is easy to beat people with no confidence.

Goku gets to his feet and declares that he will never be beaten again. Gojyo chalks his speech up to confidence gained trough his winning spree. Goku disagrees. He tells them that God beat them all, and they have two options in front of them, get in motion, or sit by and sulk. Further, this is his way of dealing with it, and despite their regard for his intelligence, it is the one he will follow. He vehemently declares that he wants God's head on a plate.

Following this part of his speech, Goku runs out of steam, unable to finish. Hakkai puts his mind to rest by saying he understand his sentiments. Hakkai wins. Proclaiming that if they apply themselves to their problems, they can even over come their newest adversary. Gojyo grins and light a cigarette. He admits that God had a point about them not expecting death. With a flourish, he reveals his winning hand. Proclaiming that Gojyo the great is back, Gojyo leans back.

Sanzo begins to laugh, soft at first; it rises to a feverish pitch. Gojyo speculates that the constant losing has affected Sanzo's mind. Sanzo says they will finish the game, and them go after god. Hakkai asks him to explain his reason for not picking up another piece. Gojyo points out that he will only lose again. Sanzo smirks, them calling them all idiots, he draws a piece. The bartender mounts the steps to their rooms. Relived that they finally stopped, he reaches their door. Grumbling that they should not be playing in their condition, he pushes the door open. He is surprised to find some resistance. He sees the group fast asleep, with Goku against the door. Happy, he closes it, but not before he notices Sanzo's hand. A winning hand.

On the steps to God's temple, Goku declares that he is hungry. Gojyo mentions he ate only ten minutes ago. Amicably, Goku says he is hungry now. Sanzo begs them to stop talking about food.

Sanzo shoots a con. Gojyo turns up and makes a few snide remarks about Sanzo's gun. The monk offers to shoot off Gojyo's antennae. Gojyo ignores him and tosses his cigarette away. Sanzo shoots it midair.

On the steps, the other three continue to talk of food. Hakkai remindes Gojyo of Goku's disgusting break fast. Evidently, he mixed all the components of the fridge together. Goku grimaces at the though, but on a happier note, Gojyo suggest they try his Gojyo surprise. Goku suggest his own. Sanzo turns around and asks them why no one eats sandwiches any more.

Goku stuffs himself and asks for another helping. Gojyo points out he has already consumed three courses. Hakkai tells him that it is a form of regaining strength. Gojyo prefers the old fashion one, smoking drinking and then going out with some beautiful girls. Hakkai mention and idea of his. According to him, without his speed and magic, God does not have much raw power. Deciding that the best strategy is pinning him down then attacking with their combined strength, the foursome wove to perfect their teamwork. The bartender comes in and inquires after their discussion. They tell him that they are trying to figure out how to beat god.

On the steps, they discus sandwiches. Admonishing them for turning up unannounced, God waits on the stairway. Forgiving them, he agrees to welcome them inn and then kill them. Sanzo shoots him as he passes. God bursts into beads.

They reach the temple.