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Encore Action (ended 2006)


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  • Completely unoriginal but managable. This is a story about a sanzo priest and 3 others on a journey to India for who know what reason. Nothing good about it.

    I thought the show lacked originality. Demons that all looked the same and heroes that always won their fights. The same scenario for each episode. They run into demons, they fight, they win. Not exciting, doesn't make you look foward to it at all. No real twist in the story, same old thing every episode. The weapons werent interesting. A magnum? who uses a magnum these days? a stick, chi and something that resembles a sickle with a chain attached to it. The voices were okay i guess, some of them familiar and annoying. The fighting routine was boring and lacked essense. It is a watchable show. Decent.
  • Bringing a new look to Journey to the West.

    This is a brilliant anime, with a great plot and a good story line. The only draw back for myself would be the voice actors. Anyone who has seen the first serise of Saiyuki would be more used to hearing those voice actors; not saying that anything is wrong with these guy's, but the personality of the old one's just bring more life to the character's than these guy's do.
    On to the show in general, it's continuing on from where it left off in the last series, they have to stop a demon from creating some sort of summoning. Of course this is no serious show with loads of angst, this has bags of action, violence and comedy. A good all rounder for me.
  • This anime is awsome

    i love it!, it the best anime in Wam ever

    it has such origgenal charaters & such I hope it never ends. The main charater is cool when he's serious the voice-Acting is suberb (it mix w/ Tranformer Cybertron's VA, wich kind of corny but still) & the plot takes place in the old west it just as orginal as bro'Town, but only an anime

    This is a good show for children of every generation .I highly recommend it for there likable characters and the hilarious situations . How sad that the show for the children of this days aren't like this . please if you have Wam please watch this anime, but if you don't than watch the ones on IFC & Fuse.
  • The best!

    I would have to say that Saiyuki Reload is my favorite anime/show in the world. I watched it when it was on almost everyday. (On Encore WAM) however it is taken off now and my whole night was ruined.
    Even though they do not make anymore episodes on it I still love it. That one episode with Ranpa the demon of the village.....they left it open too much. (with so many questions) but other then that I LOVE the series alot. Ranpa, and the Sanzo gang are the best! I love their adventures!
  • Goku and the gang are the best!!!

    LOL! An absolute hilarious journey to the west! It's so funny how the guys deal with each other. I have totally soaked into Saiyuki Reload, the fact that Son Goku always says he's hungry, Sha Gojyo then says Stupid Monkey and then the next thing that will happen is Sanzo shouts 'SHUT UP!' and tries to shoot them with his banishing gun. Cho Hakkai was just soo cool when he removed his earrings and turned into a demon! That just makes me think what Goku's demon form looks like; he's really adorable sometimes. Why can't they bring back the series! It's just to good to miss out.
  • I really miss this show. I really want it back. It ended last year how come they didn't bring it back yet? This is one of my most favorite shows actually one of my top 20s...^_^

    There was a time on a peaceful land where people and supernatural creatures can coexist in harmony. However, because of a calamity, these supernatural creatures began to run wild and wreak havoc. The reason behind the accident is actually caused by the revival process of a large mystical creature, King of Bull (Gyumaou).

    The Heaven (Tenkai) which looked at the grieve situation summons a high rank monk (Genjou Sanzo) and assigns him to go to the west to stop the revival process of Gyumaou. The Heaven also assigns Son Goku, Sha Gojyo, and Cho Hakkai to join Genjou Sanzo to assist his mission.

    The second installment of Saiyuki anime is also based on a well known story in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan about a real journey of one Buddhist monk who travelled from China to India.
  • The show follows the journey of the monk Genjyo Sanzo , the monkey deity Son Goku, the half-demon Sha Gojyo , and the demon Cho Hakkai, who have been dispatched by the Sanbutsushin to India to investigate the reasons behind the recent insanity among the

    This show is amazing. It follows a foursome, made up of the monk Genjyo Sanzo , the monkey deity Son Goku, the half-demon Sha Gojyo , and the demon Cho Hakkai. Who are trying to stop the resurrection of a demon. It is fun to watch them bicker among themselves as they travel and get into various misadventures. Not to mention the fight scenes. Almost every episode has excellent fights, where each of them uses thier own special style to mop the floor with their opponents. Then of course there is the bigger picture, the whole stopping of the resurrection, the goal they never lose sight of.
  • What happened with this series?

    I loved the first season of Saiyuki and was happy when I heard they were going to continue it. That was until I saw it. The themes songs are a lot worst this time around. The character designs are different. It seems all the english voices actors are different. I will give them their voices match the japanese voices better then ADV voice actors, but I got used to ADV after 50 episodes of the english version.

    I also prefer when Sanzo barely reloaded and bullet seem to have different powers and effects. I could have dealt with the voice actors changing and themes songs getting worst because it happens, but the animation style is very hard to adjust too.